Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Uncommon Art in Leucadia Part 1

Leucadia artist Mary Fleener took a bike around the Neptune, Melrose, and La Veta 'hood, and shot all these cool things in a half hour's time. We are calling this post part 1 so that she will send us more.

See Also: Mailboxes of Leucadia.


  1. Awesome pics Mary! You're missing one close up of a donut hole from Leucadia Donut!

    I think Neptune's Portal is the coolest thing of all (and for everyone who hasn't seen it, go see it! Anytime, Day or Night. Take someone you love. It's on Neptune south of Athena St. and it costs 25 cents less to see than The Strange Thing), but that Abominable Snowman statue is well done, interesting and of course humorous being so mythical and non-native.

  2. i call that the space vagina...

    where is the albino bigfoot! it's a duplicate of the one out in ranchita, but it looks like an outdoor shower and maybe you put your soap in his hand???

  3. 2:22

    The hands are designed to hold the Moolight Automotive sign. Oh yeah, and it is actually North of Athena St. not South. But it's pretty hard to miss. I was walking by it one night and the glow inside attracted me closer, closer closer, surprise!

  4. A Leucadia crawl... Great observations Mary! Can't wait for part 2...

  5. Higher Taxes on the Way!August 26, 2009 9:28 PM

    When is our taxes going up to pay for our bonds and employees pensions?

    Council OKs property tax increase to help pay down debt from Prop. P

  6. Small marks with big footprints, like 101. Cherish today. Gone tomorrow.

  7. I can not wait until we have a safer mainstreet without massive high speed crashes, deaths, and a failed business district. If you create a business district where people feel safe to enjoy their time, people will come and enjoy themselves. One only has to look as far a the success of downtown Encinitas, downtown Cardiff, or Cedros district in Solana Beach.

    Our Current Mainstreet is a dusty dangerous crap hole, which is obvious because the only users are people cutting through Leucadia to go some where else.

    Small minds, with little to offer. Think today or be brain dead tomorrow.

  8. cute and boring

  9. Van Gogh's GhostAugust 27, 2009 9:47 AM

    Prosaic and uninspired. Wishful thinking aside, Leucadia's southern border is Athena Street.

  10. 9:47
    Not old Leucadia. Neptune and Vulcan Aves. go up to two miles south of Athena all the way to Cardiff because Leucadia's founders named them before Encinitas was born. Old Leucadia went from Cardiff to the middle of the Batiquitos Lagoon. The most recent encroachment was in 1986 when Carlbad took our half of the lagoon. God knows where the east boundary is and was.

  11. Hmmmm....A lot of this art has phallic elements.

  12. 1:16
    Go back to Falwell, Jerry.


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