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Streetscape Project Events

North Coast Highway 101 Streetscape Project Events

North Coast Highway Events Schedule

Thanks for your interest in participating in the North Coast Highway 101 Streetscape project. We have confirmed the events schedule which includes Workshop #4 and other events to assist in educating and informing the public of traffic calming, pedestrian safety & walkability concepts as well as the project status. The final schedule is as follows:

Educational Session - Saturday, October 3, 2009; 9am - 1:30pm; Banquet Room, Encinitas Community & Senior Center

Informational Open House – Thursday, October 8, 2009; 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm; Community Room, Encinitas Public Library

Workshop #4 – Saturday, October 10, 2009; 9:00 am – 12 noon; Banquet Room, Encinitas Community & Senior Center

For the educational session we are planning three lecture components followed by an open house component to give the public an opportunity to review project plans and ask direct project questions. The educational event is tentatively planned to consist of the following:

Introduction: 9:00 – 9:15 am

Presentations: 9:15 – 11:30 am

1) Pedestrian Safety/Walkability Design Criteria (9:15 – 9:45 am)

2) Roundabouts "101"; general concept designs/theories re: roundabouts (10:00 – 10:30 am)

3) Case History Example - Birdrock/La Jolla (10:45 – 11:30 am)

Informational Open House: 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

As scheduled we anticipate the talks for Items 1 & 2 to be approx. 30 mins and item 3 approx. 45 mins. Then the open house event could run for about 2 hours.

The educational session would compliment another informational open house planned for Thursday 10/8/09 4pm - 7:30pm and the formalworkshop #4 planned for Saturday, 10/10/09 9:00 a.m. - 12 noon.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly.


Diane S. Langager

Principal Planner

City of Encinitas

505 So. Vulcan Avenue

Encinitas, CA 92024

760 633-2714


  1. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Get involve. Many years ago, issues were identified that were needed to be resolved in order to improve our area. These same issues were brought up by participants of the streetscape workshops. They were: maintain,(now revitalize) the tree canopy, solve traffic problems, create a safe and vital pedestrian friendly environment, safe bike lanes, allow for needed parking opportunities and establish an environment for businesses to flourish.
    It would be prudent to keep these issues on the table during this process. All of the alternative have addressed these needs. There is limited space available.
    Those who use fear of change to guide them may not help this process. This is not for or designed by a few property owners, but for the betterment of
    all. If you also wish for these improvements, understand that without concepts like one lane north and roundabouts, we would have to choose which needs to ignore. Leave everything alone and we leave our children with an unappealing future.
    We can work together to cause a better future. Let's do it.

  2. Support the streetscape.
    Support Roundabouts.
    Support Leucadia.

  3. Just a few improvements, otherwise leave it like it is.

  4. Birdrock North -- so long Leucadia.

  5. Try a Leucadia mainstreet that is safe for pedestrains, kids, bikes, cars and all vistors to the beach area and all out funky with tons of trees.

    Leucadia mainstreet could be the coolest area along the Pacific coast instead of the deathly, dusty, ugly, loud, speedway that exists today.

    Support the streetscape not Ly_n's backwards thinking.

  6. Dear 8:01
    what improvements do you feel are not important for the future that are being considered?

  7. Support the Streetscape!!!!!

    Thoughtful, progress will improve all of our lives!

    Revitalize the canopy!
    Put in the roundabouts!
    Add a safe bike lane!
    Support the local business!

    Don't buy into the fear and rhetoric.

    Don't let Leucadia die of neglect and become a rent controlled ghetto.

    Invest in Leucadia!!!

  8. This is a workshop a place where we can all come together to get needed improvements. I for one don't want 5 roundabouts I think 3 will work fine. I want to see trees planted crosswalks to the bus stops as well as bike lanes and sidewalks the entire length of HWY 101. If we can all show up with open minds and a willingness to compromise we can improve Leucadia.

  9. 9:00,

    Seems like there needs to be more nuance to your point than make it "safe for kids and a peds". The L101 is currently safe enough for Art Walk, which features attractions for kids.

  10. It's a joke. The city won't listen, they will do what they damn well please. The city councilmen, who vote for the staff pay raises and pension benfits are the only people you should TALK TO. WHAT THEY TELL THE STAFF IS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. MY EXPERIENCE WITH THE CITY IS THE COMMUNITY INPUT IS A JOKE TO THEM.

  11. Kevin- You now present yourself as the joke of the blog. Hway 101 is NOT safe, go north and try walking that area at night or in the rain.

    Safe for children?? You are nutts.

    Not only is North Hway 101 not safe, it's UGLY!! If you think it's safe and not ugly, you are both nutts and blind.

    Your comments expose you as less than knowledgeable about the community.

    Support the streetscape!!

  12. The Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association should agree that the 101 can’t be simply described as universally unsafe. I wrote, "The L101 is currently safe enough for Art Walk, which features attractions for kids." The L101 group knows the 101 and I am sure they would not put people in danger.

    My comment to the ANON blogger was to motivate a more complete description of the problem, and perhaps safety goals. I don't know that there has been discussion about making the L101 a safe place for kids to be at night or in the rain. (Would Downtown Encinitas or Encinitas Ranch qualify as safe?). Are any of the streetscape alternatives designed to meet this goal?

    Your point about L101 being ugly seems a little over the top. I will say that losing the trees really takes a bite out of Leucadia's aesthetic assets. Parts of Leucadia now look terrible (where did all the trees go?). It would be tough to say that I haven't fought to save the 101 trees so they could be an option on the table. I’m not sure why you made the comment.

    North and South end of the 101 is lame. That is one reason why I have always been supportive of a streetscape project. I am also hoping to see the city select an alternative that is rationalized based on articulated goals and analysis, and not on vague catch phrases and hyperbole.

  13. The Kook who rants about wanting all the roundabouts and reverse parking and single lanes needs to lighten up. This person is mentally sick or very close to it. It gets tired trying to read you rants so most skip them or the blog altogether.

  14. Kevin-

    PLease educate yourself by watching the videos of the first 3 workshops. You will have a better understanding of the issues and objectives for the project.

    As far as if HW101 is safe for peds and or kids. Hell no. That road is a death trap. That is why you don't see strollers on our mainstreet and I agree with you point. Until the City slows traffic or closes the road for the Artwalk it should be canceled. Its not safe.

  15. K- I stand by my statement. Your confusion of the issues facing the 101 might work with most folks(and will curry sympathy w the anti- streetscape people)but those of us that understand the issues know your arguments are full of crap!!

    Keep Leucadia unsafe, ugly and treeless if you will, you do yourself no favors by posting such nonsense on this or any blog.

    Support the streetscape.

  16. 8:03
    If you're talking about the area of 101 north of Jupiter St., you're right. That area did not get the new "tempoarary sidewalks" as points south of Jupiter did. From about the Leucadia sign to jupiter st. there is very little real sidewalk and it gets real sketchy by the Leucadian, Royal Liquor and several empty lots. But as far as 101 not being stroller friendly from Jupiter to Marchetta St. you'd be wrong. And that's the area we use for the Artwalk.

  17. To 7:55
    Thanks for your insightfull comments.
    You have shown that you grasp the issues involved and can offer logical alternatives to these well thought out
    solutions to this complex improvement plan and your personal attacks certainly help define your position and gives all good reason to consider your proposals.


  18. The level of venom directed at Kevin is unwarranted. People of differing opinions, try making your arguments sans the ad hominem attacks. When you make it personal, you reveal the vacuity of your own ideas. Please step up your game.

  19. I agree with Pliney The Younger, although I must point out that Pliney The Elder's wife is so fat she couldn't make it through the Leucadia Blvd roundabouts.

  20. Pliny's mom is so fat, when she sits around the house, she really sits around the house.

  21. Pliny's mom is so fat, she sells shade on 101.


  23. I look forward to the implementation of the Leucadia streetscape which will make our funky little community one of the best spots on the 101 in Southern California.

    It will be a place where cars don’t go so fast, making walking and biking more fun. The replanted tree canopy will be a welcome return to the old days.

    It is going to be great!

  24. Ya know, there's a lot to love about how things are/have been; but a lot could be better. I like to go out crusing on my bicycle, but 101 is so damn dangerous in places. Tough enough on cars coming out of the side streets. I'm all for talking through alternatives/solutions, and slowing things down so we can walk the neighborhood and enjoy all the killer shops and restaurants. I hope everyone who cares comes out and expresses their opinions...

  25. I look forward to the streetscape so I can walk my family and dog to the coolest funkiest icecream shop that would open up in Leucadia if the dangerous street wasn't keeping decent businesses out.

    Bring on the streetscape with roundabouts and bring on community character and a mainstreet that supports the surrounding neighborhoods.

  26. Pliny's mom's not really fat, she's just four feet too short.

  27. Anon-4:08, you said it.
    Support the Streetscape.
    Support roundabouts.
    Support Leucadia.

  28. And support one lane north if it solves the problem of renewing the tree canopy and safe traffic. It works elsewhere. Oceanside is planning it for their streetscape and south Encinitas, Carlsbad, La Jolla and Del Mar.

  29. Live Leucadia, Love Leucadia, Support Leucadia.

    Vote for alternative No. 4.... trees, slower speeds, bike lanes, landscaping, nice walkable improvements and some parking for business and our beach community by help out the side streets parking dilemma.

    I love it.

  30. And support one lane north if it solves the problem of renewing the tree canopy and safe traffic. It works elsewhere. Oceanside is planning it for their streetscape and south Encinitas, Carlsbad, La Jolla and Del Mar.

  31. just another humanSeptember 08, 2009 10:42 PM

    I support streetscape to fix the potholes and cracks in the road and the streetscape with more trees and I like the benches they have on hwy 101 Encinitas. The roundbouts look lame to me sorry.

  32. 10:42

    Would you rather sit at a stoplight for 10 minutes per day for the rest of your life?

  33. "Would you rather sit at a stoplight for 10 minutes per day for the rest of your life?"

    L_nn loves to sit at each stop lights every day for the rest of her life. She has nothing else to do.

  34. Its not wourth it to spend the kind of money spent in downtown Encinitas for just businesses on one side of the highway from La Costa to B Street.
    And roundabouts are the worst traffic control measure ever for Encinitas and Leucadia. They suck and the three we have now should be removed.

  35. speeding traffic - BAD
    round abouts - great
    bicycle lanes - great
    Speed limit 35 - great
    Council persons - BAD
    tree canopy - great
    park off street - great
    train under-crossings - BAD
    at-grade crossings - great

  36. I too, was skeptical of roundabouts. All it took was seeing them in use. You stop all times at the stop signs, wait, use more gas and then start up again, using more gas. At the roundabouts, you drive straight through. Pertty obvious which is better. Roundabouts ARE safer for cars, bikes and pedistrians. They are better ecologically. They offer landscape and art beautification options, too.
    To those who think they "suck", i ask, aren't all these things true?
    And the streetscape plan is for the entire community. It is long overdue and needed.
    Support the streetscape plan that addresses ALL the needs of our future.

  37. anon 853,

    My confusion has several roots. I have not been that involved in the streetscape design.
    (However, I have watched one of the workshops and went to another) Some posters have been more involved and it would be great if they could inform me.

    Most of the goals and objectives that I picked up on with my limited exposure are vague (or oversimplified) and how they are measured unclear. I also noticed that there is little benefit/cost consideration happening. There are a lot of panaceas and little tolerance for questioning the alternatives.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the downside of any of the alternatives make them unworthy of selection. The lack of willingness to acknowledge any downsides really hampers the decision making process (hopefully that is not the goal).

    So I missed some of the process. What happened to the alternative that moves the median? How is it we don't have an alternative with more roundabouts and one lane in both directions? Why not an alternative that moves both southbound and north bound traffic to the northbound lanes? Why not have the single lane in the southbound direction (so the extra space is put in front of the shops instead of next to the dust bath)?

  38. The goals and objectives are addressed in the first post, above. I do not see these as vague all. The benifits seem to be obvious. Downtown was not doing well at all. The businesses did much better after their streetscape. The numbers don't lie. The benifit was worth the cost.
    Those who have been involved with the process from the beginning have frustation with things like ,' roundabouts suck", the city is going to take property away", Leucadia Blvd will stop at the tracks", "beach access will be limited","it will impede people from getting downtown", "motivated by a few business owners" and other silly missconceptions. That may be the cause of the lack of tolerence, as you phrase it.
    Alternative one solved all the issues identified. People went nuts over trees being removed, albiet replaced. It may be that a good plan was scrapped to save tree that are very near the end of their life cycle and may not even be alive by the time ground is broken. Look at all the trees that have died in the last few years.
    One lane south does not seem to accomadate the feeder street traffic to the west. So a single lane may not be best going south. One lane north will allow the neened room to have safe bike and traffic lanes and renew the canopy. If there is not one lane north, kiss the tree canopy good by. NCTD us not going to plant trees on their property. We can plant trees on the east side and anything we want and not have the dust bowl we have now.
    All of this information is available to review and was compiled by input from the community. Pelt and Associates have done an admirable job is designing concepts that address the stated needs of our community.
    Alternative 5 will highlight the needs that will not be dealt with if we have four lanes, stop signs and no room to plant trees.
    Please, all, get involved. Keep on the goals on the table and don't let fear of change deprive future gerations of the improvements we can offer them.

  39. Kevin-

    All good questions and I will try and answer some to the best of my ability.

    "What happened to the alternative that moves the median?"

    It was not supported in earlier workshops, because it removed too many existing trees.

    "How is it we don't have an alternative with more roundabouts and one lane in both directions?"

    We should. The second southbound lane is not needed. I agree with your point, but some folks who had a bigger say thought it was too hard to sell to Council and the uninformed public. (Just look at the resistance to having one lane north). The capacity of the road is controlled by the intersections not the road width between intersections. Our existing capacity of Hwy101 is controlled by Leucadia Blvd. and all way stops. The far outside area could be used as a extra wide bikelane/or parking transition area for people to move to the right and slow down while looking for a parking spot. It would be a better design.

    "Why not an alternative that moves both southbound and north bound traffic to the northbound lanes?"

    I am not sure. I think it would have been difficult to transition to parking for businesses and it may have jeopardized our sacred remaining old growth median trees that we have.

    Why not have the single lane in the southbound direction (so the extra space is put in front of the shops instead of next to the dust bath)? I tried to answer above, but a good thought. I like it, but it likely would require the removal of old growth trees.

    Hopefully, we see you at the workshop.


  40. R U afraid of Uranus?September 09, 2009 8:30 AM

    “And roundabouts are the worst traffic control measure ever for Encinitas and Leucadia. They suck and the three we have now should be removed.”

    You might want to ask yourself why I like or dislike roundabouts.

    Is it because they are much safer for vehicles and pedestrians?

    They saves precious time and money
    Looks much nice with room for landscaping or art?

    They reduce pollution and the consumption of natural resources?

    They raises property values in the area?

    They slow traffic while keeping it moving thereby helping maximize capacity of the road without he unneeded pavement areas?

    They make me yield and to yield, I need to think, and I hate to think while I am driving. Momma always told me I was not very good at doing two things at once?

    They exist in tens of thousands of locations all over Europe, Australia, and the world and I hate the rest of the world?

    They are not used in Vista and Lakeside, and I think Leucadia should continue looking just like a backward ass run down community?

    I love my time sitting at traffic signals, It gives me time to zone out and think about how great Northcounty has been developed adopting the same road design principals that were used to develop OC and LA County. I love LA?

    I cannot visualize how these things work even though we have 3 that work fine and there are many more throughout San Diego County and hundreds throughout our state. I think it’s a conspiracy against me and I must resist roundabouts at all cost. I think roundabouts are from Uranus and while I love Uranus I am afraid of its inhabitants?

    What is your reason why you think roundabout are great like the people who value time spent doing things other than sitting at redlights and like safer streets?

    Or are you one of those frightened by the inhabitants of Uranus and must defeat all roundabout around the world at any cost?

    What camp are you in?

  41. The next to last poster stated about the downtown streetscape "numbers don't lie" and "the benifit (sic) was worth the cost". But was it? Here's what the numbers tell us, just using a small example from the program where the city gave matching funds to improve storefronts.

    Let's say that the Encinitas' share of 8.75% sales tax revenue is 1% (it is actually less). That means every $100 of retail sales generates $1 for the city. So if the city gave $1,000 to someone to improve their private property, that business would have to generate an extra $100,000 for the city to BREAK EVEN.

    The poster was right, the numbers don't lie. Whether "the benifit (sic) was worth the cost" is a matter of opinion.

  42. My comments refer to the post at 8:04.

  43. Mufflers for Harley'sSeptember 09, 2009 9:58 AM

    Stop signs and Harley's versus roundabouts and Harley's. The noise of Harley's leaving a dead stop while eating lunch on Hwy 101 I can do without for that reason alone roundabouts make sense. You couple the Harley factor with the increased traffic flow,time saved and less pollution it's a no brainer.

  44. Frankenstein's simple truthsSeptember 09, 2009 10:10 AM

    roundabouts - GOOD
    bicycle lanes - GOOD
    tree canopy - GOOD
    park off street - GOOD
    at-grade crossings - GOOD
    Speed limit 30 - GOOD
    Reanimation of life - GOOD
    Council endorsing above - GOOD
    Community pride - GOOD

    speeding traffic - BAD
    5 min stoplights - BAD
    no sidewalks or bikelanes - BAD
    parched medians - BAD
    no u-turn at La Costa - BAD
    tweaker under-crossings - BAD
    tree removal - BAD
    Redevelopement - BAD
    Village People - BAD
    Fire - BAD

  45. Tracking Your Taxes: Tax Dollars Being Washed Out to Sea
    Since 1997 Congress has averaged around $100 million a year on beach replenishment projects, but the tons of sand that are dumped in front of luxury hotels and multi-million dollar real estate literally get washed away.
    By William Lajeunesse

    Thursday, September 10, 2009

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    61 Comments | Add Comment

    FILE: East Hampton, N.Y., is one place where dunes with grasses have been put up to prevent erosion to the beach and the real estate market (AP).

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    Talk about money running through your fingers.

    It's no surprise that many Americans -- who see tax dollars spent for waste and ineffective programs -- feel as though their dollars are literally being tossed out to sea.

    But FOX News found one program that does just that.

    Sand replenishment projects are allotted millions of tax dollars annually to "rejuvenate" beaches, often just steps from multimillion-dollar beach homes and luxury hotels.

    Video: Click here to see more.

    From New England to Florida, North Carolina to California, coastal communities lobby Congress for money to buff up their beaches, even though many of these coastal states have set aside state funds for these projects.

    Congress dumps up to $100 million in federally subsidized sand onto American beaches every year -- only to have it washed away by waves.

    Taxpayers "replenished" one beach in Cape May, N.J., 10 times between 1962 and 1995 at a cost of $25 million. In nearby Ocean City, N.J., the beach was "replenished" 22 times between 1952 and 1995 for $83 million.

    Another beach project in Encinitas, Calif., cost taxpayers $14 million.

    Encinitas mayor Maggie Houlihan says it's worth it for locals and tourism, which brings in $43 million a year. "This is another part of maintaining an absolutely critical asset and the reason most of us move to the coast in the first place," she says.

    "When you really think about how important the beach is to people's quality of life, it is money well spent."

    For years, in an effort to save hundreds of millions of tax dollars, the Congressional Budget Office has recommended eliminating the "Beach Nourishment" program. The CBO projects a $285 million savings over five years if Congress eliminates federal funding for beach replenishment projects.

    Critics say the projects are not only economically wasteful, but they pose a negative environmental impact. In one 2004 project in Port St. Lucie, Fla., newly placed sand turned as hard as concrete when it dried, trapping sea turtle hatchlings beneath the surface. The sand had to be entirely removed just two years later.

    In May 2007 Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) tried to insert an amendment that would have ended the projects by diverting the money to levee and infrastructure needs. The Senate defeated his amendment by a 77-12 vote.

  46. Vote for the the most walkable streetscape they present. slow speeds, roundabouts, one travel lane in each direction, wide bike lanes and lots of trees. Thats my kindof Funky Leucadia.

  47. 4:31
    Ditto. By the way, NCTD is going hog wild cutting down trees the city planted on the east side of 101 just 8 years ago. The first one I measured was a few inches into their property so I suppose they have the right to do that. But what a neighbor.

  48. The solution is easy. Complain to our own council member Jerome Stocks. He is the chief of the planning effort of NCTD.

    Oh Waite, that might be the problem?

  49. Someone tell me how much this endeavor will cost for just businesses on one side of 1o1.

  50. 7:11
    The stakeholders on 101 have been paying their taxes here since long before incorporation like everyone else. Leucadia is the entrance to Encinitas and was key in advent of incorporation.

    Even 3 miles of the Batiquitos Lagoon on the north edge of La Costa ave in Carlsbad has a bike lane and safe walkable sidewalk and it does not have one business or residence benefiting their city. Shows you how a city should put in required infrastructure - even for active stretches without buildings. (Carlsbad doesn't make a dime off pedestrians or bikers on that road from fwy 5 to El Camino Real.)
    Obviously, a sidewalk in a business district is essential for it's properity and saftey, and the functionality of Leucadia's infrastructure has been mostly ignored from day one. (First by the county for over 100 years, then for decades by the city.) Proper traffic circulation (& u-turn capablities) are also important for local business and revenue for our city (and keeping northbound travelers dollars from sailing away to Carlsbad because they cannot return to Leucadia/Encinitas at La Costa Ave. Currently and for decades there is no u-turn permitted there).

    Enhancing and improving our stretch of historic hwy 101 is the right thing to do and long overdue IMHO. We're lucky to be on the radar finally.

  51. 7:53/7:11-

    You are a huge flaming dumb ass.

    The streetscape is for all of Encinitas and will be extra special for every Leucadia resident. Why can't you see that?

    As far as the cost, a previous poster put it best.

    "The streetscape would cost about half as much as the cost of liposuction to make Ly_n's ass smaller than the average mobile home.

    The streetscape is money well spent. The cost of all that food to get your ass that big is a waste and could have been used to feed all the starving kids on Somalia for two years."

    Another way to look at it is the plan is a plan and the City will build what it can afford as they go. I will likely take over 20 years, but at least we have a plan and some money to get the first phase done.

    This comment is for everyone else, because you are too dam stupid to understand anything logical.


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