Saturday, October 31, 2009

To Moderate or Not?

You are welcome to comment and we hope to create a space where more people participate. We also invite people to submit content.

The comments on the Leucadia blog can be stimulating or a turnoff. It has been the Wild West on the blog. The general tone can sometimes metldown and become unpleasant, even for lurkers. It has effectively kept some people from participating in the dialogue.

JP has experimented over the years with filtering comments and requiring logging in. Neither of us are interested going that route now.

Before I throw out a proposal I should make a few points.

We aren’t the government and the blog is privately controlled space. Readers do not have a constitutional right to post on the Leucadia Blog. The Leucadia blog invites the community to participate and fair access is important to us. If you say something ugly we are not compelled to publish it on our website.

I will fight for your right to publish ugly stuff on your own website, but that is another matter. I invite everyone to join me (and Council Member Barth) in support of Calaware.

If you post under your name, or under an established screen name, you can write however ugly you want. If you post anonymously and write something unnecessary, without contributing and are disruptive to the exchange of ideas it won’t be deleted from the blog, but it might be moved from the current thread and placed in side thread.

Boorish trolling, spam, unnecessary personal attacks, or outright racism, sexism, and homophobia unrelated to the topic could also be moved to a side thread.

If you use profanity obnoxiously that could trigger a move. Intelligent or relevant use of profanity is a different story.

Final Notes
Be aware, it turns out that sometimes JP and I don’t read all the comments.
Please don’t say anything bad about my best friends JP and Mike Andreen.

See Also: Commenting is like going to a coffee-shop 

UPDATE: You can see that we removed some nasty comments addressed to someone who has different views than the LB. That was good, but moderation failed. We don't have the time to read all the comments and people get really crazy if they think they have been censored. Too much drama over small stuff. Remember, don't feed the trolls


  1. What a fucking lame post!

  2. What a lame fucking post!

  3. What? that is a fucking lame post!

  4. The blog is very entertaining the way it is. Kevin, why would you want to change JP's blog?

    Start your own blogspot if you want a change. I forgot you tried at ETA and no one read it so you are trying to co-opt this blog.

    Leave it alone....

  5. Why change?
    From early on it was hoped that more people would contribute and the blog would have many voices.

    Some people don't want to contribute to the blog because of the ugliness that is sometimes used to derail a conversation.

    ETA blog?
    That is a different sort of blog that continues to provide its service. Page views are up, not down on the ETA site.

  6. I look forward to the possibility of a real community blog hosted by JP - with Kevin's assist. I'd like to believe there is more than the toxic nonsense that often clog these threads. BTW, the use of the word lame is hurtful to those of us who are not able bodied. Privilege can be so unseeing, unfeeling without any effort at all. Just sayin' . . .

  7. That ls comments was so funny I nearly peed my pants. Definitely not lame. Long live the blog!

  8. Thank you Kevin. The blog should be entertaining, but it would also be nice to learn from one another and bring about change in out community. Perhaps more people would offer constructive comments if they were not so afraid of being called some stupid name. I personally don't have a problem with people "trashing" me, but then again I am used to it. There are others that may be a bit more sensitive than I am at this point in my life. We can all learn from one another and make this an even better community and J.P. and Kevin have provided this forum. I thank both of them.

  9. Early on there were more people contributing on a regular basis, and using screen names. Personal childish attacks by Anons are a turn off. Political satire is legitimate, personal insulting ad hominen attacks are not. Some people don't understand the difference. The quality of exchange has gone downhill, and some posters do not participate because their opinions will be called WRONG and STUPID, or they will be instructed how to place a thumb up into a particular orifice. This type of exchange is worthless and should be moderated.

  10. Everyone should use a screen name. If you are offended by someone commenting on your comment, better to not comment.

    I find it sad that JP has allowed his blog to co-opted by Kevin. I find Kevin's additions to this blog to be less than stellar. Sorry Kevin if that hurts your feeling, but too bad. JP, I know you are busy with a business and family and this blog is just a hobby, but leaving it to Kevin was a mistake.

    Bonddi your calls for censorship on the blog are repugnant!! Sorry if you're offended, too bad. Either grow thicker skin or read but don't post on this blog.

    I find it cowardly that anyone would call for censorship on this blog or any blog.


  11. Nelson,

    Use a screen name or be censored?

  12. Nelson is the guy on the Simpsons. I love when anonymous writers call Bond a coward. Haw haw!

  13. “Nelson”,

    I do not disagree with your assessment of my posts. They are lame.

    I would rather read JP’s posts and I certainly appreciate reading stuff from other Leucadians rather than writing stuff. As a reminder send your stuff to We will even post your stuff with a screen name if necessary. You can also send me an email with suggestions on how to improve what I do post.

    If someone else wants to fill in as a main Leucadia blogger that would also be welcome.

    My proposal for moderation is moving, not removing comments. I’m hoping doing this will mean less posting from me, which is good all around. Making the comments less vitriolic could clear the way for more people to participate and for less impetus for me to post when JP leaves gaps.

  14. Kevin and JP have children. A lot of parents wouldn't want their children exposed to "proanity" on a blog they hosted, and that's my guess for them pulling in the reigns on the blog. Am I right? I don't have children, but I think the world revolves around their parents having their best interests at heart. I tend to think that parents should be good examples to their kids, and I fail to see how profanity plays an essential role in raising a family. But it's definately a different world than the one I grew up in. Of course there's always sue happy folk about and that could be another motive for changing the blog.

    As a child I seldom heard profanity. It was reserved (bottled up?) for rare occasions when someone was really upset, or not uttered at all. Now every other word in half the public's vocabulary is "profane". I laughed at the first three annonymous comments responding to this thread. There's something about the combination of the shock factor of callousness, mixed with anonynimity, and a facade of bravery that is humorous to me. I know who some of those people are and I've grown to expect those snarky comments.
    It's been said that the more a person uses profanity, the worse his or her vocabulary is. Why learn creative words when you can weave an F-bomb into every sentence? And I don't have kids so I'm probably no one to talk. But imagine my dad's shock 25 years ago when he became a school bus driver locally and heard kindergarteners singing the blue verion of Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer.
    I think it's too bad than any word has the power to offend someone. I can't for the life of me figure out how someone can come up with a simple word, make it foul and market it's offensiveness so well for so many centuries.
    I'm torn on the issue because I am so FOR free speech, but I think language at times can be very inappropriate. If it were not, we'd have to declare no one had Tourette's Syndrome.

  15. I find almost all of Bonddi's comments offensive and bad for the interest of the blog. Her low IQ and lack of common sense insults the intelligence of rest of us who live in Encinitas.

    Please censor Bonddi's comments they are worse than any four letter word.

  16. yeah crazy kevin
    you tell em.

  17. The entire internet has been trying to figure out how to deal with offensive anonymous comments since the beginning. Most websites require login. To register a screen name on this blog requires starting a google account and their big brother policies make that unacceptable for me.

  18. "The blog should be entertaining, but it would also be nice to learn from one another and bring about change in out community."

    You have to be kidding me. This blog should only be considered "ENTERTAINMENT". Some people blog with opposite opinions just to get stupid responses from you, Fred, Kevin and others that think these are serious discussions.

    Keep it up so we cam all be entertained.

  19. Who are you and why are protecting Mike Andreen? What kind of freedom of speech is that? Just another Jerome Stocks/ Mike Andreen blog. Sorry for you turncoats.

  20. This blog was the first public forum that called out Andreen's grip on this city. He gets constantly destroyed on this blog. What makes you think this blog is pro-Andreen?

  21. Dr Lorri
    I hope and believe that this blog is more than entertainment for the public. The blog master and guest commentators do a respected job in, mostly, offering topical subjects that are or are used to inform and disseminate pertainent opinions. I hope for others than you, it is thought of as a worthy endeavor. Sometimes it is just entertainment. I feel you disrespect the bloggers in you comments.
    I feel that any senseless racist, homophobic, bigoted comments should be rightfully be censored in some way, as they serve no one. Commenting that a poster's post is stupid or wrong is OK with me.
    I agree with some posters opinion the Kevin has done a disservice to the community spreading the deversional accusitory opionions of Andreen/Tucker on the blog and across the Internet. I do not understand your accomadation to these fellows, who did all they could to kill our long awaited streetscape improvements.
    I question the minor footnote offered to the results of workshop 4. That seems like an important topic, even if Kevin has not been involved in the process.
    With that said, keep the blog going JP, please.
    It has worth and thank you for your efforts.

    the internet

  22. It could be that there are those that believe that you are pro Andreen is that you published three posts, from personal communication, on the blog and throughtout the Internet.
    These three accusitory diversionary letters, to you, would not have been dissiminated, to their advantage, were it not for your efforts. You gave them voice. That's why.

  23. Clarification: A post is the front page article, photo essay, whatever. The author (JP, Kevin or a guest) is the poster.

    Comments are made by commenters.

    Does it strike anyone else as ironic that these definitions were all wrong in the comment signed "the internet"? Just like the ugly and hateful being considered entertainment - ur doin it rong.

  24. Yawnnnn... next post please.

  25. "I question the minor footnote offered to the results of workshop 4."

    I still have a couple posts about the workshop coming. Impatient readers are encouraged to draft up their review and email it to us and we'll post it.

  26. anon 934,

    "These three accusitory diversionary letters, to you, to their advantage, were it not for your efforts."

    Fortunately, hardly anybody reads The Leucadia Blog and those that do don't take it so seriously.

    This is the perfect thread to suggest some guidelines on when to censor someone's submissions.

    ... and I continue to work with the ETA to seek an independent investigation of the Chamber/City dealings.

  27. Kevin gave the community an opportunity to finish off Andreen. If you knew that Andreen was lying or distorting the truth then stand up and say so.

  28. Profanity doesn't really bother me. Anonymous post don't bother me either. Just some advice, readers will accept your opinion on a topic more readily if you use your real name or a regular user name.

  29. So foul language flys at the table next to you and your family at Ihop and that wouldn't really bother you?

  30. Fred-

    Your a good man, but this isn't Ihop or anywhere I would take my family to dinner.

    Its the blog, for better or truth!


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