Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Streetscape Workshop 4: What Next?

The workshop went late and I had to leave before the close. I heard reports that it didn't end with a clear note on what happens next.

Q1: How will what happened at the workshop play into the progress of the streetscape?

Norby was quoted as saying that the process is marathon. That makes sense to me and that should not provide cover for lollygagging. Marathon runners don't stop for a latte halfway through the course.

Q2: What are the next milestones and when are they scheduled to occur?


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  2. "Just looking at the facts and traffic analysis, alternative five fulfilled the goals of the streetscape more effectively."

    From reading the rest of your blog comments, I believe you meant, alternative 4A is more effective. Right?

    Kevin- I am surprised you didn't come up with this question.....

    800lbs guerilla Q - Why after all the City effort to educate and received educated input into the workshops would the City allow three days of ballot stuffing from people who did not hear any of the presentation on the criteria and concepts used to develop the two concepts?


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  6. What happens next is what is happening next.
    Somehow, after all the meetings and planning and workshops dialogue and chamber bs and the petition bs, after 17 years, the decision rests heavily on the forms that citizens filled out at the workshop on Saturday.
    Those who attended heard a very well presented analysis.
    The majority of the audience had been to other workshops.
    The presentation dealt with facts, not emotions, comparing the two refined options. Just looking at the facts and traffic analysis, alternative 4A fulfilled the goals of the streetscape more effectively. More trees, more and safer bike lanes, bigger sidewalks, more parking, no additional stress on neighboring streets, more efficient for cars, safer cars, more ecologically sound, more unique, slower speed, more landscape options and public art location.
    That sounds good.
    But, some don't like roundabouts or one lane on portions north, even knowing the facts. Like hating broccoli even though it is good for you and your children, who will be more efficient at round abouts than we are.
    So, it has worked out that we have one day to offer our opinion on 4a or 5. Hopefully, those who know the issues should have their opinion weighed. I am confident that there are a lot of people who have never been to a workshop and have read the chambers rants and believe in the petition that are getting the vote out. I don't know if Andreen is getting the vote our. Nor do I know why he, representing the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce, said the streetscape, "..would impede people from getting downtown."
    It is stupid to have to do this. But it might be very important.
    Go to city hall tomorrow, (the last day), and vote for the better option.

    Alternative 4a
    originally posted 8:16 PM Oct 13

  7. Vote early and often. Just remember that no matter how many times you vote or which alternative you prefer, the outcome will be determined by the votes of the five councilpeople. It will be an important vote that they will all take very seriously. There is enough support on either side for them to hide behind when they decide. Most will be bold and state clearly why they prefer one alternative over another. And I also think most are pleased with the effectiveness of the roundabouts that have been built in town.

  8. So why was your post removed, 8:16?

  9. He removed it himself. He realized he made a mistake.

    Support 4A and have a more peaceful and beautifully funky Leucadia.


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