Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday News Roundup

What stories are we tracking this week? (Besides that Ace" Frehley, guitarist for KISS bought a guitar from Fred Caldwell. 

NCT: Task force postpones ocean decision PANEL SETS SIGHTS ON ENCINITAS KELP BEDS, LA JOLLA
Gee, it's great how the Navy can kill cetaceans with it's sonar but now you won't be able to spear a fish for dinner at your local reef. They are talking about banning urchin diving at Swamis. Since we don't have sea otters to control urchins anymore, you can say goodbye to the kelp bed if divers aren't controlling the urchin population. Yes, urchins love to eat kelp, which is home to thousands of other species.

NCT: CARLSBAD: City sales tax revenue down 19 percent
The article says Encinitas sales tax is down 13%, but the city hasn't confirmed this number.

NCT: NCTD leaders slam federal requirement BOARD STILL APPROVES MANDATED STUDY
Always drama with the NCTD, always.

SignOnSanDiego: 760 overlay starts
A local Leucadian saves small businesses thousands in printing cost by creating movement to keep 760.

NCT: Garden supporters push ahead with project
In a crafty move the Encinitas power trio of Dalager, Stocks and Bond pit gardeners against open space supporters in order to save their backroom/off the record deal with a developer.

*And, on the blog this week my fellow blogger Kevin tried to be a nice guy by posting letters from Gary Tucker, Mike Andreen and Jim Kydd. This backfired and now everybody is mad at Kevin for "taking sides". Yes, Encinitas is high school for grown ups.


  1. Stocked and SabinedOctober 25, 2009 12:02 PM

    Scene: The Annual Halloween Boys Club Party at The FernyGlen Sports Bar in Carlsbad.
    Decorations include stuffed squirrels and weapons. The theme from “Rawhide” blasts and the Pistol Packing Unloaded Mamas are kicking up their heels in a line dance.
    Jerryboy: (shouting above the music) "Helluva turnout this year Glennbobbit!"
    Glennbob: (takes a long pull on a brew, and yells back) "Shure is. Dannboy’s theme of Whacked and Stuffed sure seems ta be reel popular like with the boys."
    Dougboy Bong enters the festivities wearing a Duffus costume.
    Jerrybob: (munching a couple tater tots decorated as mice) "Hell, Bong, ain’t you got nose spiritlike feelings, where’s your costume!"
    Bong: "I’se wearin a costume, I dun dressed up like a Duffus!"
    Glennbob: "But you dun dress like a Duffus everyday, so that ain’t goin count."
    Bong: (tearing up and wiping his nose) "Youse one to talk, Glennbutt, I ain’t seen a stupider costume than what youse be wearin."
    (Glennbobbit is dressed as a female square dancer.)
    Glennrod: (a small wrinkle appearing between his eyebrows despite the botox) "That’s there fightin words Bong! I ain’t takin no shit off youse, you lilly livered licensed lumox!!!!"
    The crowd parts as Glennman and Bong face each other across the dance floor.
    The lights dim as the boys reach for their weapons, stuffed squirrels at thirty paces.
    To be continued......

  2. J.P. -- Your comment on "Encinitas is high school for grown ups" made my day.

  3. Yeah, high school mentalities are running the show.

  4. I'm not mad at Kevin. There are always two sides to every story. Until a proper audit is done, I see no proof that Tucker or Andreen has done anything wrong in regards to the chamber. Follow the money, sure, but let's see some proof. As for Jim Kydd, he printed some of my material in the Coast News when Gary Taylor was editor and never paid me a dime, then he used some more material, without my permission and never apologized, either.

  5. 12:11 -- well what do you expect when you submit material as an Anon

  6. 12:11
    Maybe you should have told him your name.

  7. Yep, everybody's mad at everybody. More like a sorority squabble than high school. Move it along people. There must be something more important than this to talk about.

  8. 12:51
    Except for me. I love everybody.


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