Monday, September 28, 2009

Ray's Rips Streetscape in Coast News

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The above editorial written by Ray Yargeau appears in The Coast News.
Stray observations:
Ray is against replenishing the tree canopy because it might block merchant signage?
He mocks people who want to walk safely on the east side of 101.
The drainage issue is a red herring.
If the streetscape process is draconian then Ray doesn't know what that word really means.
Roundabout as "traffic choking" has already been disproved.
Neptune allows 14 ft for vehicles but residents want that narrowed to slow down traffic.
Ray mocks attempts to slow down 101 cut through traffic from the I-5 but then mocks out of town bicyclist who want safe bike lanes.
The single north bound lane sounds like the end of the world until you remember that the 101 from Pipe's to Swamis it's a single north bound lane and the world hasn't ended.
"Magic Kingdom" was pretty funny and just might stick.

North bound single lane from Pipe's to Swami's. Photo taken last Sunday afternoon.


  1. Tired of the HatersSeptember 29, 2009 12:34 AM

    Well, I don't post comments often, usually because I think they'll just be lost is the river of sniping that normally goes on among people who seem to bring out their personal grudges to air on this blog. (I love the blog itself though - thank you, J.P., for creating and running it - you are great). Anyway, I just can't keep quiet on this one.
    I love Leucadia. It's been my home for most all of my life. It's where my wife and I are raising our own children. But do I think it's perfect? No. When I was a kid my mom had to explain to me, at my insistence, why that one haggard looking lady just wandered up and down 101 all day motioning toward male drivers. Did I know what a 'head shop' was at 9 years old when I wandered into it (formerly at the site of Uncle Duke's)? No, but I found out by wandering in on my way home from 7/11 with my slurpee one day.
    But those are bygone days. The streetwalkers seem to be gone, and I don't really know where I'd go to buy a bong if I wanted to, and I'm ok with that. Does the loss of the working girls and the head shop make Leucadia a little less funky? Yeah, probably. But I'm ok with losing those particular aspects of it. I'm not all about development. I don't like it. Village Park is my idea of an urban nightmare. I'm a fan of 'funky'. But in my lifetime, funky has undergone something of a facelift that has done good things for Leucadia. Like the recent addition of sidewalks - who can argue against that? They're just nice to have. They in no way degrade Leucadia, they make it better. So how these haters can argue against any and all attempts to do something cool like a streetscape is beyond me. Despite the passage of time (a lot of time) they can't seem to argue with correct facts, they can't seem to come up with a reasonable alternative, and the best they can muster (both of them) is some half-assed clipboard sign-in sheet that's filled with half-truths and misleading info. I don't have a business on 101, so one might say that I don't have a horse in this particular race, but as a Leucadia resident of many more years than Ray Whats-His-Butt, I can tell you that there can be Funky Change that's good change. Do I miss the hookers as part of the 101 streetscape of my childhood? No - they weren't hot enough to miss now. Do people have some other shop to service unforeseen bong emergencies? I assume/hope so. And do I think that traffic circles, traffic slowing, tree replacement, and other reasonably considered changes will be good things for Leucadia in the long-run? Absolutely. We won't lose Leucadia over traffic circles, we'll lose it over fighting about whether or not a little deli will have its Hawaii-obsessed signage blocked by trees that will undoubtedly long outlast the business and its obstructionist owner. So, people of Leucadia, please go to the streetscape workshop and express your opinions, because I'm pretty sure that most of us are in favor 'Finer Funky'. And, Ray, damn man, make yourself a sub, go out and sit on the flowery patio, and try to get some aloha spirit. Don't be a hater.

  2. Tired said it well. Nice to see he (she?) got it in at the top, before the sniping begins. FYI, I've seen from the work of my kids that emergency bongs can be made from the nearest plastic water bottle. And I still see Crazy Louie on the streets now and then.

    Let's see Alternative 5. The success of roundabouts around our town and the world is indisputable, so I hope they will be a part of the Leucadia 101 Streetscape, but I have no problem with an informed debate.

  3. you mean we can't call each other pussies in this blog? Informed debate? I thought this was a Glen Beck blog. I guess I'll just point out spelling mistakes instead.

  4. Ray, stop with the petition reference. It is bullshit. Your petition states Leucadia Blvd. stops at the tracks, the majority of trees will be removed, beach access will be limited, emininant domain will take peoples property, roundabouts are choke points and more. You duped those thousand signers and most would never sign that petition now that they know the truth. You don't care about Leucadia. You care about you.
    All the alternatives will provide new street drainage solutions to deal with the water problems.
    You and your partner have gone door to door to businesses to scare people with misinformation, telling them their business will be disrupted for 2 years and all the trees will be cut down, this is a plan hatched by a few property owners and more. Stop. It is not true. You got Andreen to be your partner in your scary misinformation campaign. Nice affiliation for credibility. You and the old Chamber of anti-Commerce buddies cost the city money and have delayed and confused the process. Shame on you. But, Lynn Marr will back you up.
    You are still pissed off that the city installed interim sidewalks in front of your business and changed your dangerous parking design that forced walkers into the street and you could not get the public to agree with you about having a redevelopment district in Leucadia. Ray, relax. The roundabout will accommodate fire trucks, delivery trucks and your shinny big black hummer.
    Tell the truth. What is your motivation?

  5. No hate from me but everyones entitled to their opinion.
    I just don't want any roundabouts on 1o1. I don't like them and they are dangerous. Enforcement of lower speeds by the Sheriff would work. Also no sidewalks or parking northbound on 1o1. We shouldn't be providing parking at the expense of such a scenic corridor.

  6. "I just don't want any roundabouts on 1o1. I don't like them and they are dangerous."

    the opposite is true. Whats wrong you can't figure out how to Yield, or you like sitting needlessly at traffic signals and behind all way stops

    "Enforcement of lower speeds by the Sheriff would work."

    Only when they are out there. The road needs to be redesigned. Its currently designed for 70mph highway speeds. Hence the reason people speed.

    "Also no sidewalks or parking northbound on 1o1."

    This is just plain stupid. Something someone that would buy a Hummer would say.

    "We shouldn't be providing parking at the expense of such a scenic corridor."

    Diddo comment. Ask Ray or Rick if they think parking is important for businesses and along our coast.

    I think the best way to see Ray's twisted view of the world is to visualize some old coot that thinks he's cool because he bought a Hummer and put "Hula" or some crap on the license plate and dreams of becoming some type of Don Juan Hawaiian in his afterlife. Wow Ray- You have your proprieties straight. Enjoy the New Encinitas Chamber of Commerce with your buddy where your thoughts will be more accepted as reasonable.

  7. JP,

    When traffic is heavy the one lane in cardiff backs up.

  8. When traffic is not heavy, traffic backs up at stop signs.
    And, no, I have never seen traffic back up at the one lane design.
    You can say it, but that does not make it true.

  9. What is this crap? This poor guy Ray can’t see reality. He and Lynn sound like birds of a feather.

    “Five Traffic choking roundabouts starting at El Portal and ending at La Costa”

    The poor old guy cannot grasp reality. He must not live around Encinitas . Just look at Leucadia Blvd. as an example of the efficiency of roundabouts. The only traffic backups that I have ever seen are caused by the traffic signal at Vulcan Avenue and all way stop at Hygiea. There is never a backup at the two roundabouts on Leucadia Boulevard nor at the one on Sante Fe. On Sante Fe , there are backups the Hospital signal, but never at the roundabout.

    All- The only choke points along Hwy101 will be at the Signal at Leucadia Boulevard and any other signal or stop signs on Hwy101. Roundabouts work great and remove choke points.

    I can not believe this guy is speaking out against trees. What a quack! He and Lynn are twisted sisters.

  10. Tired of the HatersSeptember 29, 2009 8:04 AM

    Dear Anon. 7:40,
    Not to pick on you, but that's an irrelevant statement of the obvious: "When traffic is heavy the one lane in cardiff backs up." Ummm... duh? When traffic is heavy on all 5 or 6 lanes of I-5 it backs up there too. But should that really be our biggest concern, getting as many cars through Leucadia as possible, and at the greatest possible speed? I live on a sidestreet of 101 and I deal with the slowdowns pretty regularly, especially when there's a problem on I-5, and do you know why? Because people know that it's a quick alternative to the freeway. That's also why Cardiff backs up each day at rush hour, as does Vulcan on bad days. But if Cardiff had two lanes in each direction as we do now, I can assure you that both would be just as full, slow, and maddening as the single lane is every morning. Let's aim for something better than being a speedy and convenient shortcut for commuters. Leucadia deserves more than that - the residents, the merchants, and even the passers-by who'd probably rather negotiate a well-organized traffic circle than deal with people like myself trying to turn across the 101 gauntlet just to head north. Plus, people tend to buy more stuff from places that they look at longer, and they can look longer if they're not doing 50mph down 101. Do I curse slow drivers? Yes. Do I really want to give up all of the other good things about the streetscape possibilities just to be able to get to/from my house faster? No way.

  11. I'm not passionate about roundabouts enough to lobby for them. I am looking forward to sidewalks, old timey street lamps, trees and flowers, a fresh paved 101 and a decent bike lane. We fought redevelopment so we could have a nice streetscape program. Lets do this thing.

  12. The Streetscape will make Leucadia a destination not a thoroughfare from Carlsbad to Solana Beach.

    Support the streetscape.
    Roundabouts work.


  13. Ray opposes the streetscape but favors redevelopment, go figure.

  14. JP-

    Do you think speed is an issue today?

    If so, how do you propose we address speed?

    Additionally, do you have a preference of Traffic Signals or All way stops over roundabouts when intersection control is needed?

    Just imagine Leucadia Boulevard with two more traffic signals were the roundabouts exist today. Yuk.

  15. Ray likes redevelopment districts, Hummers, and Traffic Signals.

    Ray dislikes trees, roundabouts, sidewalks and bike lanes.

    Go figure.

  16. You folks can pick on Ray all you want, I'm NOT going to forget the glass man. His opposition to a beautiful Leucadia is well known. Just look at his building and that will tell you all you need to know about his aestetics. My dog shits a better shade of brown.

  17. Don't forget Lynn. The three amigos now that Andreen has popped.

  18. Redevlopment districts condemn properties (usually mom n pop places) so they can paste them together to sell to larger businesses in an attempt to borrow huge sums of money in a guise to create more revenue for a city. But seeing that since the 50's, only 4% of cities in CA who've adopted redevelopment districts have ever been able to pay back what they borrowed in the first place, they are not the ideal way to generated revenue, but create a big sucking sound. (San Diego for example is still 250 million in the hole). More often than not places in an RD go bankrupt and banks end up selling the places cheaper to someone else - like the resort (former Encnintas City Mananger) Kerry Miller helped build in South Lake Tahoe when he "relocated" a hundred or so small businesses. Why Ray still thinks redevelopment is a good idea and has to misrepresent the street scape in an attempt to kill it is beyond me. Pure power trip? Reminds me of the old saying "If you can't sing well, sing loud."

    A city that wants a small overpaid panel on a redeveloment agency calling it's shots (like Oceanside's) lock out public input altogether. Why would Ray think that's better?
    Support the Streetscape. Ignore Ray's noise. But get lunch sometimes at the Sub Palace anyway. He'll come around.

  19. Just don't sign anything while you're there.

  20. Unless he takes checks.

  21. J.P thanks for the support of streetscape and covering this.

    This Ray person first gets upset that they are going to remove trees, then he gets upset when they are going to plant trees!

    I agree the petition is bogus as they pressed false arguments about dead ends on Leucadia blvd and the removal of all the trees.

    He gets upset when he can’t get a Redevelopment district passed so he left the Leucadia 101 board in a huff. (smart move going the MainStreet way not Redevelopment, and I love the Farmers Market. Thank you L101 and Paul Ecke Central PTA)

    He gets upset that the city won’t fix his flooding problem for $50mil of our tax bucks. (I’m sure Ray got a sweet deal on the property because it floods)

    So what’s the answer for Ray. lets oppose L101 and the city!

    Magic Kingdom? Are you kidding me? I think Ray has a ghost writer helping him, same person who helped him before when he was with the chamber and ran the Chamber……into the toilet and the hall of shame.

    Think about it! Does the downtown Encinitas streetscape feel like the Magic Kingdom to you? To me it feels real and authentic with the residents and the businesses of the area rockin the house! This is place where the residents avoided at one time and now residents on both sides of the 101 enjoy their downtown.

    Does Cottonwood Creek feel Magic Kingdom like? It’s a huge recreational win and environmental win cleaning up our ocean and I love it!

    Does the Encinitas Library Feel Magic kingdom like? I am hard pressed to point out a more beautiful civic building or a civic building that is more heavily used by residents, It’s an amazing building and library.

    Does the Leucadia blvd improvements both east and west of 5 feel Magic Kingdom like? I think the landscaping east of five is one of the best landscapes for a road I have seen and the improvements to the west are great. You would have to be blind or ignorant to come to the conclusion that the roundabouts are the problem and the stop sign works great.

    What’s the common denominator to the above? Like it or not this city has demonstrated that it listens to it’s citizens, and build quality public infrastructure.

    The above hardly fit the cartoonist character offered by Ray and neither will the L101 Streetscape.

    Certain folks would love to divide the Leucadia community and rob it of any investment for reasons that they want to use it elsewhere.

    The above can only be described as successes and beneficial to the community and the Leucadia streetscape will also be that. Lets go and get it built.

  22. Are roundabouts devices to cause resistance to traffic flow or not?

  23. watch the three intersections on Leucadia blvd during rush hour, the roundabouts work fine and the stopsign is backed up.

    just like the stop sign on 101

  24. 11:13

    "Are roundabouts devices to cause resistance to traffic flow or not?"

    Roundabouts cause resistance to traffic speed, not traffic flow.
    Roundabouts assist traffic flow from all sides. They keep traffic moving unlike stop signs and stop lights. In the 5 other cities where Peltz has placed them, they actually increase the amount of traffic that can flow through a town, while at the same time reducing speeds and lanes.

  25. Good answer Fred. Plus you get a much safer crossing for pedestians and you get a venue for beautiful landscaping or public art.

    Roundabouts beat the alternatives.

  26. The subject is a waste of time. When gas hits $5 a gallon and goes up from there, watch the traffic issue go away.

    It will happen sooner than you think so save whatever money it takes to build traffic calming ideas.

  27. 12:26

    Not to mention Armageddon or 12-21-12.

  28. The sky is falling....ahhh

  29. Help me.... some when mentioned the word Change!!!!! Aeeeeeehhhhh!!!!

  30. Bring on the Magic Kingdom!

    As for the craptastic hate piece... I'd rather someone propose better ideas. It's what's commonly called "being constructive."

    Example: "A wide rail trail for walkers willing to be blasted by the passing trains' horns and dust clouds"

    I mean, really? Compared to the current alternative of NO sidewalk, and walking IN the dirt? Or, what about the people who park in the dirt anyway (Calypso, Robbie's)? Does that help traffic? Would THOSE business owners like more parking and slower traffic? Hmmmmm.

    Let's think Solana Beach for a second. Again, Bring on the Magic Kingdom!

  31. I love it!

    Bring on the Magic Kingdom!!!

    I'll take that over a generically bad dust bowl and 55 mph danger zone any day.

    That existing road sucks as bad as anything you'd find in Vista!

    Right On Josh----Bring on the Magic Kingdom!!!!! Vote for Alternative 4

  32. Hey Kevin: Any word from Danny boy?

  33. There is no getting around it, ROUNDABOUTS SUCK!
    Always have, always will.
    The very reason you moved here and liked the area you now want to change.
    Just transplant losers from some other hole you screwed up.
    I want to know how many of the roundabout lovers actually have a job AND WORK, not many I expect.

  34. You know when 753 dislikes it, it has to be good. Welcome Lynn. Funny you mention a job.

    We all know you can not Yield.

    Time for you to hand in your keys.

  35. "The very reason you moved here and liked the area you now want to change."

    Nope. I love the ocean and have hated that ugly unsafe dustbowl for the last 20 years.

    I like Alternative NO. 4. It will be a great thing for Leucadia.

  36. Look at all the skid marks at the roundabouts.
    People die at Encintias roundabouts.
    Drivers plow into fire hydrants and light poles at roundabouts.
    Pedestrians take their life into their hands trying to safely cross the goofy intersections.
    Two lanes merging to one lane at each roundabout? What are you smoking or snorting?
    You people need to give up on the drugs, they ruin you for life, can't hold a job, can't think clearly, must have your way, have to have someone else pay for everything.
    Get a life!

  37. It would have been fun to be a fly on the wall when Ray and Andreen wrote that piece together. At least the local liquor store made some money that night.

  38. Only the drunks and Lynn can't make it through roundabouts safely.

    Look at how many people die and nearly die from speeders on Hwy101 without roundabouts....look at all the skid marks and listen to all the sirens every week.

    Once again, if 753 hates roundabouts, they must work really well. Thanks 753 for proving our point.

  39. Single lane from Pipes to Swamies in both directions. Single lane in each directions with the same traffic count as N101.

    The backups in Leucadia are far worse then the backups on this stretch of road which is very rare.

    I hope we can all agree on that, if you have been here more than a year it's plain to see.


    Because there are no stop signs! and there are no streets intersecting, parked cars merging or businesses.

    In front of the shops have two lane and diagonal parking Just like the downtown Encinitas area.

    On the east side have one lane growing into two lanes as you approach Leucadia Blvd and La Costa Ave to accomodate the right turns east at those two locations.

    That gives enough land for tree canopy on the east side, (do you really think NCTD will let you plant in their dust bowl land)diagonal parking in front of the stores, bike lanes and pedestrian walkways.

    I see it as do you want to go the way of El Camino Real with more lanes more traffic and fewer people walking and bikeing or d oyou want to balnce the cars with people and bikes and go the way of downtown or Birdrock.

    Real easy choice for me.

  40. If the Streetscape gets watered down to little or nothing recongnizably beneficial for Leucadia, ie no trees, speed reductions, improved walkability, etc, then the blame will lay with a handfull of men and women. The city council and others, known to this blog.

    I hope smarter heads prevail and the anti-Leucadia crowd knows to button it up and soon.

  41. Lived in Leucadia 12 years. I'm now living in San Marcos.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with the idea of round abouts However, I do think the that the current ones are designed horribly. They should be much wider. much more tapered curb near the intersections.

    Narrowing the rd. is not the way to slow down drivers.

    take a lesson from the dutch

    They used to have traffic lights and accidents - then they took the risk of taking out the lights and relying on human nature not to drive in manner that would kill anyone. Turns out it worked. Everyone on the rd is force to be much more aware.

    There has even been a documentry on this famous dutch round about experiment. the youtube link was the only one I could find.

    On a different topic:
    I'm not digging the new Subway in Leucadia. Please prevent future chains from entering. I plan on retiring in leucadia, even if it's in the Valley of Dream or Log Cabins - I prefer to eat local over so called "healthy" regardless of what Jared says.

  42. Leucadians: Please refrain from from putting in hokey sculpture depicting children, surfers, and fences a few call art in our view.

    Ask anyone that lives in Carlsbad, Cardiff or Encinitas - it looks lame.


  43. 12:40
    Do us all a favor. Stay in San Marcos.

  44. 753
    I am sure you have never been to any workshops and it is obvious you have no idea of the issues that are being addressed.
    There are skid marks on the freeway berms everywhere. Should we not have freeways? Has there ever been an accident at a stop sign? If so, should we outlaw them,too?
    You have no credence. ( that means you don't know what you are talking about)

  45. Three roundabouts would be nice, that leaves a couple sections for a real canopy top down drive. Speed should be lowered. Living next to the Santa Fe roundabout, I think it is too small, people play chicken all the time with cars. Larger roundabouts would solve the hesitation and acceleration issue. On the fence about one lane north. This said, change is okay as long as we understand and appreciate the loss of constancy. 101 was a freeway back when cars sped at 70 mph and there are still some trees that were here when Roosevelt drove by.

  46. "...still some trees that were here when Roosevelt drove by." the end of their life cycle.

  47. Roosevelt never drove past Leucadia on the 101!! You are making up stories. Please people let's keep it real here. NO President has every visited Leucadia. Not even driven past on the 101.

  48. I'm impressed Bonddi is finally opening their eyes. Her comments seem reasonable. I love the part about change. Nicely done Bonddi!

  49. 753,

    "roundabout lovers?"

    I wouldn't call myself a roundabout "lover," but what is your alternative? None? Signals?

    Some people are against traffic slowing on 101, and I get that, though I'm not with them. As a cyclist, I'd invite you to google "cyclist hit 101" and see what you find. I couldn't care less about "skid marks" and "hydrants." True the roundabout need to be wider. Also, some of those marks are from semis (and idiots) driving OVER the middle, I've seen it happen.

    As for the job comment, it's pretty childish, but I'm a math tutor at a local college. Maybe you could stop in sometime, and we could do some word problems. You know, cars per minute, average speed, accidents per year. Then again, it doesn't sound as though something as trivial as logic is going to persuade you.

  50. I never drove on the 101. Ever.

  51. Josh is a logical thinker.

  52. This rom the city Encinitas live website.

    Leucadia: History
    English spiritualists settled Leucadia in 1870 and are reputed to have danced, in diaphanous white robes, in Roadside Park. The spiritualists are the reason so many of the streets are named after Greek gods and goddesses. Leucadia is Greek for "paradise" or "a sheltered place." Heritage Eucalyptus trees, planted in the 1880s, still grace the highway. When President Roosevelt passed through Leucadia in an open car during the Depression, local children climbed the Eucalyptus trees to wave to him. Change happens slowly in this nostalgic little California beach town. In lieu of fast food restaurants and franchise chain stores, Leucadia has two miles of Mom 'n Pop businesses, and that's the way everyone likes it. It's most memorable bumper sticker is "Keep Leucadia Funky." The town played an active role in the rebirth of the classic Highway 101 shield, restored by the city in 1997, and was part of the successful 101 Campaign to have Highway 101 declared an historic route.

    Communities in Encinitas - Click the community image to send an electronic postcard Old Encinitas New Encinitas Leucadia Cardiff-by-the-Sea Olivenhain

  53. The city of Encinitas web site is full of lies and distortions.

    Elenor maybe, I never gave a damn what she did, but I NEVER TRAVELED ON THE 101. There isn't one photo ( yes there were cameras in those days), of me in an open car on the 101. Anyone that tells you so is lying. Show me the photos... show me the photos. Hell, I don't even know where Leucadia is located, let alone travel there. Stop these awful lies about me. Now let me go and smoke a cigarette.

  54. 5:54

    "...still some trees that were here when Roosevelt drove by." the end of their life cycle."

    No, the ones not properly cared for are the ones at the end of their life cycle. The life cycle of a blue gum Eucalyptus tree is 400 years.

  55. "NO President has every visited Leucadia. Not even driven past on the 101."

    Any dignitary driven to San Diego from the north took 101 before the fwy was built in 1965.

    "President Franklin Roosevelt stayed at the Hotel Del Coronado on October 1, 1935, for San Diego’s California Pacific International Exposition. During his stay, Roosevelt flew the presidential flag, which made the hotel the official White House for the period he was in residence. The next day, Roosevelt gave a speech to 50,000 gathered in San Diego. Regarding his Hotel del Coronado visit, a local newspaper reported, “the chief executive enjoyed an inspiring view of the broad Pacific, where a goodly part of the Untied States fleet rode at anchor, the lights from the warships shedding their glow over the temporary White House.” Roosevelt had close ties to Coronado because his son John was stationed here during World War II, and both President and Mrs. Roosevelt were frequent guests at The Del."

    How do you think he got to San Diego? Fwy 5?
    Yes, President Roosevelt passed through Leucadia on 101 as everyone cheered him on. Like when the olympic torch came through town, or the bullet train, or that cool steam locomotive about a year ago. Roosevelt stayed at the Hotel Del exactly 74 years ago TODAY. That's keepin it real.

  56. dang fred, in your face!

  57. 8:39

    Well, when our late historian Wendy Haskett wrote something, I knew first hand how much it could be relied upon as being true. So I had to respond as she had written about that Roosevelt day here.

    On the other point, a pic of the Prez comin thru town would have been cool. Probably wasn't a lot of civilian shutter bugs with extra money and time during the depression. And most of the adults were probably hard at work over the hill tending flowers, lima beans, raising turkeys, or something.

    Speaking of depression, I just got a pre-declined credit card in the mail.

    One intesting note, as I was looking through one of Wendy's books, there is the coolest picture of the inside of a restaurant called "The Blue Goose" that was in Leucadia. The pic is from the 1930's and there's a big sketch of Roosevelt on one wall. Today it is still a restaurant now called Sub Palace. Yep, Ray's place.

  58. That’s funny in the fact Ray pushed for a Redevelopment District which would mowed down all nostalgic buildings to make way for Generic Vill.

    The Sad fact is Ray is an embracement to Leucadia. Hopefully the next owner of that building will have a better head on their shoulders.

  59. Anon7:34- Ray is not an embracement to Leucadia. What is an enbracement in the context of what you write??

    Ray and his family are decent honest, hard working people doing their best for themselves and the people they serve. You can attack his position on the streetscape , but do not attack the man.
    He is entitled to his opinion whether you like it or not.

  60. I always traveled by train. And that's how I traveled to Los Angeles. There was NO open car on the 101. Please people I know I was there.

  61. 8:43
    "Ray and his family are decent honest, hard working people doing their best for themselves and the people they serve."

    That's very true. The same goes for Rick and his family. But why they're against what most believe are strong points to the Streetscape I'll never understand. Neither do I understand why there is misinformation about the Streetscape in the petition they circulated that boasts 1000 signatures. In the words of Turko, "It ain't right".

  62. Ray and his family are decent honest, hard working people doing their best for themselves and the people they serve.

    Who are the people he serves?

  63. Those sandwich seekers.

  64. I don't understand why Ray wants Leucadia to become a Redevelopment District and why he wants to keep it in such an unsafe and ugly condition. The rest of Leucadia is gorgeous and funky. That crappy fast road is unsafe, junky, dusty and bad for the surrounding neighborhoods.


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