Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Local News Roundup

Here is a list of news links you should know about:

ENCINITAS: City's general plan contract up for vote DOCUMENT ADOPTED IN 1989 NEEDS UPDATE

Federal aid eyed for rail projects $377 million sought from stimulus fund

State OKs beach-rebuilding permit Encinitas has secured a five-year permit from the state Coastal Commission that will make it easier for the city to replenish its beaches with reclaimed sand from construction projects or dredging.

West Nile Virus detected in North County mosquitoes

Community Commentary - Re: Busby incident report
The writer, a Fallbrook resident, compares the Busby incident with how the Sheriff's deputies handled a loud party in Fallbrook. Additionally, last weekend there was a grand opening party at a new store in Cardiff on Chesterfield Dr ...with free food and alcohol and a band set up on the sidewalk. The deputies broke up the party around 9:30pm and then left. This was also the same week-end the sheriff's dept was setting up DUI roadblocks in the area.

Taxpayers association compiles city pension report


  1. Neither my guns nor I, have killed anyone. I have no desire to shoot my guns in any situation against a human. Should I even fire my guns off the range, or in defense, or against a perceived threat to public safety, then I lose my gun during an investigation. I will be required to articulate the circumstances and motivations for shooting my gun. The police will question me multiple times to prove my sincerity and truthfulness. I will be forensically examined, and the data from the investigation will go into an international database. Even, if I fail to follow the process, or refuse to cooperate, the bullets and other evidence, will sit and wait for my eventual capture and prosecution. Now, do you see why you are more safe with me and my gun, than the criminal, who may be getting gas beside you at the mini-mart?

  2. If you have a gun on your person and I look like I am about to get shot, please do not defend me. Your perceived threat, may not be real and 2 people could die. So what if the police question you etc? People will still be DEAD or at least wounded. PLEASE leave your gun at home, I beg you. I am not any safer with you out there with a gun. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  3. My neighbor keeps stealing my newspaper so I'm getting a gun at the next gunshow in Del Mar. Be warned paper stealer.

    I think next time postage stamps go up I want to be armed. I think society is near the tipping point and postage stamps could push us over.

  4. 11:13
    What if the Ahole is pistol whipping and/or raping you? Want any intervention then? People don't just get brandished with guns, darlin.

  5. What if you see a six year old little girl getting raped by a old man. would it be appropriate to defend that little girl?

  6. Anon12:56- Little girls are raped by old men every day and all is well in the Muslin world. It's ok under Sharia law, read your Quran and you'll understand.

  7. thats why God gave me a 9mm with a 30 clip. To take care of 30 kid rapers if needed........ and I have multiple clips!

  8. You right wing paranoid gun carrierers
    scare me and I think you should stay the fuck at home with your guns. Believe what you want, but don't expose my kids to your inappropriate parade of insecure fronteersmanship.
    I am secure without you.

  9. Gun nutjobs. Where do you go that you see 6 year olds being raped by old men?? It's a silly, emotional agruement.

  10. Visit any Muslim country. The Taliban approves of little boys with older men also. Read your Quran, learn Sharia law, obey infidel!!!

  11. Why don't you gun toters become responsible and learn martial arts if you feel you can't defend yourselves with your wits and fists? Just because you think you can shoot the perpetrator doesn't mean you won't accidently kill the victim, even police who are trained accidently kill the victims. Or, you could be in the position of using your gun to "threaten" someone who you feel is endangering a life, and in the heat of the moment, accidently pull the trigger. Don't say it doesn't happen because I know someone who was trying to defend his wife and as the man was retreating the trigger was pulled as the husband stumbled on the dirt path. Man dead, husband in jail for manslaughter, families ruined. A gun gives you the power to be the judge and jury, unfortunately very few of us are capable of handling that power responsibly.

  12. 2:58 - It's not as if you see it in the streets of Saudi Arabia and can stop it with your gun. I know it happens, but the point was somehow having guns would stop it. That makes no sense.

  13. I'd bet more people would use a shooting range than use the bocce ball court if the city put one in.

    More people would use the range than will use the community garden. We should put in a range on the Hall property or the Quail Gardens Drive property!

    I'd walk there and brandish my firearms all the way.

  14. interesting idea, i can think of a few targets for the firing range. would this classify as exercise, or at least stress reduction? health insurance should be promoting firing ranges as an alternative to yoga and avoiding McBurgers

  15. Stocked and SabinedAugust 18, 2009 8:35 PM

    Scene: Backyard Firing Range, GPS confidential
    Our heroes are in action: Blamm, Blamm, Blamm, Blamm, Blmm, Blmmmmm! Kaboum! Whonk, Whonk, Whonk!
    Targets explode in small holes and one in a big one crater. Teresa Barth’s image is peppered, Maggie’s right hand is obliterated, and the squirrel’s tail is missing a few hairs.
    Stocked: Dannyboy youse ain’t got no style.
    Dannyboy: Jerryboy, as I dun tole youse terd many times, I don’t need no semi ta hunt a squirreleel, gots to have some parts intact to tenderize the stew.
    Sabined (looking serious despite the botox): Durn Chinese scope, I can’t cross my eyes close enough to aim.
    Stocked (with the snide look we all know and hate): Glennbobbit, ain’t the scopes the problem, ain’t the eyes the problem, it’s youse motivation. You be top o’our hit list you juss close one eye and not be crossin em as I dun tole youse (eyes roll up, scrape the eyelids).
    Sabined (turning and pointing his AK at Jerrylittleman) : Hell Jerryboy, killing is the easy part, I juss can’t hit what I’m aiming at!
    Our heroes take a collective breath and look around. Six Hundred and Sixty Six dead birds, feathers gently fluttering on the wind, cover the GPS confidential firing range.
    Stocked (tuning into his own reality): Damn! Glenncrocket! Aims no matter if the belly of the beast is full.
    Our three heroes gather the blasted birds together and give them to the homeless man at Encinitas Blvd. and El Camino who will work for food. They each take a tax donation for charity for cost of ammo and depreciation on the weapons.

  16. JP-

    You're being set up.

  17. Anon 8:36
    set up for what, the speech police? aka Sheriff.

  18. Dump San Diego Botanic Gardens and replace it with Encinitas Rod and Gun Club. Makes more since to me. A bunch of plants or a place where people can learn to HUNT.

    If the likes of Busby continue to dominate our government we may need to HUNT to survive.

  19. this aggression will not standAugust 19, 2009 9:24 AM

    Stop using the 2nd amendment to intimidate me out of using the 1st amendment.

  20. Bonddi- defending themselves with their wits and fists or martial arts didn't stop Hilter. Just ask the Poles, the Slovaks, the French, or the Russians. It took guns and lots of them and the men to fight and die to bring freedom to Europe.

  21. leader of the mullet militiaAugust 19, 2009 10:47 PM

    Hitler was about to attack downtown Encinitas last weekend when everyone was going to church and having brunch when he spotted my handgun and ran away.


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