Friday, October 30, 2009

Funky Coast Hwy Del Mar

A quaint coast highway with Torrey Pines in the center medians. Del Mar is funkier than it gets credit for.


  1. News on our little streach of 101:
    The Encinitas City web site has the results of the streetscape workshop # 4 citizen's comments.
    Good news for Leucadia's future. 70% favor the alternative that addresses the goals most effectively.

  2. WOW, look at that landscaped median and those flowers!! DelMar cares. DelMar works. DelMar is funkier than Leucadia. HawHaw.

  3. Del Mar has stop signs and signal lights. Haw haw.

  4. Del Mar has a single north bound lane. Evacuation suicide?

  5. Have you ever tried to drive through Del Mar during rush hour? Good luck! Traffic sux!

  6. Mike,

    Bad traffic is the new good traffic.

  7. Del Mar needs roundabouts!!!

  8. Del Mar needs to turn down the snooty a few decibles.

  9. Good for Del Mar.

    Now, what happened to all Encinitas Chamber of Commerce money that wasn't city public money? The Chamber is BROKE???????? See the NCT article for Saturday. This is unbelievable. The public money the city provided was to be used for a visitor's center, not the chamber of commerce. Soooooo - where is the chamber money?

  10. If your city worked as well as DelMar, you'd be snooty also.

  11. I wish we had council as smart as Del Mar. Ours are owned by unions. Sad but true.

  12. We could have a Council as smart as Del Mar's. We have the people, just not the will. Years ago I had an acquaintance that had a large piece of property in Del Mar that he wanted to build on. He wanted to exceed their height limit. You know what their Planning Commission and City Council said? NO! Would ours do the same? I would bet not.

  13. 8:00
    As much as she liked certain architects in Encinitas, Sheila Cameron stuck to each community's Specific Plans and refused all projects exceeding height limits when developers sought appeals from the council after being turned down by the planning commission.

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