Friday, September 18, 2009

The Bizarre Case of the Moonlight Kitten

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  1. we shouldn't have to lobby our DA for hideous crap like this. It is time for a new DA.

  2. Animal abuse in intolerable. Be it dog, cat, parrot, whatever. But do you really expect this DA to prosecute this man, when she won't bring charges against a 16 year old driving a truck at 85 MPH into a car, killing Joshua Tiscareno on the 101 back on 5 Jan 2007??
    "High speed on the part of the pickup appears to be the primary cause of the collision." According to SD County Sheriff Sgt Randy Webb

    Good luck. Dumanis is worthless.

    If my family member were killed this way, I'd be protesting Dumanis and that damn kid every day. Kid didn't even get a speeding ticket.

  3. Dumanis shuts down medical marijuana offices while meth heads run free across San Diego.

  4. put a metal choke collar around his neck and toss him into the surf repeatedly. That would be a good sentence.

  5. I saw this abuse take place. The vision of that poor kitten being thrown into the surf still haunts me. How could that man have only gotten a misdemeanor citation and been released?? He could have another kitten by now...or worse, he could be dragging a child around by that choke chain. Our legal system stinks. He should have been taken to County Mental Health and HELD!

  6. It is my understanding that animal abuse is at least a misdemeanor, and the person cannot get the animal back. I don't understand exactly what went on here. As one of the few psychologists that these people are sent to to get treatment, I have not received a call. I was under the impression that the County did not need Dumanis to get involved. Did anyone see this incident? If so, something is very wrong here. The abuser should have been cited, the animal taken and the person ordered into therapy. There is a direct correlation between animal abuse and physical abuse to humans. Something is not quite right.

  7. Is this the reason why so many cats have disappeared this summer?

  8. I'll sign the petition to proceed with 8:13a.m.'s idea.
    Drown him.

  9. If I find this loser doing that cruel crap he won't need to be prosecuted if you get my drift


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