Sunday, September 20, 2009

Streetscape Letters


  1. Here we go again with the pro's and con's of roundabouts and single lanes.
    But I like the comment that a half a million could have been spent on tree planting and watering.
    At this time the city is just a complete waste of tax dollars.

  2. Be careful what you wish for.

  3. 5:41
    Where would you plant the trees?
    Until the streetscape plan is designed, you have no way of determining where to plant the trees.
    Was it a waste for downtown?

  4. Here are more, and comments.

  5. If you have roundabouts and one lane north you Can have safe bike lanes, revitalization of the tree canopy, calmer and efficient traffic,(without the inefficiency of stop signs), safer intersection for cars, walkers and bikes.

    And the cons are?

  6. The cons are Lynn can not figure out how to yield a car, she has no where to go in her life so she doesn't care about wasting five minutes at each and every traffic signal, and she hates any type of change including cloths, hair styles, and any change of surroundings.

    I think the point is simple... If the Anti- Leucadian (that actually lives in Encinitas) does not like the roundabouts or streetscape, It MUST be good for Leucadia.

    I know it and most sensible people know it. Sorry Lynn, enjoy your box in Encinitas and quite calling yourself a Leucadian. Its embracing for the rest of us.

  7. I never agree with Lynn but to say she is not a Leucadian is not true.

  8. she's not a Leucadian....look at the address of her house. She lives north of Pannikan. She is not a Leucadian. She is an Encinitian.


  9. Dear God: Have you nothing better to do than to continue to trash Lynn? Is SHE the only one in your way, or she just an easy target. I know you all don't give a hoot about Cardiff, so trash me too if you like. I have no opinion on the Streetscape, because of this constant bickering. I cannot for the life of me get a handle on this. Every time I try to make sense of it, someone starts bitching about Lynn. Pathetic.

  10. I agree with Doc, although she does offer misleading spins on the process and seems to be hindering the efforts of the community to cause positive change.
    It is natural to be frustrated with her comments as it is to be angered when Andreen and the petition people offer untruths in their comments and published letters.
    She does bring a bit of it on herself.
    Have you read her letters to the editor and comments?
    She attack, too.

  11. Is Lou's Records in Leucadia? A simple yes or no will do. Thank you.

  12. But the area designated in the specific plan goes to Encinitas Blvd.

  13. Birdrock North. Tidy.

  14. Some people define Leucadia borders by the Leucadia water district zone which is stupid. Obviously Leucadia is from Encinitas Blvd to La Costa Ave.

  15. Lynn was against stop signs 5 years ago. Now she writes a letter asking for more. ok.

  16. Sorry to burst your bubble but Lou's is in Old Encinitas. Leucadia begins at the Pannikin.

  17. I have a great idea. Why don't all of you in Leucadia just secede from the rest of us. You don't even know where you are located. You whine and snivel about the strangest things and you can't even agree on anything. No wonder Rachelle lost.

  18. Why don't you get your stinky friend Lynn to say she's from Encinitas and quite saying she's from Leucadia. Leucadians are much smarted than that retarded women. I agree. Its embarracing for the rest of us who really care about the well being and future of our community. Since you two are buds, let her become an honorary Cardiffian. I bet Cardiff would would love it. Then they would have both the Kook and Lynn.

    When someone says stupid things, they appear stupid. Lynn appears to be a stupid Encinitian or maybe now a Cardiffian.

  19. 7:21

    I think the cons are just misinformation, as if for example Neptune Ave would suffer from cut-through traffic. (Would northbound travelers go 5 blocks west out of their way to a 25mph one way street, only to end up at Grandview St trying to make a left turn back onto the highway? Not.) One man's argument at the C of C meeting was that traffic already backs up from the stop sign at Marchetta street all the way to Encinitas Blvd "twice a month". That's not so according to business owners at the Encinitas Blvd intersection who have never seen that happen.

    The whole purpose of slower speeds, traffic calming, fewer stops with roundabouts on 101 is so that MORE traffic can safely and efficiently get from one end to the other. Not less. Besides, even if traffic ever would back up all the way from Marchetta St, it's the STOP SIGN keeping the traffic from flowing there. Roundabouts don't do that. I believe the streetscape calls for no stop signs (although until a day the train might be underground, I think stop signs at Leucadia Blvd keep traffic moving many times better than the current stop lights do.) Every time the lights are flashing at that intersection, circulation is vastly improved and no one waits at a stoplight for several minutes.

    At workshops, the models from other cities impressed me. I never thought narrowing lanes could be part of a better circulatory system. But when they showed that even a 5 lane road in one city that was narrowed to just two lanes in conjunction with roundabouts etc, greatly increased traffic flow, made it safer and by far more attractive than a stark, treeless, 5 lane desolation.

    If anyone thinks I'm for the Streetscape because there will be more parking in front of our shop, you're wrong. We're losing a space to a planter. But I believe the increase in overall parking will be a benefit to all.

  20. Anon 11:54: What an a-hole. I live in Encinitas and so do you and Lynn.

  21. Lynn

    What an A-hole.

  22. 11:43
    I have a better idea. Instead of attacking Leucadia and one of it's finest people, press all those bad feelings way down and then blow them out your pompous ass.

  23. You all need to stop bickering and build this shit already.

  24. Do you guys realize how much fun city hall has reading these posts and knowing we are fighting with ourselves. It is like a cat chasing its own tail. How about being constructive so we can get something done. or do you want to leave it to staff to take care of it? Who gives a shit about where Lynn lives or what the boundaries are of Leucadia. We are all, for better or worse, part of Encinitas so be had better get used to it. It's only been 20 some years. How long until you all realize we are all Encinitas whether we like it or not. Get a grip or we will end up a blighted area. Jerome and Dan would love that.

  25. "Instead of attacking Leucadia and one of it's finest people"

    Whaaaaa Haaaa Haaaaa Haaaaaa!

    Good one Dike!

  26. Woops sorry Rev. I thought you were referring to Lynn not Rachelle.

    Never mind. I agree with your comment.

  27. "Do you guys realize how much fun city hall has reading these posts and knowing we are fighting with ourselves. "

    We are fighting/debating/bickering…. what’s the big deal?

    The intelligent people are not agreeing with the people who are afraid of their own shadow because its always changing and fear change at all costs.

    We want a more safe, peacefully, enjoyable, less polluted, and treefilled Leucadia. We don’t want the status quo dusty shit vil.

    Hopefully intelligent, peaceful, and children/dog/tree loving people will prevail and our City Council will support the vision.

  28. They want to blight Leucadia. And you are all giving them reason to do it. Keep it up and you will see I am correct.

  29. “They want to blight Leucadia"

    Haaaaa Haaaaa Haaaa Haaaaaaaaaa

    Hush down pee wee Thor....

    They already blighted our mainstreet corridor by cutting down all the trees. The trees were the only thing of beauty and value in that evil ridden dust bowl.

    That street does not match the beauty in the surrounding neighborhoods of Leucadia, and everyone including mortals know it needs some major love. If the gods support it and all the stars shine in one straight line, maybe the love will begin.

    Otherwise that area of Leucadia will remain blighted. So be it if the peasants choose to live in that manner.

    Moreover. If a decent streetscape which makes the area safer and a more successful business district does not happen, I see the future of that area will be forced into a redevelopment project and one big developer will build whatever they like.

    Let’s see what the mortals chose.

  30. Here's a joke for the city staff who chuckle at our expense, those who flame Lynn or anyone else, and those who derail this blog at every opportunity:



  31. What a bunch of dork transplants wanting their pie in the sky marijuana induced dream plan to be paid for by working folks. Lets spend 10 million dollars to fix up 2.5 miles of highway for just a few business owners on only one side of the highway! If its so great and will revivalize Leucadia why not set up a assessment district and let those who will directly benefit and let them pay for it with increased taxes? How about $30 a lineal foot until its paid off. Most of the property owners now benefit from Prop 13 and pay very little in taxes anyway so it won't hit them that hard.
    Get a job, get a life and get off the drugs!

  32. Only 8% of properties in the entire state are still owned by the same people as when Prop 13 was passed. And actually, ALL properties benefit from Prop 13 because it only lets the tax rate increase 1% a year. Just the facts, ma'am.

  33. its actually 2% a year. And if you set up an assessment district make it for all of Encinitas and lets charge carslbad cut through traffic for cutting through Encinitas. That would more than pay for all of Encinitas projects, possibly even the Hall sports complex.

  34. Look up what they pay in property taxes. Most pay very little considering what their property is worth and what they will benefit once the Streetscape is finished.
    Fred: $866 a year
    C Marvin: $7,706
    454 Tatoo: $1,726
    Lou's: $1,677
    A few pay more, a few pay less.
    Think there will be enough left over after staff takes their cut for salaries and such?
    I pay over 12 thousand a year and work for every penny of it. No welfare, no government job, not a lawyer sucking someone dry, not living on mommies trust or handouts, and not sleeping in a trailer or converted garage or my car. I didn't inherit it or scam it from my wife.
    From this blog it looks like those who don't work or produce something want to steal the hard earned dollars of working stiffs using the power of govenment to justify it.
    "Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone. "

  35. 8:42
    How annonymous of you.

  36. 8:42-

    Wow 12k a year.... thats your issue.

    If I was you I would support our streetscape so your property in Encinitas doesn't devalue. With the streetscape it will increase in value which is good unless you dream Leucadia to look like Oxnard.

    Wake up the streetscape is for all of Encinitas, but its mostly us residents that will benefit from have a local mainstreet to enjoy and support instead of the current shit bowl.

  37. We should be talking about how we pay for this and it would be a useful discussion if we keep it respectful.

    I've got some ideas and will post them up when I get a chance. I'd love if you emailed your ideas to us and we could do an overview of the proposals.

  38. Just a few thoughts. The City should

    1. continue putting $500k towards the project every year and more when the economy improves,

    2. Apply for Obama and CA grants that promote "smart" growth considering the area is densely zoned and is along the train corridor,

    3. and apply for green grant considering the improvements will reduce greenhouse gases and the use of hydrocarbons.

  39. Kevin-

    I think the City should keep saving money as they can afford and "pay as you go" as they can afford.

    The best part of approving the conceptual design in the near future is the City will be able to condition development permits along the corridor to construct or pay for the planned improvements along their frontage. The improvements will be a condition of approval for all new or redevelopments along that stretch of road. Lord knows a lot of the buildings on that property will either fall down or will be redeveloped in the next 20 years.

  40. Any idea how much this project will cost?

  41. 1. Add another $100k a year if we make Norby get a real job.

    2. There is no train station in Leucadia.

    3. By how many tons a year will the project increase or decrease carbon emissions?

    It is good if the project can be phased and having the developers share the costs should be considered.

  42. 8:42
    Using your example of the four properties you selected as cross samples of what the north corridor businesses pay in property taxes, it looks like those 4 pay about $12,000 per year. Since incorporation that comes to $276,000. Times that by the remaining 170 lots the North 101 business district alone has spent at least 47 million in property taxes since incorporation. What have we gotten locally in return? A surfboard sign by a Carlsbad resident, A few temporary sidewalks, a small storm drain, the removal of a few hundred impressive trees, and some rusty guardrails, some where trees used to be. Oh yeah, and Redevelopment districts that TWICE tried to steal Leucadia away.

    On the bright side, the city has put away 2.5 million for the beginning of a street scape, replenishing 1000 trees, a complete sidewalk, bike lanes, and traffic calming features. Measures to be proud of for the entrance to our city. Will these things raise your property tax? No. Will these things add value to everyone's lives? Yes! Let's go!

  43. What have we gotten locally in return?

    That went to pay salaries.

    That went to pay off interest on bond debt.

    That went to the Hall park.

  44. Maybe in another 20 years we'll get sidewalks by Royal Liquor. That would be nice.

  45. What we really need is an irrigation system on the street and planting trees that Arborists will not down. We should hold an Arbor Day where all the trees are protected against the Arborists. Currently, Its like the chainsaw massacre out there.


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