Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Protect Insurance Companies PSA


  1. Wow. Actors are someone I really respect for their intelligence. what ever they say must be right. Look at how smart and good Arnie has been for CA! Count me in!

  2. I don't understand why people can't realize that we are a nation of captitalists. We make our gains at the losses of our neighbors. I have five flat screen TVs and you don't. I must be serving our Constitution as you aren't. So sad too bad. By the way, the ASPCA was solicting at my door and I think you should support them as down and out animals have no opportunity.

  3. My favorite bumper sticker:

    IF you like Amtrak, the Post Office, DMV, TSA or the Water District ... You'll love government run healthcare.

    Does the government, any government, run any program efficiently? Does anyone really expect the government, especially the federal government, to run health care more efficiently than the insurance companies?

    Remember, we can't keep inept, corrupt and self-serving politicians like Jerome and Danny out of local government. How do you expect to have honest people running the proposed government health care system?

    If we approve government run health care, WE know several facts will come true:
    1. It will be very very expensive
    2. It will increase the deficit or raise taxes and possibly both.
    3. It will be applied unfairly
    4. Corruption is inevitable

    Look at the history of government if you disagree

  4. You mean like the very popular Medicare program? Or the VA? Or healthcare politicians use? Or the UC system healthcare?

    Also capitalism has nothing to do with it. Can you name a major industry that hasn't received Federal dollars, government subsidy or favorable legislation?

    Further, through your taxes you are already paying for healthcare for politicians, govt employees, law enforcement, military, private defense contractors, etc., and the uninsured, the latter at exorbitant emergency-room rates. Is health care a product that should only go to those that can afford it, like your 5 flat screen TVs? Mail to only those that can afford it? Water, energy, clothes, food, education? Police and fire protection? City buses, paved roads, RR tracks, air traffic control? Funny how capitalistic blowhards sound like 3rd world despots.

    Are health insurance companies, whose profit motive is to DENY coverage for the weak and DENY procedures for the sick. representative of our society's objectives based on founding principles; specifically, that we are "endowed..with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness?"

    It is our very society that enables capitalists to flourish and there's nothing wrong for society to demand some giving back for the opportunities afforded them. So, if you have to give back, so sad, too bad. That 3rd world country is beckoning you for your entrepreneurial spirit!

  5. you're full of speculation 12:29

    how can this possibly be a true statement?

    "If we approve government run health care, WE know several facts will come true:"

    a. who is "we"
    b. does "we" have a time machine or some other sort of future teller?

    speculation about the future cannot be stated as "fact"

  6. "IF you like Amtrak, the Post Office, DMV, TSA or the Water District ... You'll love government run healthcare."

    You deliver a letter to New York for under 50 cents.

  7. you should die of cancer you hypocritesSeptember 23, 2009 10:49 PM

    Dear right wing baby boomers against health care reform, walk the walk and reject medicare. Transfer medicare to infants and children. I dare you. End medicare for baby boomers now.

  8. "IF you like Amtrak, the Post Office, DMV, TSA or the Water District ..."

    There is a key difference between some of these choices... Choice.

    I can CHOOSE not to use the post office, or amtrak. Same applies to a public option.

    So, I would like you to choose to... Not call the cops when you are attacked. Not call the fire dept when your home is on fire . Not drive on the interstate. Send your Christmas cards via FedEx. Refuse military protection. Refuse medicare. Refuse social security. After all, why should I pay for your burdens.

    Also, you might try to not post anonymously. It seems cowardly, and is not befitting of a true capitalist / conservative or someone who actually stands up for what they believe.

  9. When Congress says it will give up it's health care coverage and go with Obambi's plan, then I might have just a little confidence in this whole deal. But for now, looks like a typical, Democrat power grab.

  10. 8:45
    Couldn't say it better myself. So I'll shut up now.


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