Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Next Streetscape event is Thursday Oct 8

Informational Open House – Thursday, Oct. 8, 2009; 4pm – 7:30 pm
Community Room, Encinitas Public Library

...and don't forget, the big workshop #4 is Saturday Oct 10.


  1. 14 reasons to leave it aloneOctober 06, 2009 8:59 PM

    Think of the benefits of leaving it the way it is:

    1. You'll do anything to not have to walk along that mainstreet.

    2. You don't want to bike along Mainstreet. So it helps with Car sales and gas consumption which helps the economy.

    3. You don't want to drive along mainstreet. So you look for any other shortcut through neighborhoods to avoid that blight. My personal favorite is Vulcan but Eolus and Hymettus are much prettier.

    4. You only want to drive along mainstreet if I5 is backed up and you think you can whiz through town and cut back to I5 south of us. Thank god for well know straight and wide short cuts.

    5. It makes you want to drive to the beach instead of walk to the beach. Again much better for car sales and keep the crowds down at the beach because of limited parking.

    6. It destroys the business environment and make me want to shop anywhere but along that stretch of road. This helps out Carlsbad greatly.

    7. It produces all those bitchin drag racing sounds. I love the sound of straight pipes, revving engines and tire squealing.

    8. It produces all that wonderful dust that settles on everything.

    9. It helps keep down the human population.

    10. It lowers your property values and rents.

    11. It encourages homeless to roost considering it looks like homeless belong in places that look like this.

    12. It makes the rest of Encinitas look really nice.

    13. It is embraced by some of the pettiest non-thinkers in Encinitas.

    14. It drowns out all those annoying sounds like the ocean waves on the beach, birds signing, and children playing. Peace and quiet are over rated anyway! Lets keep our historical raceway.

  2. Go Alternative FOUR!

  3. buried at #75 two posts ago is a worthy post, as follows:

    ROUNDABOUTS are successfully in use throughout the world and being implemented all over the country for so many compelling reasons. Maybe it's time to learn more about their benefits!?!

    Roundabout Tutorial:

    1) They move MORE vehicle volume than do stop and go stop signs and stop lights.
    2) They slow people down. When drivers slow down, they actually SEE more...they see store fronts (e.g. benefit to local merchants)they see pedestrians, they see bikers. They get more out of life by slowing down.
    3) Roundabouts create fewer friction/conflict points. This equates to fewer traffic accidents, collisions and fatalities. Stop signs and stop lights have more friction points.
    (Just today I saw 3 cars run 3 different red lights at a 4 way signal on El Camino Real. Aye.)
    4) Roundabouts are cleaner and greener than stop lights.
    a. cars don't stop at roundabouts
    b. cars don't idle at roundabouts
    = Cleaner Air!
    5) Roundabouts make for a quieter community. By having to slow down some and pay attention AND without stopping and starting continually, our community will have reduced "noise" that many residents who live near 101 constantly complain about.
    6) Roundabouts cost less to maintain than traffic lights.
    7) Roundabouts have no abnoxious glare, flickering for those who see them from their homes/businesses.

    Thanks for taking the time to digest this factual and proven information.

    -City of San Diego Senior Traffic Engineer;
    -Time Magazine

  4. Anon 654
    Great points about Roundabouts. You mention the bit about friction/conflict points. My understanding is that they also experience fewer fatal accidents than conventional traffic signals. People tend to speed up for traffic lights whereas people tend to slow down for roundabouts. As a result, the accidents that do occur tend to be of a less severe nature.

  5. If roundabouts didn't exist would the streetscape be a done deal already?

  6. No the streetscape won't be done someone will always oppose they think it's their Job aka Lynn, 753, Ray, Rick etc.

  7. If Andreen, representing the chamber, had not effectively spread his miss- information campaign throughout the city and hailed the untruths of the petition guys, this part of the process would probably have been completed and Alt. 4 would have adopted as the wisest alternative.

  8. If you haven't made up your mind about the streetscape by now, you either haven't been paying attention or you are lost to the twilight zone.

    enough already.

  9. After watching the proccess of public input prior to projects being initiated since the city's birth i've noticed some constants:
    1:The powers that be (city manager,certain councilpersons,contractors) know what they want up front.
    2: The public hearings are designed to identify and marginalize any opposition to what they want.
    3:Even if the project cannot really be funded it will be used as campaign fodder i.e. BUILD THE PARK.
    The good news my fellow Leucadians is that the main thing they wanted was killed well over a year ago thanks to the efforts of one Mary Fleener who skillfully seduced the council into voting against a redevelopement district.The worst thing that can happen now is that some infrastructer improvements will be done, or nothing at all.At least good friends of mine won't be run out of town because they don't produce enough tax revenue to feed the machine.
    One last point: I find it interesting that dispite the so called conservative council majority for over two decades,Encinitas has managed to accrue the same bloated pension and wage scenario as most cities.
    Oddly enough, the one council person pegged as a liberal (t. Barth) is the only one who has consistantly voted as a fiscal conservative.

  10. pretty good summary.

  11. It is already "rigged" if you haven't figured it out by now. That is why they keep stalling. Just like the Cardiff Specific Plan. They will wear you down until you vote their way-meaning the 3 men's way and perhaps Maggie, all depends on what day you catch her.

  12. "cars don't stop at roundabouts" is not true. Where there is a three to four street segment intersection at a roundabout there is competing traffic. You have to yield to the cars already in the roundabout. This means stopping. The problem with the Santa Fe roundabout is the primary traffic flow is east/west so the north/south traffic (from the neigborhood) is stopped periodically. Is it a problem, unbearable, and irritating? I would have to say no at this point, but, given the Scripps expansion and the Hall property regional sports park, the dynamic will change. Keep this in mind for Leucadia as the plan for 101 is multiuse high density development which will lead to increased vehicular traffic and queing at the roundabouts. A roundabout is just a rotating stop sign. It may work, or it may not.

  13. Bonddi-you are so confused as to not be worth responding to. Get a job!! And leave the thinking to those with higher educations.

    But to belabor the point...yes you stop at roundabouts IF NEEDED, but not unless there is cross traffic.

    Now go away, please.

  14. Dear Anonoying: In a roundabout way, you seem to discount my opinions because you believe I don't have a job and my points are confusing to you. Not to belabor the point, but you seem semi-anal and fully Limbaughean. Cheers.

  15. For those of you who do not know. Bond (not Bonde) is well educated, takes time to help improve her neighborhood, takes time to help others even when she has no direct self interest, and lives right next to Encinitas' first roundabout and so has more firsthand experience with roundabouts than any Leucadian.

    Please don't be dicks.

  16. In my opinion and that of many others roundabouts are not wanted or needed to slow the traffic on 101. Instead of spending mega millions for this boondoggle first have the traffic cops enforce the speed limits we have.
    Roundabouts will change Funky Leucadia forever and not for the good. Have your streetscape but get rid of the roundabouts and ax parking northbound on the highway.

  17. 6:42, thanks for the support and thanks for pointing out I am not Bob Bonde. I only wish I could fill his shoes. He was integral to the incorporation of this city and continued to give his time and knowledge to make this a better place to live. We live in a beautiful place due to his efforts. Peace.

  18. Bonddi does not live near a fricken roundabout. I googled it and there are only four houses around that roundabout and Bond or Bonddi is not the owner of any of them.

    Leucadia has two well functioning roundabouts with many more residents living by them and going through them a day. So you and Bonddi can kiss my ass and you will never be close to Bonde or semi intelligent!!!

  19. Bonddi-

    Since you supposedly live near the roundabout, and don't seem to like it, which would you prefer a all way stop or a traffic signal?

  20. Oh yeah, and please give the reasons why you prefer the intersection control of your liking. Thanks.

  21. 753-

    We've heard your backwards thinking. Thankfully there are more of us with clear logic in our brains. If you went to the workshops or tried to learn something, you would learn that traffic patterns only change by changing the dynamics of the road. Slowing people with cops, only works while the cops are there and only for that block. As soon as the cop leaves, speed returns immediately. Even though there are cops on I5, you don't see people traveling below 65 mph do you. We need to change the roadway to change the average speed.

    May logic prevail. Support Alternative No. 4

  22. This is line of attack is very aggressive mr. anon.

    Bond has pointed out that your roundabouts are better than any ride at Disneyland drumbeat has to come back to reality. They do not work perfectly. Do you agree or not?

  23. They work better than any other alternative. To me that is perfect for an intersection which is defined by vehicals making conflicting movements. What do you think works better a All Way Stop or a signal?

    Lets hear it. Is there some other intersection control that you think would work better?

  24. No, I don't live right on the "friken roundabout" but do live 12 houses down the main street that intersects it. And, googling the intersection doesn't reveal where I live, so your investigation is ridiculous. Your point is that roundabouts only impact the adjacent homes directly bordering the traffic circle. Wrong. Are you proposing that if a roundabout was installed, the residents would not use the main street and would bypass the most direct route by using neighboring streets? If so, then yes, roundabouts would solve the problem of conflicting traffic, but create another problem of cut through traffic. Roundabouts are not a panacea, implemetation must be evaluated for potential impact on neighboring streets.

  25. Bonddi- I live closer than you to a roundabout and I love it compared to other alternatives for the intersection. No one is trying to sell roundabouts as a panacea. What they are saying its the best alternative for meeting the objectives presented by the community.

    Why can't you answer a simple question? Is there some other intersection control that you think would work better? and why?

  26. Bonddi- In a roundabout way I discount your oponion not because you don't have a job, but becasue your opinion is WRONG AND STUPID!!! But I grant that your opinion is YOURS!

    Thankfully there are others here with the capacity to out think you, and understand the situation at hand.

    I guess you're that driver I'm always honking at, at the roundabout. The one stopping before you enter even though there is NO cross traffic.

    Roundabouts work!!
    Now go get a job and leave the thinking to those that can....

  27. If roundabouts work so well, why are you honking at cars stopping when they shouldn't? I like the roundabout at Santa Fe but it isn't perfect. It works now but after the increased traffic resulting from the Scripps expansion and the Hall regional sports park, I don't think it will work as efficiently and a signal may be needed. If roundabouts are going on the 101 better plan ahead and figure out the traffic pattern for 20 years down the road when the multi use high density developments stand shoulder to shoulder along the road. Traffic will be congested and the neighbors will suffer with cut through traffic. A little foresight would prevent the demolishing of a 2 million dollar roundabout to install a signal.

  28. I'm honking at YOU!!! You admit you stop at the roundabout, it must be you. Noone else on this blog stops at roundabouts. ONLY YOU!!!

    Also we are in a 20 year depression so I don't expect to see any multi-level developments again any time soon. Have the Lofts sold a single unit?

    Go take your meds and then go back to work at the DMV, only they hire the incapable.

  29. DMV. What would we do without that historic place? Probably do all of our required paperwork online instead, and not have to wait an hour in line to be seen. That and get about 150 employees off the government teat at the same time. And create a homeless shelter for that ugly, useless building, repleat with hinkey clown artwork.

  30. "I don't think it will work as efficiently and a signal may be needed."

    Bonddi- You are 100% wrong.

    You need to educate yourself more on the subject. Google Round about and capacity. Its free.

    Round abouts are much more efficient and effective than traffic signals.

  31. As a representative of the only true Leucadians... I was smoking a bowl the other day and watching cartoons (remember that I live in a dumpy low rent shack that the owners wont improve because we need to keep Leucadia Funky) and then it hit me...

    Dude, do you remember the Flintstones? They had these really cool birds that would stick their heads out of stone traffic lights and control those cool rock cars...

    That's what we should get. Trained frickin birds.

    Forget about those modern, efficient, safe roundabouts... birds, man... birds. They don't cost much either

    Why didn't we think of that before?

  32. Duuuuude. Awesome! Better yet, make the roundabouts out of bedrock and put a dinosaur in the middle! Load please!

  33. 10:19 clearly you are delusional. I do admit to stopping at roundabouts -- I never said that, but yes I do -- because you have to yield to traffic in the circle, i.e., stop. You clearly are more educated than I am as your opinions reflect a thoughtful analysis which could only be based upon extensive knowledge in the areas of traffic engineering, urban planning, economics, medicine and the hiring practices of the DMV. Wow. In the future I will strive my best to post similarly well reasoned points. My bad.

  34. passive aggressive. Its a way of life.


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