Saturday, September 19, 2009

Audit the Fed

The Leucadia Blog now has a button on the left bar called "Audit the Fed" and here is why.

Mainstreets across America will be affected if things are allowed to go unchecked at the Federal Reserve. You can sign the AtF petition here.

Who's sponsored the Audit the Fed bill so far:
Rep Bilbray, on 4/21/2009
Senator Boxer, on 9/17/09

Who hasn't:
Senator Feinstein


  1. So much for JP's statement that he was going to keep the blog more local....

  2. Act local on global issues. IF this is not address free enterprise and America will collapse and you will be hit big-time locally. Like people burning down your home and raping and pillaging our local beach town.

  3. Fricken Federal Government pigs are just as bad as the leaders of any communist party..... They basically take all the assetts from the common man and make themselves the only supreme class. Boy has America drifted far from its constitution and it shows...... some serious correction in current practices needs to occur and quick.

    Thanks Ross Perot and Ron Paul for opening the eyes of the public. Its only taken 20 plus years and the USA being on the verge of collapse for it to happen.

  4. 11:48
    Go put your head back in the sand.

  5. As usual Meathead's comments get right to the point")

  6. 11:48, this post was by Kevin.

  7. Think its time for a revolution?
    Wish it would happen in my lifetime just to see them suffer before they rot in hell.
    If the truely gifted didn't surf this wouldn't have happened.
    But the surf was great the last three days so I got nothing else done.

  8. Thank you for supporting this.

  9. I can't believe only 10 comments on this humongously expensive subject. And some are worried about a dinky needed Streetscape?


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