Thursday, October 22, 2009

City snubs 700 humans who want to cross the train tracks legally

The City of Encinitas currently has 5 at-grade pedestrian crossings. One is pedestrian only.

Coast News article Railroad remains a barrier

ENCINITAS — Despite the requests of numerous residents, City Council voted unanimously to continue with plans to build pedestrian crossings under the railroad on Oct. 14.

A large contingent of supporters of “at-grade” crossings addressed the council in an effort to scrap the project in favor of a cheaper, easier solution. The three pedestrian crossings under the railroad tracks come at a price tag of $15 million.

Several speakers asked the council to pursue permission from the state regulatory agency and the railroad companies to approve a simpler plan to cross the tracks at street level. “All I’m asking for is time (to explore the issue),” said Leucadia resident Rachelle Collier, who helped collect 700 signatures in support of developing a plan to create at-grade crossings.

While preliminary environmental work is under way for proposed underpasses at El Portal Street, Santa Fe Drive and Montgomery Avenue, the city has only budgeted $1 million for the Santa Fe site with additional $4 million earmarked by the state for the project. A fourth project at Hillcrest Drive is undergoing environmental review.

Councilman Jerome Stocks, who represents the city on the North County Transit District, previously said he is optimistic that financial support will be forthcoming.

Stocks also said that if the city pursues at-grade crossings it will be difficult to establish so-called “quiet zones” because of safety concerns.

Councilman Dan Dalager said he doubted the city would get permission to build at-grade crossings.

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Dude, I know if we had at grade pedestrian crossings it would save millions and millions of dollars but it sounds like an uphill battle man so why even try, you know?


  1. Why not try? Because they are idiots and don't like to be told what is best for our city. They are all knowing and seeing. Let's save the 15 million and keep trying to lower the tracks into a tunnel.

    Let's also use the hall property money for lowering the tracks. A much more worthy project.

    In the end we need to change the make-up of the city council.

  2. At grade makes the most sense and is cheaper, albiet noisier. The options should be persued vigorously. Do we have an advantage having Stocks on the NCTD board? I have never seen any evidence of that.

    Following up on:

    $6,200.00 was raised to fund re enstate an art teacher. The remaining funds will be used next year. Thank you Ebb & Flow.
    For those who offered comments like: " seems you want us to somehow give money for YOUR kids. Don't we pay enough in taxes already? / The school board needs to explore these options, rather than asking the taxpayers to fund their largess. / ...wrath of the parents who paid big bucks to move to Cardiff so their children could attend a special white squeaky clean school without those ESL kids bringing them down./ Yuk!!!! We'll stay squeaky clean White that is pure White! The same color as God! / ...there are other ways beyond hiring another teacher.", you should be embarassed by your utterly stupid,totally fruitless and offensive racist comments. Again, thank you Ebb & Flow and all those who helped this worthy community effort

  3. This is what happens when all three incumbents are voted back in. Well done, Encinitas.

  4. The Council must have a serious brain defect to think that safe and legal pedestrian crossings are worth $5,000,000 when that same amount of money could instead build *5* of them. It has been shown repeatedly that the people who get hit by trains are A) doing it intentionally or B) pulling risky moves like playing chicken, getting stuck in traffic, driving around barriers, etc. $5,000,000 tunnels will not prevent any of that. Money does not grow on trees, but apparently unthinking politicians do.


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