Saturday, August 15, 2009

Leucadia Walking Trail

West Leucadia offers recreational walking routes on the beach or, above, on Neptune. Far eastern Leucadia offers trails with long views and wild habitat.

You can get to the trails through the Encinitas Ranch subdivision.

There is no place to ride motorcycles anymore.

The trail's trees offer comfortable shade on a sunny day. These trees are doing way better than the L101 trees and I don't think they cut any of these down lately.

Nice views, quiet, and peaceful. No congestion.

Nice neighbors.

The trip can end at an uncrowded playground.

Link to Encinitas trails map.


  1. There are a lot of cool walking trails in this City, believe it or not. When I first became a Parks and Recreation Commissioner we took a tour of all the parks and trails. It is really amazing how much I didn't know. So, explore them and let the City know they are doing something right. Maybe we will get more?

  2. This is one of the areas people walk their dogs off leash all of the time. The Sheriff's Department has been out several times writing citations for this. I've seen several dogs attacked by other dogs who are off leash on this trail.

  3. If you could be anything you wanted, I bet you'd be disappointed.

  4. Cool walking trails are great (I walk along this one in eastern Leucadia all the time), but some parts of town still need just basic sidewalks. Take a look at Santa Fe Dr., which is the main access road to the expanding Scripps Campus and the Hall Property.

    Historically the city has relied on developers to put in sidewalks and trails as part of a project. As we near build out, the city itself is going to have to pay for this. How can we make safe pedestrian passage a higher priority at City Hall?

  5. no more pedestrian improvements. All the money is going to the hall park.

  6. while enjoying your nature walk along the lovely trails in Encinitas keep an eye out for the lunatic women packing pistols walking around Encinitas....they may or may not be loaded, the guns and the women

  7. I have a friend whose house backs up to one of the Encinitas Ranch trails. He says dogs off leash are a big problem, as well as the abundance of dog poop. Seems that people who might otherwise pick up after their dog at a City park do not think of doing this on a "natural" trail. Due to the high concentration of dogs both on and off leash, the poop problem has really gotten out of hand. After listening to his laments over the past several years, I think the increased enforcement and citations are a good idea.

  8. Oh no....dogs without a leash, skateboarders on the streets......why did I ever leave Orange County????

  9. Speaking of outdoors, I'd guess Leucadia has more skunks per sq mile than any other city in the US. They are frickin' everywhere


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