Saturday, September 05, 2009

Wallkable Leucadia 101

Is the L101 sidewalk too unwalkable and dangerous to hold anymore Art Walks on the 101? Should we wait until the streetscape is completed to hold the next Art Walk?

Disclaimer: This is just a friendly rhetorical stress test and in no way should be considered insightful regarding the opinions of The Leucadia Bloggers.


  1. YES! I avoid that death trap at all expess. No artwalk is worth getting killed. Plus it just not enjoyable.

  2. Whoops I meant all "expense".

  3. If you wait for the street scape, it will be a long time before there is another Artwalk.

  4. No more art walk until Leucadia is walkable.

  5. Pardon my ignorance, but is it not possible to close 101 from La Costa to ??? for a few hours (not the whole day) and have the ArtWalk from, say, noon-5 on a Sunday? Kinda like the Enc. Street Fairs??

  6. Leucadia is too funky for its own good. Just let it be.

  7. Some parts of Leucadia are just fine for fancy walking. Others not so much. Continue the ArtWalk.

  8. Wait... I thought most of the folks on here wanted to "Keep Leucadia Funky"... doesn't that mean no sidewalks? just dirt paths, potholes, etc.

    I thought the Keep Leucaida Funky propoganda (oops, I mean movement) wanted everything left as is... you know, lacking infrastructure, natural as can be... rip out those temporary sidewalks... let's all walk around barefoot on the side of the road.

    Keep it Funky!

  9. Keep it Funky means no to much more concrete and asphalt. No to those wanting to fatten their portfolios at the expense of the rest of us. I already shop at the businesses that I want to buy from. Wider roads and roundabouts will make more locals take their money somewhere else. Sounds like transplants who bought land and buildings thinking that we the taxpayers would foot the bill for their improvements and cause their land value to skyrocket. Screw them, Keep Leucadia Funky!
    These same idiots got some vegi-bus that motors up and down the highway with no one in it. Move back to the rock you crawled out from under and leave Leucadia like it is.

  10. Guess it means people have different ways of enjoying themselves. Some like to have a party. Others would rather wither away alone in front of a screen and bitch about the party. Whatever blows your dress up, Norma. And 11:35, just when was the last pedestrian death on 101 in Leucadia? Hmmmmm?
    Finally, 7:33, Get real.

  11. Let's get this straight, no one has died lately so putting speeding pedestrians next to speeding cars is a good thing. How about closing one lane of southbound traffic. Make the closed lane a pedestrian and bicycle route and move parking off the street.

    In fact do the same thing all the way through encinitas, from Carlsbad to Solana beach.

  12. This year two that we have had new sidewalks to accomadate safe, or at least safer than ever before, sidewalks along the LeucadiART Walk. It seemed pretty safe and visitors and locals seemed to enjoy the stroll and the event. It would be better to have 25 mph zone along the area and enforce the motorcycle open pipes illegal and obnoxious noise.
    As for widening the streets, no one wants that. That us an outdated, inefficient and ineffective solution to our traffic problems. I can not see why narrowing the lanesto the width that exist in downtown and utilizing roundabouts to effecively allow a larger volume of traffic to flow through the area than would be possible with other less efficient intersections would not be much prefered.
    Those how wish to keep all the same must acknowledge that that would continue the downward path we are on.
    Look at downtown. Narrower lanes, slow speeds
    and pedestrian frendly streetscape has greatly helped the business district. If the nathsayers on the downtown streetscape had their way, downtown would be a ghost town by now.
    Keep the artwalk going. Let's do more to get out and walk about in our community. Support the streetscape plan that addresses the issues identified by the public to offer a better Leucadia for our future. Revive the canopy, calm traffic, safe bike lanes, walkable friendly enviormment, create needed parking oppertunities and help out community thrive into the future.

  13. Comparing downtown Encinitas and Leucadia doesn't work. Encinitas has a primary commercial street with two sides, and secondary streets that also have commercial enterprises. The majority (but not all) of the business district is walkable. For instance, if I'm eating at the Encinitas Cafe, I'll drive, rather than walk to Hansen's.

    Leucadia is one-sided and stretched out - far from the ideal layout for pedestrian shopping. Also, the dust generated by the 80(?) trains a day isn't an issue in downtown Encinitas, as it is in Leucadia.

    There is no "downtown" Leucadia and because of the geography and the train tracks, there never will be.

  14. Kevin if you hate Leucadia so much why do you stay?? You and Jeff and the La Veta idiots pack your shit and hit the road, OB calls for you. Those of us that want this community to be more than a dust bowl, thoroughfare from Carlsbad to Solana beach wish you would leave.

    Funky = SHITHOLE

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I've lived in Cardiff, Olivenhain, Old Encinitas and Leucadia. They are all great, however, Leucadia's geography, character and people are a fantastic fit for both my wife and I. We make an effort in our town because we plan to be here for a long time and we are optimistic that we will end up with a better Leucadia.

    Many people say screw it and just plan on bailing when things get worse or give up when they've experienced some set backs or don't want to put the effort in. Fortunately, Leucadia has a lot of dedicated people.

    I've been public about my desire for a streetscape project for L101. I also think Vulcan should be addressed. In many ways Vulcan is more "shitholey", and dangerous than L101. Most of Vulcan is residential.

    How exactly do you conclude that I "hate" Leucadia? What would make you write that?

  17. The sidewalks under our stretch of art walk are safer than ever. Lowering the speed limit makes any place safer. But I get a feeling the same people would bitch about art walk if every possible precaution was taken.
    Anything can be made safer. Look at how that's affected the toy industry. But you can still suffocate in the plastic bag they put your toy in. (At age 5 I got a wood burning set. It didn't take me long to learn respect for danger.) Twenty feet of nerf plastic on the front of trains might gently place suicidals down on barren earth next to the tracks out of harms way. To what lengths does a town have to go to please everyone or to protect them from themselves?
    But anyone who cannot walk the walk of art is either lazy, doesn't like art/music, or is unfortunately walk challenged. The sidewalks work very well. It would be more convenient for everyone to cluster artists in an area built as a grid, but then it wouldn't be the longest artwalk in the world, would it?
    Lastly, I fully applaud Kevin C's desire to make Leucadia better and I too don't understand how some misconstrue him. But he knew the blog was dangerous when he logged on.

  18. PS. Maybe JP should have an alternate blog called, where he compiles every deleted comment from this blog. Unless of course the comments are about me.

  19. It doesn't look like JP deleted the comment. It looks like someone retracted their comment. If JP deleted a comment it would say it was removed by the moderator.

  20. Maybe you transplants moved here because it was and still is funky. Stop trying to change it to some hole you moved from. How much tax dollars will it cost to "improve" 1o1? Is it justifiable spending untold millions to please a few landowners and socialists?

  21. 753,

    The Leucadia Specific Plan guaranteed that what we have now along the L101 will be turned into The Lofts at Moonlight.

  22. Yes it's worth the time and money to plant trees improve safety. Leucadia is not the sleepy town when this transplant moved here 35 years ago it needs some attention. The increases in traffic the removal of trees need to be addressed as well as at grade railroad crossings.

  23. 3:31
    Just 2 years ago, the cute billboard on 101 for The Lofts proudly proclaimed: "16 Billion Years in the Making!". It should have read: "California's Newest Ghost Town." I'll bet if it looked as classic as an old ghost town it'd all be filled. But noooooo. You can take Poway out of Poway, but you can't put it in Leucadia.

  24. For the morons, Leucadia starts at the Pannikin and goes north. South of this is Gods country, Encinitas. Don't ever lump us with funky.
    Fixing up 1o1 in Leucadia is like putting lipstick on a pig. Someone tell me why we should all pay mega millions in tax dollars to fix up 1.5 miles of highway with businesses only on one side of the road. Other than Leucadia Blvd not one cross street in Leucadia has a business on it that will benefit by this massive expense. Leucadia is what it is, Funky and the majority of us like it that way.
    Our whole town is already ruined by tourists and transplants who crowd the roads and beaches. Lets not make it worse by letting tax payers hard earned dollars go into the pockets of a few 1o1 landowners.

  25. 753 I hope you get canceraids.

  26. Shacky, I wish you no ill will, just slither back under the rock you came from.

  27. be funky or conform. doesn't seem too hard a choice to me. funky doesn't have to mean dusty and the Council have decreed. funky is full of life, unusual, nonconformist, kinetic and yurgetwhatyouwant. Okay, made up the last word.

  28. 753/Bonddi/Ly_n Br_an-

    Back at it again. The only thing "wide" is your big fat ass and backwards thinking. No one is talking about widening a roadway and we all know you haven't figured out how to Yield and rather waite at redlights and waste your life.

    Lastly, the streetscape would benefit all of Encinitas, not just a few business owners. I am a homeowner on Hymettus Avenue and I fully support the streetscape.

    Say in your little Encinitas shit box you call home and pipe down.

  29. I can't understand why people would not get behind the Streetscape project and any other project to improve the area....

    It is an appropriate use of our tax dollars, fits in within the general plan, will add safety, beauty and value to our comnunity.

    It may have an unintended consequence as it improves the overall quality of life... rents might go up. So I can see that some folks would not welcome that.

    Before you start calling me some transplant, LA asshole, dickhead commie bastard, yuppie scum, etc... unless your grandparents are Eckes, or you are a descendant from the our native people... you are all transplants and last I freakin' checked gave you no special rights, special powers or an elevated IQ.

    Progress... embrace it.

  30. 7:51
    Imagine someone calling Leucadia's plans for a streetscape a lipsticked pig, yet the Lofts (that sucked every cubic inch of development out of an entire linear block on 101) a gem. That's the great thing about gray areas. 753 can believe Leucadia starts at the Pannikin, and everybody else can believe it's at B Street. Oh, wait a minute. Make that A Street. You can reclaim the first block with your prestigious Lofts. You waited 18 Billion Years to rob that portion of Leucadia and now you've succeeded. There ain't enough lipstick for that 5 story architectural and financial stink bomb. I wouldn't wish canceraids on 753. But if I were a judge in an ornery mood I might sentence he or she to life in Poway.
    Second thought, a pig with lipstick might make a great mascot for us here in Leucadia. Imagine something that funky promoting Leucadia after 19 Billion Years in the Making! Thanks 753! Who said a bumbling moron can't have a good idea?

  31. Maybe move the Cardiff Kook to Leucadia Roadside Park. It would fit in with a lot of you fem weirdos. Make a lot of Cardiff rats happy too.
    But someone please tell me how much the streetscape will cost from B street to La Costa Ave. There ain't enough money in any budget for even one mile so you better start an e-mail campaign to your hero for some stimulus funds.
    Just maybe some of you will figure out that most of the citizens of Encinitas don't think spending mega millions on Leucadia Streetscape is worth it.
    Elitist is a good word to describe a lot of you. Wanting someone else to foot the bill for your pie in the sky dream.

  32. L_nn,

    The streetscape would cost about half as much as the cost of liposuction to make your ass smaller than the average mobile home.

    the streetscape is money well spent. The cost of all that food to get your ass that big is a waste and could have been used to feed all the staving kids on Somalia for two years.

  33. Anon 822pm...

    LMAO... I think I just pee'd a little too!

    Glad to see we have some people supporting the Streetscape who have a sense of humor.... along with natural intelligence


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