Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mayor Hurricane Hazel

It just goes to show that term limits are needed if an 88 year old mayor can get reelected 11 times and her city has no debt. If your city isn't in debt they probably aren't getting good financial advice. That is the thinking that went into the city's last lease-revenue bond.

See Also: Info on Encinitas' public debt.


  1. Completely awesome video, JP. We could learn much from Hazel. And not just how to play ice hockey.
    $700 million in reserves? Manachevitz!

  2. A city with that much in reserves should be lowering the tax rate. If not under that scenario, then when?

  3. Kevin C, right again. 13% sales tax is pretty steep. But then again, is that where they get the funds for their system of health care?

  4. Thats so cool. That is how proud Encinitas is of its politicians....

    Phfffff. Fricken liar back stabbers.

  5. new term for our city hall:

    "The Garvey Trainers"

  6. Hockey players rock


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