Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Encinitas Official Doubts Shark Attack

Bethany Edmund, swimsuit model, was gnawed on by a great white shark according to the internet.

Bethany wrote,

"I was hit on the upper right thigh and propelled about one foot out of the water,"

Assuming a nearby swimmer had bumped her, she shrugged it off.

Bethany just graduated from National University.

The North County Times reported,

Area lifeguards are aware that the encounter has made fast news on the Internet, but say there is no cause for concern.

"I physically inspected her," Encinitas lifeguard Captain Larry Giles said, "and I highly doubt from my experience that it was a great white."

Larry also gets primo retirement benefits.


  1. Tool.... thats all that needs to be said. more thing.

    Douche Tool.....

    Both the article and Larry.

  2. What, how is Captain Chief Master and Commander Larry an expert on great white shark attacks? Does he think she bit herself? I thought an oceanologist opined it was a baby great white and said her green painted toenails attracted the shark thinking it was flashing scales of a fish....or could have been Jerome out for a taste.

  3. "I physically inspected her,"

    yeah, but what about the shark bite?



  4. "and I highly doubt from my experience that it was a great white."

    Oh what great experience does Captain Chief Master and Commander Larry have with sharks and viewing shark bites??

    What a loser....and what losers we all are for giving this loser a pension.

  5. A pension for cruisin the beach in a little four wheel life guard buggy and playing Baywatch with waterbikes….. Oh hit the sirens, lets run over all the kids on the beach as we speed down the beach in tax payers trucks to save someone who was stung by a stingray. Oh lordy, that life threatening.... isn’t it?

    haaa, that makes sense. Its just a matter of time until the lifeguards run over some 2 year old.

    Please! Michael Hasselhoff (Larry) is a classic Douchebag. No pension deserved!

  6. My athlete's foot looks worse than that.

  7. someone is mad at the lifeguards. What happened, did you get a ticket for indecent exposure or urinating on the beach.

  8. Nope. Not a beachgoer. I'm also opposed to pensions for city staff. We can not afford them, and can get suitably skilled staff without offering pensions.

  9. I think that she was attacked by those chickens on Summit Ave in Cardiff. They love green toes!

  10. I'm glad that tool got bitten by green chickens at terriblemar

  11. Everything about this story...STINKS!! Sounds like some dumb surfer chick just wants some attention and this way she can get her name in the news. I've had paper cuts worse than her ankle bites.

    Time to move on people, nothing to see here.

    Oh yeah, Mr Giles should be paid minimum wage for part time work. He should be given $100 for every "rescue" he does, but minimun wage for looking at some chicks foot or telling swimmers to look out for jellyfish in the water.

    What a scam!!!

  12. She's lucky it wasn't Moby Dick.


  14. Cut Larry some slack he grew up in Leucadia. DID YOU?

  15. There are only a few full time lifeguards in Encinitas. The rest are part-timers being paid low wages and no benefits. Now you take the regular city staff and fire dept personal and look at what they drain from our tax dollars. One of every three dollars goes to the retirement of city staff. We have to put aside 50% of a firemans wages to pay for his retirement. Plus they get to retire as soon as at 50 years old and get their 90% to 100% pay forever. This does not include vacation and medical benefits which are extra for us to pay. They pay nothing additional. Thank the jerks in government who are paid off by unions public and private.
    But our lifeguards do save lives which is something staff and firemen don't.

  16. Larry grew up in Leucadia?? Then that explains why he earns a full time wage for a part time job.

  17. 12:34 - Are you saying that people who grew up in Leucadia are somehow entitled to pensions for hanging out at the beach?? Wow....what an entitlement.

  18. What's all this ire about lifeguards? Must be some fool who got ticketed for being drunk on the beach. When I got hit by a stingray the guards were awesome. No complaints from me about their work!

  19. Thousands of people all over the world get hit by stingrays. They drag their asses up onto the beach and gut out the pain, then go back in the water the next day. No lifeguards, no paramedics and no $95,000 a year pensions.

    I'm glad they helped you bur really now, can you tell me that would not have been ok without the lifeguards?? Does holding your hand for a few minutes deserve $95K in pension benes?? I don't think so.

  20. A sting ray bite doesn't warrant any life guard intervention especially from slackers with high pay and pensions. Just put your foot in really hot water for god sakes.....

    Oh Larry is from Leucadia.... wow a Leucadian slacker, that’s new?

    A sting ray bite doesn't warrant trucks flying down the beach creating a scene and endangering 2 year olds. What a joke.

    Oh the lifeguards are so nice. Just give them a brown and quite using my tax dollars for pensions.

  21. "lifeguards do save lives"


    No difference in deaths along Encinitas beaches with our without lifeguards. Carlsbad has zero lifeguards and just as safe beaches.

    They are not needed and are a complete waste of money.

    Use the money to pick up the trash... now that would be value.

  22. I do appreciate the lifeguards and would not want to see them go. It is peace of mind knowing that my children have more than just my two eyes watching out for their safety. But, I do agree that the pension debacle needs attention. It used to be people worked for government for lower wages than private, and pensions were commiserate with that salary level, and some people did this because they believed in public service. Now, government is the big paycheck and fat pensions and the buddy buddy entitlement. Pension reform is a must.

  23. Except for government employees, (notice I didn't say workers) most of us are very unhappy regarding wages and benefits for those eating up our tax dollars. But we do need someone to enforce rules or we would just be overrun by jerks. These low-lifes let their dogs poop on the beach every morning at our beaches and without lifeguards patrolling it would be polluted like the Cardiff slough. You think any city staffer cares about enforcement of the laws. I didn't think so.
    So thanks lifeguards.

  24. Anon6:37- if you want to pay some lifeguard $95K per year to clean up dog shit, you go ahead. Not me and don't ask me or anyone else either.

  25. 7:44
    I'll clean up dog poop for only 42 k per year. (Under the condition it's after high tide.)
    And come to think of it, if we get more sand, that'll mean less dog poop leaving the beach. Nevermind.

  26. You people need to seriously get a life. You never have anything good to say about anything going on in this amazing community. You're the miserable, chronic complainers who never amounted to anything in life and attempt to make everyone else's life miserable only to make yourself feel good. The only reason you can afford to live in Encinitas is because you inherited your parents house. Get a life, get a job and move on from your childish banter.

  27. 5:31
    "You never have anything good to say about anything going on in this amazing community."
    That's not true. Just last week I gave away the houses I inherited from my parents because I felt sorry for Greystone Homes and started my life over because of your positive comments you always leave on this blog. I know you keep everyone guessing the secret of your success, but I'd like to reveal to everyone that you're a tenatious top Amway distributor. Thanks for changing my lousy life for the better, helping me extole the greatness of our community, and getting me in on the ground floor of your Amway pyramid! Or is it the top floor? I forget.
    But back to the topic. It's nice to know great white sharks have returned to Encinitas and that they've learned to be happy just giving little love bites to pretty swimmers feet.

  28. These complainers are the ones the lifeguards tell to remove their dogs from the beach. 95% of the time they don't write them tickets. 95% of those who bring their dogs to the beach DON'T PICK UP THEIR DOGS POOP! They are low life scum bags in everything they do. Thats why we need lifeguards patrolling the beach.

  29. How many of the Leucadia slackers live in a converted garage built without permits.
    Or a slum lords house converted so each bedroom is a unit?
    How many smoke pot every day?
    How many do their everyday shopping at Leucadia Liquor?
    Sell their food stamps for cash?
    Drive a bike or some wreck?
    Are on some type of welfare?
    Get money or food from parents?
    Always complain the government dosen't do enough for them?
    Can't hold down a job or won't.
    And never has.
    Are transplants?

  30. 6:42

    live in a converted garage built without permits. (4)

    Or a slum lords house converted so each bedroom is a unit? (400)

    How many smoke pot every day? (4000 if you count medical M)

    How many do their everyday shopping at Leucadia Liquor? (400)

    Sell their food stamps for cash? (the same 4 in garages)

    Drive a bike or some wreck? (40)

    Are on some type of welfare? (14)

    Get money or food from parents? (same 4 that live in the granny flat and sell their food stamps)

    Always complain the government dosen't do enough for them? (All but you)

    Can't hold down a job or won't.
    And never has. (Still none. Even alcholics had to quit a few years ago and get jobs).

    Are transplants? (All)

    Next question, yuppie scum.

  31. Welcome Lifeguards welfare recipients.

    Nice posts. they crack me up. Enjoy the blog before your pensions kick in.

    Loser welfare recipients.

  32. True Leucadian localSeptember 12, 2009 12:57 AM

    Pebo sounds like that weak ass Larry puss boy that I beat the crap out of in second grade. Sorry Larry welfare case.

    Keep posting you crack me up. Little mouse boy Larry. What a puss.

  33. Larry is one of the 14. He is paid by the government. Welfare case can't survive in the real world.

  34. Bullies (1)

    12:15 & 9:12
    Thanks for the free money! Schmoes.

    May a great white shark mistake you for a hot model and lift you out of the water by nibbling your foot.

  35. Larry has actually saved a few lives so maybe keep that in mind when launching ad hominem attacks.

  36. I don't know why I'm surprised this thread melted down. Nothing wrong with the unions asking for more compensation. That is what they do.

    Speaking generally, the elected officials, their supporters, and the voters are responsible if staff are granted unsustainable, unnecessary, or unjust compensation packages.

    I only know a small number of people who even attempted to make staff compensation/retirement/budgeting a conversation point in past elections. I'm pretty sure they don't post on this blog.

  37. OK. Whatever. The Council all read this blog and know whats happening. Larry may have save one life. I would like to hear about it? I have saved about 10 kids from gupping water and nearly choking and I don't get government welfare.

    The only true value of the City lifeguards is beach enforcement and poo patrol. True fact.

    You two are clear.

  38. Wow, all that are complaining won't complain about lifeguards when you need one. I've seen the Encinitas guards save several lives including reviving the man who was DOA at Beacon's a couple weeks ago. What will you say when it is you, your family member or your best friend that is saved. I'm thankful. Get a grip complainers. Plus, LG is one of the best lifeguards around. Encinitas is lucky.

  39. All the hateraid going toward Larry Giles is making me puke. I thought Leucadia - Encinitas was a place of mellowness, but I guess not. Everyone there has some ax to grind against anyone with even a little success. Don't know Larry Giles but I am sure he deals with more responsibility than any of you anonymous cowards do, so all you posters throwing hate at Giles, eat my shorts! Posted by anonymous coward. "When the hateraid is flowing, you know you're doing something right" --C.J. Hobgood, pro surf hero.

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