Monday, October 26, 2009

Good Morning Humans


  1. We know the truthOctober 26, 2009 6:38 AM

    Oink Oink.... what I forgot to mention is I regularly vote in huge pay increases and even bigger pension hikes for myself and everyone on the City pay roll.

    Just back in 2004, I voted in favor of a 25% increase in all City Pensions for myself and all Employees. Moving from 60% of the highest paid year to 90% of the highest paid year. Yeah- Its great to be in Government! All you need to do is sell out the public for my Union dinners, and they support me in every election. Its so easy!

    Yeah, I like to live within my means on the tit of the taxpayer forever. I am the government tick you hear about.

    Do as I say and not as I do. I am the Queen Republicrat!

  2. I refuse to ruin my day by listening to this parasite . . . especially first thing in the morning.

  3. What a hypocrite! Where in the budget is the $40 million for the Hall sports complex, $45 million for three tunnels to nowhere, $100 million for pensions. This City's budget is all smoke and mirrors, that's why the boys refuse to have an indpendent auditor look at the books.

  4. Overbudget library
    Ridiculous pensions
    Fire mansions
    Over designed soccer park
    Underground tunnels for rapist to hide
    Endless wave of consultants paid with no results
    Sneaky fee and tax hikes
    Great job Jerome.

  5. well, somebody voted for him. Wasn't me.

  6. Too make sure we provide accurate facts.

    Swine Stocks approved a 35% increase in pensions for all City employees in 2005!

    What a fricken pig!

  7. The man's career is selling health insurance. I rest my case.

  8. It wasn't long ago that california leaders were claiming to be living within there means.

    The state of California has made a bunch of mistakes. Two are setting up budgets based on overly optimistic revenue forecasts and a second is over relying on long term debt. Jerome has not done anything fundamentally different than the state of california in regards to these two mistakes. Those mistakes can take a while to catch up.

    Yes, we did rally in opposition to Jerome, Dan, Jim, and Maggie's lease-revenue bonding and I have made suggestions to the council on how to get grounded revenue forecasts. We tried.

    Now it looks like the city is going to have start liquidating real estate to balance its budget.

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  10. City's motto for Real Estate --- Buy High like the public works property ($3 to 4 million premium) and sell it low like the Quail Gardens Site. And Remember, do it in private so you really make a complete ass out of everyone in the City and one or two people make a whole lot of money.

    Look at the biggest costs facing the city Pensions and employees salaries. Cut Staff and Pensions by 35% (reversing the previously retarded action of none other than Queen Republicrat, Jerome Stocks). He knows it. We all know it.

    You don't need to sell snake oil policies to figure that one out now do you Jerry?

  11. Put the Hall Property to the Vote of the Citizens. I say sell half of it, to pay for developing the remaining half. Develop smaller parks throughout Encinitas. Not one mega park for all of Northcounty all on Encinita's citizens dime and debt. No thanks.


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