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A small group of profiteers are planning a surf contest to be held at Swamis in Encinitas October 2010. This is a segregated contest that excludes the local surfing community. Swamis services several hundred surfers a day. Cutting off public access to Swamis will put pressure on other surf spots, creating frustration with overcrowding and dangerous situations.
The Rob Machado and Switchfoot Bro-Am contest have been very successful in the past because those events includes the local community. These contest have not been held at Swamis because the organizers know that Swamis is traditionally a no contest zone and they respect that. Even the Swamis Surfing Association has written in their by-laws not to have contest at Swamis.
The new CEO of the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce Marshall Weinreb, a non-surfer, has declared this contest "The biggest thing to ever come to Encinitas." Mr. Weinreb has been misinformed. This contest does not carry the prestige that the organizers claim it has. The major surf media outlets don't even bother to cover it.
This contest will set a troubling precedent. The local surf community losing access to Swamis for 4 days is just the beginning. We are opening Pandora's Box. Imagine 3 or 4 contest a year at Swamis. The public could lose access to Swamis for 20 days a year. This has happened to many important surf spots worldwide.

Stop the privatization of our public surf spots for profit of a few. Please sign the online petition and pass it along to your friends.

thank you,
JP St Pierre


  1. Let me guess who's behind this. The Three Profiteers?

  2. It's an activity, not a cultureOctober 28, 2009 11:28 AM

    -The petition states that a surfing contest at Swami's will be unsafe. If a surf contest is unsafe, doesn't that make ALL surfing at Swami's unsafe?? Of course it does.

    -One guy signed the online petition TWICE.

    -This is nothing but an attempt to monopolize Swami's and the beach for a select group of surfers, ie the SSA and "locals only".

    There are more important things in life than surfing, an activity-not a culture.

  3. Dear SA 1128,

    Exactly! This is an attempt by one promoter to monopolize and profit from the use of public property.

    If it turns out that the contest is as big as promised there will be many families lining the bluffs and crossing traffic on the very unsafe coast highway. It happens every time the the media hypes a big swell. It is a legitimate concern that even the promoter has made a flakey attempt to dance around. Are you saying the promoter doesn't understand the venue?

    One guy signed twice and everyone can see that. Move on.

    There are way more important things than surfing. Why are you saying the most important thing to ever happen to Encinitas is a surfing event?

  4. Does anyone know where more information can be found about this? Who is trying to host this?

  5. I am looking forward to this event, they will also have a stand-up paddle surf event for kids. It will be awsume. Can't wait.


    it is a public state beach that the city pays to maintain for all.
    I don' see the horror.

  7. If they have stand-up paddling for kids they should also include a division for row boats and log rolling!

    There should be a ban on contests and marathons using the public right of way and parks for profit to benefit tourists at the expense and nuisance of local taxpayers.

  8. I can't tell you how many times I've been out swimming and had some big mouthed, small dick'd surfer come along and almost cut me to pieces with his/her damn board.

    Ban surfing.

    98% of the people in the water at Swami's on a given day are male.

    98% of the petition signers are male.

    Let the women have the spot for a day.

  10. And would you believe I just heard that there was this rock group, who didn't even surf but claimed they were boys of the beach, who were promoting Swamies in one of their songs. The nerve of some people taking what is ours away from us.

  11. Not only did they steal the name from us for their song. they stole the melody from Chuck Berry.

  12. Ban syncronized swimming!!

  13. One of the big failings of surf culture (yes, a broad generalization, with many exceptions) is that there is a certain proprietaryness (MY beach, MY spot, etc.) and dislike of outsiders. This is selfish and selfserving.

  14. "This is nothing but an attempt to monopolize Swami's and the beach for a select group of surfers"

    Exactly why we must stop this contest. Fight the privatization of our surf spots.

  15. "One of the big failings of surf culture (yes, a broad generalization, with many exceptions) is that there is a certain proprietaryness (MY beach, MY spot, etc.) and dislike of outsiders. This is selfish and selfserving."

    Sounds like Baby Boomer Surfers.

    Hot Chicks with tone tan buns are always welcome! Whales should stay underwater most of the time.

  16. it's an activityOctober 28, 2009 5:20 PM

    Don't take my statement out of context JP, that's gutter slime ball journalism. Ie, MSNBC Keith Olberi'mnotmuchofamann and Rachel Madcow.

  17. It would be a big mistake to have any contest at Swami's, men's or women's. No parking, no restrooms, bad access, very little beach, bad karma, etc.
    Probably put on by transplants who have never put a foot in the ocean let alone swam or surfed. But they surely will make a buck or two and get some notoriety out of it.
    Is nothing sacred to transplants?

  18. Do they have to get a City permit?

  19. "Let the women have the spot for the day." The few women who actually surf Swami's regularly wouldn't be able to surf the spot because of the competition.

    The contest has gone well in Cardiff for the past three years or so. Why move it?

  20. If this happens this contest will be way safer than an average overhyped swell from surflie with dozens of people getting run over and 100's running across the train tracks and 101 so they can break out their big wave guns. I still don't think its a good idea.

  21. ...and how do you expect me and my kind to get down those 332 steps to the beach. I'm gonna sue the city, I am, I am!!!!

  22. The localism angle should be thrown out the window.

    Swamis has been so crowded for so long, that we have people surfing it everyday from throughout Southern California.

    This isn't about localism, its about changing a sacred place that means alot to a bunch of people not just those who live nearby.

    As JP, mentioned- Lets not be ignorant-this isn't about just shutting the place down for four day, that's no big deal.

    The problem is giving the ok to this contest will give incentive to others to try to hold events at this special place which will just change what makes Swami's so great to so many people.

    Its been contest free for so long, and everyone who cares one little bit about the place, understands that this is just the way it is-please don't change it!

    With so many other quality spots nearby with less crowds, better access, safer conditions, more parking-why try to hold it at Swami's, just doesn't make any sense.

    Cardiff is probably a world class longboard wave on most days-why not have it there?

    Holding a longboard contest at Swamis with Cardiff nearby is like the WCT moving down to Church when Lowers is cranking, it just doesn't make sense.

    To all the girls who have surfed Swamis and who will be surfing in this proposed contest-please refuse to surf in it. It's more than collecting a couple of extra dollars from your sponsors-its about protecting something special in your community.

  23. Stop surfing at Swamis and return the Sea to its pristine state that is the right thing to do.

  24. In America can you order a horse meat burger at the drive thru window?

    NO. Because some things you just don't do.

    No contest at Swamis.

  25. Ok, heaven forbid the contest goes through. If it does, I am proposing a large scale paddle-out throughout the duration of the contest.

    I mean constant line changes of hordes of people to keep like 70-80-100 people in the water at all times. What do you think?

    Longboard contest? Ok, everyone bring out their 10 footers and make sure to get in the way at all cost. We can even blow up inner tubes and inflatable killer whales and let those float around the line up. Try pulling a cheater five through that!

    Strap down the coolers to the logs, bring a backpack full of food and a hat and just plan on sitting out there all day.

    That will make for a great longboard contest.

    Any other ideas?


    Once a friend of ours, now just another droid looking for a quick buck!

    Email her and tell her-NOT IN OUR TOWN!


  27. I'm not a surfer, but Swamis is an ocean preserve with limited parking and no ADA access. Not the place for a large public event.

  28. I am a surfer and the last comment holds true.

    No Contest at Swamis!

  29. I would sign the petition if took out the word "woman." Why not just refer to it as a "longboard contest" without identifying the gender of the contestants?

  30. Surfelitists.

    Common is the "Swamii's is our spot" newbies and others keep out attitude is prevalent at Swamis.

    Give me a break, oh it might bring other events to this spot, well dudes you have hundreds of "surf spots" that you can go to during the event Swami's is not the only one.

    It's not just your beach but the community as a whole so for the other 361 days of the year you use it 4 days of an event that gives back to the community is not too much to ask.

    Harsh flat out wrong statement.

    Your loosing site that there are many small mom & pop businesses along the 101. Major event draws people and helps the economy.

    This is needed especially during these hard economic times.

    So if you want to say Profiteer go ahead... Profiteering for the the community as a whole instead of the few who could give a flip and are only self absorbed in their own wants and needs.

  31. The hundreds of Swamis surfers who support our local mom and pop restaurants on the coast will drive to other surf spots during the contest, like Sunset Cliffs in Pt Loma.

  32. Once again an idiot opens his/her mouth-

    This isn't about keeping newbies out of swamis, its about trying to protect a sacred spot that is important to the whole community (not only surfers) and not allow a select few to ruin it for only a short term monetary gain.

    Having a contest at swamis will have long term negative effects on this special place and the surrounding areas, including the mom and pop businesses.

    You think think this is the first time a contest was proposed here? fuck no! But the idea is shot down everytime and this deters other from even trying to hold there events here.

    The minute you allow one to go on here, you are opening up the flood gates and the circus will be in town every other week.

    Help the surrounding businesses???I'm sure Hansens will be packed and so will starbucks and Swamis cafe (but when are they not) the businesses that will suffer are the ones that are already struggling to survive.

    The minute you make swamis a platform for any type of profit is when fast food chains like Mcdonalds try to replace long time businesses like the black sheep and the old Encinitas TV building is replaced with a pay parking lot...I'm sure i'm not the only one that doesn't want this!
    Please don't turn Encinitas into Huntington Beach!

    All you who prefer to flap your mouth rather that face the reality of the consequences of this little surf contest, are living in a dream world.

    A major event??? With all due respect to all the women pro longboarders (this isn't a jab at you) This isn't exactly the upper echelon of surfing events and definitely isn't the money pit some scammers are making out to be.

    The negative effects far outweigh the positives that this contest will bring.

    "It's not just your beach but the community as a whole"...exactly...everyone should be able to surf it every single day of the year, we know its crowded but that's just the way it is.

    Starting to use is a profiting tool for corporate surf companies is just plain wrong!

    "I would sign the petition if took out the word "woman." Why not just refer to it as a "longboard contest" without identifying the gender of the contestants?"

    Because until Roxy stops painting their large billboard bus pink(i'm sure that's aimed at the whole community not just girls, ya right) and we stop seeing other gender biases like sparkles and pretty flowers on everything from womens wetsuits to sandels, we have to point out it will be only a women's longboard contest with no major economic boosts to our community-and because it will only include a small demographic (women in the 10-30 year old range, + or -) but will have ill effects on our entire community.

    It just isn't worth it!


  33. No one owns the waves, just go and surf. But please, oh please shut up about this. We don't care. You live or die by surfing fools are being used. If you had any brains beyond surfing you'd understand this.

    Swami's is not the most beautiful place in the world. If it was more people would be there everyday and there aren't. Get over yourselves, please you people are sickening.

    I hope the cliff falls into the ocean and ruins your fucking break so that you fools have to go surf somewhere else. Then you can take your "It's mine" mentality to where ever you end up.

    Go away!!!

  34. "We don't care"
    More like YOU don't care, I sure as fuck care!!!

    If you don't have a special connection to the place please shut up and keep your thoughts to your self, or better yet move away!

  35. Special connectionOctober 29, 2009 12:06 PM

    Special connection?? What is your special connection other than trying to stop people from riding Your waves??

    What a douche!!

  36. Will the childrens stand-up paddle board contest be before, during or after the womens long board event. Just asking cause I need to schedule my daughters nap.

  37. Ithought Swami's was an oceanic preserve. That would prohibit any and all types of activities, including surfing, sorry guys and gals. So what's the story?? Is it or isn't it a preserve.

  38. avocado acres in the houseOctober 29, 2009 5:58 PM

    swamis isn't a locals only break by any stretch of the imagination.
    people from all over surf there every day. the only time there would be a "YOU CANT SURF HERE" moment would be during the 4 day contest. in the last year at swamis i've surfed with japanese tourists, a guy from germany, some really hot brazilian girls, and one night during a full moon three a.m. dawn patrol i met like 20 or 30 really nice people from oaxaca coming up the stairs.

  39. Some of you are screaming at the local surfers for being selfish but they are trying to keep Swamis open for the entire public. You are not thinking this through logically.

  40. Re: a special connection with Swamis. I rode my first wave there. My mom and dad taught me to surf there. I grew up with my friends there. I spread the ashes of my departed friends there. It may mean nothing to you which is fine, but screaming that Swamis isn't special to thousands of Encinitas locals is silly. In my opinion Encinitas is a special place and Swamis is huge part of the experience of living here. But sure, let's rent out our heritage on weekends. I'm going to go to city hall on Monday and ask Park and Rec for an application.

  41. I have faith that this contest will not be held at swamis.

    But you know who I really feel sorry for, even if it does/doesn't go through? The women competitors.

    99% of them are just scratching to hold on to their sponserships (I even read that world champ Jen Smith wasn't guaranteed anything until she recently won the title).

    Talk about bad press being attached to these ladies-They are not the ones proposing to hold it at swamis, yet they will be the ones to suffer if any of the major sponsers decide to pull out because of this negative backlash.

    Talk about a marketing nightmare! Whoever thought up this little proposal should be ashamed. Did they honestly think it would go through smoothly without any big backlash from the community? What a bunch of idiots!

    These girls are struggling as it is to try and do what they love and now they have to go through this, during these hard economic times-its just unfair and irresponsible from the top dogs running the show (eeehheemmm...Linda Benson & co).

    Even if the contest doesn't go through, I'm sure one of the big surf magazines will pick up the story and further add to this negative connotation that is being attached to women's pro longboarding.

    But I guess when its all set and done-someone will make some money, roxy will sell a few sparkly swimsuits and all will be fine a dandy-that is unless your a female prop longboarders trying to make it like the rest of us.

    Oh ya, and Swamis will be changed forever...sounds like a real genius came up with this one.

  42. Move the contest to Cardiff Reef.

  43. To Casual Observer,

    Those comments are not genuine. There is a selfish profit motive behind those comments. They are trying to turn this around and make the residents of Encinitas look bad. In the end it won't work and there will be people with egg on their face.

  44. Cardiff Reef? Leave the contest at Swamis. At Swamis at least you will only affect the whining crybabies that have posted here. At Cardiff Reefs you will affect many more people.

    To protect Swamis as much as you posters have wanted maybe we should ban all water activity of any sort. Then we can just sit on the bluffs and watch the perfect waves without them being defaced by the whining crybaby surfers.

    Maybe I'll go to city hall and propose an ordinance. We can call it, the "Swami's Wave Protection Law"

  45. What is the point of surf contest? To prove who caught the best waves that day? Dumbest idea ever.

  46. Do The Right ThingOctober 30, 2009 11:05 AM

    A lot of people are pointing fingers at those who don't want any contest at Swamis and trying to make it sound like a group of locals is being selfish...

    If you look at the facts, Swamis is an inappropriate venue, plain and simple.

    This event can be a good thing that highlights womens surfing positively and includes the community. But that's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AT SWAMIS. The fact of the matter is that the logistics are all wrong for ANY kind of event -- limited access, no parking, issues with tide swings and water coming up to the cliff, not enough bathrooms, etc.

    It makes me question the credibility of who is making the decision to hold a contest here. This will not help the contest be successful and will simultaneously create long term animosity toward the sponsors, organizers, and ultimately the city officials who support this.

    Other venues like Cardiff Reef, Seaside or Moonlight allow ample space for the community to come and watch, patronize the booths, etc. You know, make it a successful event.

    Having any event at Swamis is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. The logistics just don't work!

    I hope that the promoters will do what's right and give up on this idea of a Swamis contest. It's not about angry locals and a "mini, mine, mine" mentality. It's about Swamis being a bad location. It's about Swamis being an inferior place for this, or any, contest to realize it's full potential.

  47. It is about mine mine mine. Danny Dalager thinks he owns the city because he is on the council. Go ask Danny he will tell you how you are an idiot and how he is doing political favors for the promoters.

  48. "Profiteer?" Please. A "profiteer" is one who attempts to make an unreasonable profit during an emergency. This kind of vitriolic language is inappropriate. Swami's is a public beach.

    A "surf contest" is pretty ridiculous from the get-go, isn't it? I mean, let's identify and reward the "best" surfer? Holy Mother of Buddha, God, Yogi, Jesus, and The Kook! Next thing you know, we'll have soap box pizza derby kite flying hockey tournaments on the Hall property.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. JP, wanted to give everyone the opportunity to view the other side of this issue. It would be great if you could also link your readers to our petition.

    Thank you,

    Linda Benson & Cori Schumacher

  51. get a life idiotsNovember 06, 2009 6:27 PM

    I would rather watch paint dry than watch your silly surf contest.


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