Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fundraiser for the Arts, Cardiff Oct 17

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October 17th. Ebb and Flow is trying to raise $4,200 to reinstate the
Art teachers position in the Cardiff school district, which was
removed due to budget cuts. There will be live music, food, games and
a silent auction with items from great artists, designers, shapers and


  1. When a teacher gets promoted to superintendent who runs two small schools and makes $200,000 a year with a platinum pension and
    when low level secretaries make over 50k a year and get great benefits and platinum pensions, but the district "can't afford" to support programs for the students a fund raiser is not needed. A recall election is.

  2. Yeah, RECALL!!!

  3. Recall some of themOctober 06, 2009 11:50 AM

    Yeah, punish the public once again. Their pockets are deep.

  4. It kind of takes the "fun" out of 'fundraiser".

  5. CSD has an administrative assistant that has an $81,000/year salary plus plus benefits and a platinum retirement. This school district has two schools.

    Cut that salary to $54k and you have your funds.

  6. It is amazing that a good jesture by good people could illicit negativity.
    I will support this effort.
    Thank you JP for sharing.

  7. Let's view this in the context of recent history, 12:09 PM.

    Cardiff school district has put out several trail ballons on raising taxes. They want a new school tax to fund their largess. Now they want to raise funds this way. Fine. But let's see it for what it is. If they would cut admin staff, pensions, etc., the public would be more likely to support fund raising.

  8. I agree with your point, but that is a separate Political issue Involving pensions and other stuff.
    This is to help re hire an art teacher now. The real economic truth is most all schools need to access funds fro
    the community for areas such as art. We help Paul Ecke Elementary when we shop at our Farmers Market. Those who supperted the Rob Machado/Green Expo helped raise funds for Cardiff Elementary.
    These efforts make a difference now for the kids.
    I still applaude the effort and support it.

  9. And 'they' are not raising funds this way, the parents and the caring communiy is.

  10. It's amazing how great those jobs pay. They should open them up and make them more competitive. There a lots of talented people who would work teachers' hours for $50k.

  11. I've suggested this before. School districts within California need to be joined in order to function more efficiently. There is no reason for a school district to have only 2 schools.

    Cardiff should join with Encinitas, etc. until the optimum size is achieved. Then hire 1 superintendant, not 5.

    If I were Governator, I'd look long at this problem, it could save very big money.

  12. This will be a fun community event to benefit the kids of Cardiff. If you don't want to contribute, don't come.

    Also, as a parent of kids in the Cardiff school District, I can assure you that the information written about certain salaries in these comments are incorrect and very misleading.

    If you are interested in the facts, do the research or better yet, call the school. All information, including salaries, is public information.

    Hope to you at the event!! I support CARDIFF KIDS!

    - a caring Cardiff parent.

  13. Its time to slaughter the union pigsOctober 06, 2009 8:20 PM

    the UT ran a great article outlining the current outrageous pension benefits.

    Our governments including school districts are ripping us off big time and it needs to stop. Government employees are like communist pigs getting fatter by feeding excessively at the public trough. Oink Oink little union piggy. Come on excess bacon, it’s time for the slaughter house!

    The City needs to reverse the damage done to Encinitas just a few years ago by Jerome Stocks, Dan Dalager and Maggie H. all paid off by the contributions from pig unions. Vote them all out. Big fat union pig lovers!


  14. Stop Danny Dalager in next year's election. That man voted for a 35% pension increase for himself and every employee of the City and San Dieguito Water District. Can you say, who is bought and paid for by the union?

  15. What a great cause. If we are going to spend money, even lavish money, then let's do it on schools.

    Maybe we should cut down on Medicare and Social Security? Maybe we should raise the minimum age for receiving social security to 75?

    These young people, if well educated and creative, will be funding your retirement.

  16. "Caring" Cardiff Parent - it seems you want us to somehow give money for YOUR kids. Don't we pay enough in taxes already?

    If the school district would simply fire a few non-teachers, we'd be a lot more receptive to these pleas from parents about not enough money.

    If you really cared about the kids, you'd support cutting waste so money can be spent on the kids.

    I have done the research, and it shows tremendous waste.

    I remember the first school bond - again, the schools asked for money and all the parents were pushing the bond measure as if it not passing would be the end of the world. In the end, the schools were modernized for about 1/2 the money.

  17. The rest of the money goes towards "administration" and pensions.

    Please stop corruption and the politicians that take union contributions in support for higher and higher perks. They are ruining our schools and cities.

  18. The school board needs to be recalled, and replaced with one that cares about our tax dollars, and real education for kids.

  19. What are you idiots ranting on about?
    It has nothing to do with the post.
    This is a noble jesture to help an art program for kids.
    You are only making the point that you do not care about this effort for enhansing these children' horizons.
    It is obvious you are not going to offer anything to this effort.
    Are you against helping children in general?

  20. 11:28 - Nothing to do with the post?? Did you read the post?

    It clearly states: Ebb and Flow is trying to raise $4,200 to reinstate the
    Art teachers position in the Cardiff school district, which was
    removed due to budget cuts.

    This is about raising money for a school district that decided to cut teaching staff over admin, knowing full well people would try to raise money for an art teacher, but not for an $80k per 9 month admin.

    It seems reasonable that we would comment on the school's fiscal condition and motivations since this post is about raising money that should not be asked for.

    I can't speak for others, but I have no problem helping kids. I simply want they money we are giving to be spent wisely.

    I have to ask, do you have something against questioning the fiscal condition of our schools and whether they are spending money wisely?

  21. Whenever I've been to the Cardiff School District office there has been a whopping staff of 1 person. Phone ringing constantly. And they were courteous and helpful.

  22. From their own web site (2006/7 data):
    The average Superintendent Salary for similar CA school districts is $105k. They pay $158k.

    The average Elementary School Principal salary for similar CA districts is $86k. They pay $105k.

    Average highest teacher salary for similar CA districts is 68k. They pay $81k.

    They pay more in admin costs as a percent of budget than other similar districts (6.7% vs. 6.4%).

    Things are tough for a lot of people right now - skilled people can be hired for a lot less. The schools should similary cut.

  23. $105K for what??October 07, 2009 3:59 PM

    $105K for an elementary school principal??? sign me up!! what do I have to do?? Take 6 months vacation, get royal benefits and a pension. Paid vacation and health benefits. District car to drive and no gas electric or water bills to pay. Bet I get a free iphone also. Oh and after I get tenure I can ask to go on a sabbatical for a year and still get paid. WOW , a year off and still get paid. Life is easy, no??

    In my next life I'll get a govt job.

  24. Sign me up too!

  25. Principals and other administrators do not have tenure, and they work through their summers. Moot point smart guy

  26. His/her point may be moot. However, it still seems we are over-paying our Principals and Superintendent.

    If Cardiff schools were merged with Encinitas, we could save that $158k, plus benefits, which comes to at least $200k. For that money the school could have 2-3 art teachers.

    If the office managers and the fiscal advisor were eliminated even more money could be saved.

    The school board needs to explore these options, rather than asking the taxpayers to fund their largess.

  27. Cut the pensions in half and you could have 10 art teachers, a surf coach for each class, 14 music teachers, and 9 more math tutors at the school full time.

    No need for fund raisers to pull more money in for the district.

    Cut the pensions and the district is flush with Money!!!

  28. Well the budget is set for this year and there is no Art teacher for the Cardiff kids.

    Maybe next year will be different. Sounds like there are some ideas on the table.

    Until then, I'm going to listen to the Cardiff twins play some music, eat mac & cheese on a stick, check out the art, and watch the sunset at the fundraiser next Saturday.

    Sounds like more fun than this blog.

  29. Great. Next year get involved with the school if you really want to make a difference for the children.

    The way to get all kinds of good teachers and support for the children is cut the ridiculous pension costs. The district will be flush with all kinds of money for more teachers and projects.

  30. What is important here? Kids getting a good education.

    People wanting to help is great. People wanting to help fix root causes and structural problems would be even greater. Unfortunately, that isn't as much fun because it requires saying no to something or someone. Nobody wants to be a party pooper.

    There are some salaries in the the CSD administration that are unnecessarily high. Fix that and you got your art program back.

    Pension costs? I haven't looked at the CSD pension costs but I suspect that just like most of the rest of California, the full cost of the current pension promises is still being passed on to our children.

  31. Hey 5:39
    Are you going to help and support these efforts NOW?
    I am.
    Thanks Ebb & Flow for caring and doing something.

  32. Hey 5:39
    Are you going to help and support these efforts NOW? Not next year?
    I am.
    Thanks Ebb & Flow for caring and doing something.

  33. Does anyone know why Cardiff has its own school district instead of being merged with Encinitas? I don't understand it.

  34. Just try to get the school districts to merge and you will feel the full wrath of the parents who paid big bucks to move to Cardiff so their children could attend a special white squeaky clean school without those ESL kids bringing them down.

  35. Anon.3:56. Are you telling the truth? I don't kno, as my kids went to Oak Crest and San Dieguito. They actually never attended the elementary schools in Cardiff, but we live here. Is that truly the only reason they don't merge? If that is true, I say shame on them.

  36. good posts. Its a good question, why cardiff has a separate elementary school district? Do they think Encinitas school district sucks that much? Ouch.

    Sorry Retards in Encinitas and Leucadia, you can go to school with all those brown kids who don't speak English. Yuk!!!! We'll stay squeaky clean White that is pure White! The same color as God!

  37. Based on the uninformed and obviously ineffective opinions on this blog. Lots of talk and no action.

    Seems like Cardiff parents are working to make their schools great.

    If the people who lead the school are well compensated. good. People should be paid based on performance. None of you are mentioning that Cardiff test scores are far superior to the rest of the area. That's due to the quality administration, parent involvement and fundraising.

    Maybe you should do something to improve your schools instead of ranting and raving on a blog. Oh that's right your incompetence and negativity prevents you for making a difference in this world. It is easier to criticize others instead of making change in your community.

    Your opinions and abilities are evident in your community. Keep "projecting the shadow" life will be easier and you will not have to acknowledge that you are the problem, not everyone else.

    mmm.... mac and cheese on a stick

  38. Cardiff schools do have diversity. Just stand outside the school and you will see it. I don't think people in Cardiff are racist at all. I say that as a racial minority.

  39. We are a minority family and are disgusted by the accusations that Cardiff is racially biased. Diversity is embraced in the Cardiff community and schools. We have one common goal which is to support the children of our community.

    Are you teaching this kind of hate to your kids? You should be ashamed Anon 3:56 and Anon 6:40. You are the ones judging and discriminating against others.

    You should look at the improvements in test scores at Cardiff for those with English as a second language. They are amongst the highest in the state.

    Actions speak louder than words, of which you have many. Get involved in your schools and stop complaining about ours.

  40. We are great come be like usOctober 08, 2009 11:55 PM

    Here Here. White is great. Lets celebrate. I love Cardiff. I will come and support such greatness. Cheers to our greatness!

  41. The reality is that all school districts have differing socio-economic student makeup. It really isn't Cardiff's or anyone elses fault, there are just more affluent areas in the state than others.

    The concept of joining school districts as a good business model is worth looking at.

  42. In today's climate in our country, which is sickened with the pollution of pollution, threatened with the prominence of AIDS, riddled with burgeoning racism, rife with growing huddles of the homeless, we need art and we need art in all forms. We need all methods of art to be present, everywhere present, and all the time present.”

    Maya Angelou

    Thanks Ebb & Flow for caring

  43. Set aside for a moment the reason the money isn't available. There are other ways that parents can bring art back to the students. Years ago at Capri Elementary School a parent staffed program was run very successfully for years called "Mastering the Masters." The parent volunteers taught hands on lessons to these students after taking the lessons themselves.

    The point is that if the school district cannot provide art, and the community must step up to fill the gap, there are other ways beyond hiring another teacher.

  44. So your point is that this effort is not a good and noble effort and you, you negative putz, don't think people should support this endeavor?
    I don't think I would like you, if I met you. I do not like you now.
    Are you the racist bigot, too?


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