Monday, September 14, 2009

Lou's Top 20 Rack Empty, a troublesome sign?

This photo leads me to believe that money is so tight these days that Lou's Records can't afford to even keep their own Top 20 rack stocked. I heard the record labels are clamping down on terms and even demanding C.O.D. these days. That's tough.
It's no secret the internet has destroyed many mom & pop record stores, now the recession has added to that burden.  Imagine for a minute what Leucadia would be like without Lou's Records. It sends chills up my spine.
So here is my idea, everyone go to Lou's this month and buy a t-shirt.
Why a t-shirt? Well, A. since it's their own product it's probably one of the best margins in their whole store. B. it's cool to wear t-shirts that represent your local community.
(oh, and if anyone from Lou's reads this, you guys should really add your t-shirts to your online store. There are lots of proud Leucadians spread across the country who would order them because they miss you and Leucadia).
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  1. I agree. I will buy one for every family member.

  2. This is the 1 funky place I actually like.

  3. what's da matter JP?

    You afraid of change?

  4. Sadly, Lou sells buggy whips. Plently of Leucadians that do that...

  5. Great thought, I will go down and get a tshirt. But I too have been worried/alarmed. I frequently save my music purchases for Lou's, wanting to keep my business in the neighborhood; and after all Lou's is Lou's. The greatest place ever. I really appreciate all the live acts, all the sales, all the expertise. Sadly, the last three times down there the items I was looking for were not in stock; two were current releases too. I'm hoping they are just adjusting their inventory levels or something. Really hope they continue to stock the brick and mortar store and not move all the new (and old) music sales to the internet.
    LONG LIVE LOU'S, the best music store ever....

  6. If my sister's story is ever a movie, Lou's Records should be featured in it. One of several reciepts showing the whereabouts of alibi witnesses in her case came from Lou's at 6:49pm on 1-24-90. (A record for a jukebox was purchased there). Long story! But thanks Lou for always time stamping your reciepts!
    I used to clean laundromats with Lou in the late 70's. Then he opened his first shop in Cardiff in the VG's donut strip mall. It did well. He expanded to the Danforth building in old Encinitas and was there for years. Expanding once again, he's at his current location (in that contraversial area on 101 where Leucadia may or may not become Encinitas.) Sad to see that ripping off songs on a pc has made an end run around the record business. Especially when there are so many great people working at Lous like Toby, and Neil and of course, Lou. I'll get a shirt there soon.

    my feeble attempt at youtubing Cheri's story in parts - if ya got nuthin else to do...

  7. or you could become a regular vinyl purchaser like myself.
    buying cds at lous is for dopes...
    digital audio mashes the highs and lows and what you get it just miidtones.
    lous still has the best selection of vinyl around (here at least).

  8. What does Anonymous 9:00am mean by that comment?

  9. 9:00 a.m. means nothing by that remark. This Anon is actually a marginally talented parrot who can talk, and type, only one idea. Rumor has it that this parrot is a paid lobbyist for the BIA and holds frequent meetings with Jerome.

  10. Well, think about it...what IS in the Top Twenty. Miley Cyrus? Lady Gaga? Kayne West,(the "jackass")? What's the best selling act right now?

    The Beatles.

  11. That 20 rack is not the billboard top 20, it's Lou's personal top 20. So if they can't afford to stock their best selling CDs then they are screwed. Maybe someone from Lou's can post a comment.

  12. right you are and I just got "Popular Songs" by Yo La Tengo. Awesome CD.

  13. It would truly suck to see Lou's disappear - I hope they will be able to weather this financial shit storm.

  14. And after you buy something at Lou's, go over to Ducky Waddles' to buy a book or something. Talk to any shop owner. All of the non food/bev storefronts along main street most definitely ARE hurting and need every bit of business they can get. Think of it this way: you can spend 50 bucks getting drunk at a bar or you can just pick up a new record and a twelve pack for an enjoyable $20 night in. Gotta keep it alive to keep it funky!


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