Saturday, October 10, 2009

City to Review Feasibility of At-Grade Ped Crossings

City Council
Agenda Item #6
Review of Feasibility of Pursuing At-Grade Ped Crossings
Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Yesterday's USA Today Front Page Story on Rail Trail


  1. Let's pack the house, word has it that Dalager won't respond to the petition with over 800 signatures requesting at grade crossings unless the council chambers are packed with people wanting progress.

  2. Praise the Lord!

    Is this a glimmer of hope? A sign of intelligent life?

    Or a clever plot to confuse the masses that our fair city leaders would consider implementing something packed with common sense... only to shift directions at the last moment, dumping millions into moronic tunnels passed by majority vote of the council only made by holding closed door meetings, secret votes and making underhanded/self-serving moves?

    As our buddy Ronnie used to say... Trust but verify!

  3. Bury the tracks!

    Support the Streetscape!

    Invest in Leucadia!

  4. Most people don't realize it's against the law to cross the tracks when not at an approved crossing. All along Vulcan and San Elijo people cross all day. It's like an $800 fine if your caught.

  5. Yep 555PC is the Penal code. Don't cross the tracks!

  6. At grade crossing are too much common sense. Some one like our Representative to NCTD would never understand. Why build something that works and is low cost?

  7. From the NCTD point of view, at grade crossings provide ample opportunities for lawsuits. The question is really one of risk management. Why would they knowingly create more problems for themselves?

  8. At grade crossing don't increase lawsuits because the people crossing are assuming the risk of being hit -- it is up to them to figure out if it is safe or not and act accordingly. I wonder how many people cross the tracks per day in Encinitas? Tunnels are ridiculously expensive and an eyesore. Don't hold your breath though, the three boys have a vested interest in their tunnels to nowhere idea.

  9. No Place Like HomeOctober 11, 2009 11:11 AM

    This is a tiny glimmer of hope that can grow...IF people show-up and speak-up at the council meeting.

  10. to 1eyedmike,

    That petition was signed by the same people who signed Ray's petition. Ignorant people who don't know anything about the situation. Why should the council act on either petition?


  12. I fully support at grade crossings and yet am unable to attend this important meeting where council may guage the public support for this initiative in the absence of public attendence. Not right.

    Bridges and burying the tracks won't happen, so let's make at grade crossings happen-and now.

    The City has a responsibility to provide for safe pedestrian crossings, be economically wise in their selection of options for this undertaking, and take action on this outstanding issue needing resolution like so many others in Leucadia.

    The pendulum has swung. It's Leucadia's time for investment and to garner it's fair share of property taxes invested elsewhere in our city to date.

    At grade crossings, Leucadia 101 Streetscape (alt #4)and Leucadia parks need to be on the front burner for this council.

  13. Its easy if you have political willOctober 13, 2009 8:39 PM

    Here is how the City of San Diego dealt with At Grade crossings and the need to maintain access through a coastal downtown area


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