Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Weekend

Halloween Activities in Encinitas
Friday, Oct. 30
Campground Spooktacular ---- The San Elijo State Campground hosts a free event featuring a mini carnival game, crafts, prizes, children's costume contest and a movie; 5 to 7; 2327 S. Coast Highway 101, Cardiff; 760-715-4457 or e-mail

Elks lodge to host Halloween party ---- The Encinitas Elks Lodge's Halloween Bash is open to anyone age 21 and over. Entertainment by classic rock band Planet Jack and a "ghoulish" dinner menu. There will be a costume contest and a raffle; 7 p.m.; 1393 Windsor Road, Encinitas; $12 ($15 at the door); 760-753-2243.

Saturday, Oct. 31
Gardens hosts Halloween party ---- San Diego Botanic Gardens hosts its annual Halloween party and parade for the preschool set. Children ages 2 to 6 can arrive in costume for a parade, trick-or-treat hunt, plant-potting and Halloween crafts and free snacks; sessions from 9:30 to 11 a.m. and 11:15 to 12:45 p.m.; 230 Quail Gardens Drive, Encinitas; $17 ($12 for garden members); 760-436-3036, ext. 222

Heritage museum's membership picnic ---- The San Dieguito Heritage Museum's Pioneer Picnic and Membership Activity features butter making, washing clothes on a washboard, using a water pump, old time crafts and stories by longtime local residents. Lunch includes hamburgers and hot dogs. Volunteers share historical exhibits and encourage memberships to the nonprofit museum and its programs; 1 to 3 p.m.; 450 Quail Gardens Drive, Encinitas; 760- 632-9711.

Encinitas hosts Safe Trick or Treat ----To take the trick out of trick-or-treating, the city will once again celebrate its annual Safe Trick or Treat celebration Saturday on Highway 101.

From 5 to 8 p.m. Saturday, businesses in the 600 to 1200 block of Coast Highway 101 will hand out candy to costumed ghouls and goblins, and many businesses will display hand-carved pumpkins, including Art N Soul, SRF Books, Encinitas Smog Center, California Community Bank and Yoga Swami. Businesses handing out candy will be marked with special signs.

The Self-Realization Fellowship has donated dozens of pumpkins ---- some as large as 100 pounds ---- for this year's Pumpkin Lane. Monks from the Fellowship will carve the orange gourds and arrange them for the Queen's Court, where a costumed queen will hand out candy to trick-or-treaters at 1150 S. Coast Highway 101.
In the courtyard at the 101 Artists Colony, a stage will be set up for live music performed from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. by Uplift. And Oh My Dog! Photography will do portraits of costumed revelers all evening (at 816 S. Coast Highway 101).

*Blogger's Rant: I would like to take a minute to criticize the concept of the SAFE TRICK OR TREAT. Listen, trick or treating is safe, it has always been safe. Nothing bad has ever happened to kids on Halloween. Nobody has ever stuck pins or razorblades or poison into candy. That is all a bunch of fear mongering media urban myth bullshit and it has totally ruined one of the greatest nights in American childhood. Churches and chamber of commerce all across this country have used scare tactics to take the fun out of trick or treating in our own neighborhoods. The SRF event is great and everyone should go, but geez, when I was a little kid this town rocked on Halloween and now it's a ghost town. I'm hoping with the new baby boom we can bring Halloween back to our residential streets and make Halloween the great American holiday it used to be.


  1. when i was littleOctober 26, 2009 10:54 PM

    Swamis was the place to go on Halloween. They had thousands of carved pumpkins, plays, games, and the whole town showed up in costume. After 9/11 it stopped. It was fun.

  2. Your Loving GrandkidsOctober 27, 2009 5:58 AM

    When I grow up, I will vote to cut all the baby boomer generation government welfare that they placed on their own fricken kids including social security and medicare. What a generation of selfish demons. Leave your grandkids crushing debt at every level of government so you can live your baby boomer retirement years as you always have, all play--NO PAY.

    From us kids, to you old irresponsible and completely unpatriotic generations of boomers: thanks for ruining Halloween and thanks for ruining our future opportunity for half the quality of life that you borrowed from our generation-- You Suck!

    Never expect a young person to respect an older person. The old people shit on future of America every chance they get.

    I hope we get to implement Soilent Green on all of you. Enjoy your last show. Jimmy is hungry.


    Your Grandkids

  3. Swamis was the best! It was like a carnival with thousands of kids.

  4. 5:58 Oh, grow up and stop blaming
    the boomers. They aren't the only generation to have ever recieved Social Security.

    The Generation Gap is a ploy to make our society divisive, and you're falling for it hook, line and sinker...sucker.

  5. Your loving GrandkidsOctober 27, 2009 11:08 AM

    I will grow up and when we do, we hopefully will act way more responsible then the baby boomer generation that bank rupt our country and sold out our future.

    I wish you would have grown up and acted responsible by electing politicians that were good for the country instead of selling it out for personal and special interest.

    The younger generation will correct the crap that you left us and I hope pay back is a bitch for you losers.

    Put down the credit cards and printing press....Karma baby Karma

  6. the boomers are responsible for the unsustainable debt for all levels of government and still will not change their ways.

    Just google it and learn loser.

    Boomers are old irresponsible brats.

  7. Halloween isn't a holiday!!October 27, 2009 2:12 PM

    Halloween isn't a holiday!! Never has been, never will be. When will you people learn....(sigh).

  8. Leucadia has always been a safe place to trick or treat. Back in the Day though, it was a hoot to walk up to the smoke filled houses, trailers and apartments off of Neptune and the treat would be a deep breath.....

    Leucadia Native

  9. "Leucadia has always been a safe place to trick or treat."

    Except for parts of Neptune in vacant lots from where cars would surely be ambushed with tomatoes and/or eggs.

  10. They forgot to mention Kenos on Halloween night...yeooooooowwwwwwwwww!

  11. Loving Grandkids I' I sorry that Ronald Reagan was elected also him and his deficit spending trickle up system. We've been going in the hole ever since.

  12. The children of EncinitasOctober 28, 2009 7:50 AM

    A message from the small children of Encinitas,

    Could you idiots resolve your wars in the middle east before we turn 18? We don't want our cute little legs blown off for your stupid religious/corporate wars.

    thank you,


    The children of civilians who have "These colors don't run" bumperstickers on their mini-vans and suvs.

  13. OK boomer haters...get a grip.

    Every generation has had its good and bad points.

    Social Security was started for the "Greatest Generation" not the boomers.

    The boomers lead the charge in civil rights, woman's rights and environmental awareness and let's not forget Rock 'n Roll.

    What will the current generations be remember for? Reality TV, celebrity worship?

    Greed and selfishness isn't limited to just one generation.

    All generations and government administrations have taken us down this path to debt because we have let them. We are "too busy" to pay attention until it is almost too late.

  14. Children of Encinitas-not too smartOctober 28, 2009 9:05 AM

    As someone that deals with "the children of Encinitas" it is shocking how many can't spell or write or remember their address.( And these are the white kids) But they can play video games.

    As for ending those wars in the middle east, we fight those wars so the same idiot kids can have gasoline to drive their car too fast through RSF and kill themselves or their best friend.

    Next topic please...

  15. Your Grandkid are correct boomers are losers.

    Wow womens lib and rock and roll what a tribute to America, but its OK to sell out the future of America as the boomers shake their thing and don't give a shit about their children's future. Once again, every generation has its losers... the big difference is the Boomer generation are as a whole losers with only a few intelligent caring people.

    Boomers- The sell outs of America.

    Children of America- You are exactly right. The Iraq and Afganistan are only for corporate profit and have nothing to do with protecting America. You'd think America would have learned something from Viet Nam.... but no America can't even teach its kids any of the basics.... What a sad scam... Horray for the great Boomer generation.

    Soylent Green can't happen soon enough. Let thin the herd of Boomers as soon as we can!

  16. Sounds accurate to me. When the first show?... I'll see if I can sway a few rejects towards the soylent plant.

  17. and the screamin seamen and lo-fi nipple will be playing a rager at @%$&$ &*%^$$# ave.
    oops that was 1999 not 2009

  18. Happy Halloween, boomer yada yada yada

    the problem in my opinion is this, in the past our country tried to pay for things as they went and called on sacrifices from the public during wartime, rationing etc,
    But now BOTH PARTIES have spent like crazy sailors on leave with our children's money and the "conservative party" has been the worst of all as far as racking up debt in record time, but don't worry Obama is on pace to beat Reagan and Bushy 1'2.
    check it out, i keep this page saved just to remind me how farked we are in the future.

    these people want stop the madness

    either way, i'm taking my kids out and they will laugh and get scared and have fun.

  19. this is a blog on crack

  20. At least this blog brings up relevant subjects. Unlike the City Associated press or Press releases from our own City Hall Employees who get a guaranteed high pay with full salary pension for very little work.

    Both are just PR propaganda machines.

    At least with this blog, you hear the raw truth and some stories, which is better than propadanda in my opinion.

    I too will be strolling the neighborhood with hopefully my grown children and grandkids if they'll have me after knowing what a financial disaster we are leaving for them to clean up. I am going to give them an extra tootsie roll tonight for their future efforts.

  21. Since I have been quoted by Mr. St. Pierre, I will respond.

    Mr. St. Pierre how do you know that I do not surf or know anything about it?

    Second, perhaps you underestimate the abilities of Linda Benson and myself for our marketing talents, so maybe it can be a larger event then even you imagine? We hope so.

    Regardless, my feeling is that Encinitas needs solid, money making events, especially during these economic times. Bringing business to our local shops is a good thing isn't it? The Chamber is chartered to support our business members, so I thought.

    If a few surfers lose a few days a year for their sport, I would imagine they would recognize the good advertising it does for the sport itself. As with many other events, it seems that a very few individuals look too closely at their personal interests, rather than viewing the larger picture. Negative reactions are always expected when small special interests are at stake. Would it not be better for the sport and for Encinitas to have everyone talking and working together to come up with a positive solution that benefits the larger world? I think so. Why not offer to sit down with the City, the event planners, local business owners, and the Chamber to determine just what "terrible" consequences this event might cause. I am not ranting on you or anyone, but rather prefer to take a more interactive approach to dealing with solving problems, before they get out of hand and nasty.

    I don't see anything good coming from people talking on blogs and behind the scenes, usually anonymously, rather than being open and trying to see other points of view eyeball to eyeball. Oh well, these are my thoughts and I would be happy to discuss yours with you sometime.

    Marshall Weinreb
    The one and only Encinitas Chamber of Commerce

  22. Mr. Marshall Weinreb-

    Do you understand that most local surfers, and there are alot of us, would not like to have any contests at Swamis?

    Why do you need to hold the contest at Swamis? Why not another beach more able to handle the onslaught of spectators?

    I see tourneyments helping people who profit from surfing but not the millions who enjoy the true sport.Why would you think surf contest help the sport of surfing?

    Hanson already screwed up the Cardiff Kook. Don't let his screw up Swamis too!

    See you in the line up Mr. Weinreb!


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