Saturday, October 10, 2009

Workshop Number 4 Open Thread


  1. Pelz produced a very detailed analysis of the comparison of Alternative 4 and 5.
    It showed that 4 accomplished the stated goals of the citizens better than 5.
    Round abouts are more efficient.
    More room for more trees, parking, wider sidewalks.
    Portions of 101 w/ one lane north can be more efficient.
    Reverse angle parking allows more parking opprrtunities
    and is safer for bikes from doors and backing out plus
    You can see better pulling out.
    More public areas and more.
    It seems hard to argue with the result of the studies.
    There are those who oppose the plan, but for reasons that have been rebuffed or are guided by emotions. Like they don't like brussel sprouts even though there is evidence that they are good for them.
    I would encourage anyone who did not attend today, and cares for the future of Leucadia, to go to City Hall and offer your opinion. The maps and drawings are available to view and you are invited to fill out an opinion sheet. This is being done to find out what you want AND WILL INFLUENCE THE DECISSION. You have from Mon. To Wed. to offer your opinion.
    If you really care about what we hand down to our children and did not attend today, you have three days to act.


  2. Peltz & Assoc. Did an outstanding job of preparing and presenting both alt 4a and 5 in a clear and understandable way. Peltz and city staff were routinly praised.

    It really does boil down to a decision to give little more room for cars and traffic (alt5) or a little more room for people and bicycles and managing the traffic flow (alt4a)

    The slide that was most telling was the one that showed El Camino Real (a little more room for cars) and how few pedestians and bikers there are on that road, and on the other extreme, downtown Encinitas (a little more room for people via streetscape) and the huge amount of pedestrians and bikers there.

    Leucadia was between the two and the messeage was whcih way do you want to go? The El Camino Real auto freindly route, or the Downtown people freindly route.

    There was also very civil discussions and many different veiwpoints.

    A few funny moments when neighbors each had a diffenet view of roundabouts and one of the guys dad built the other guys house and it was very clear they were close friends with markedly different opinions (one hated roundabouts the other loved roundabouts.)

    Everyone present did great, the opinions were presnted respectfully, and Leucadia should be proud.

  3. for the good of Encinitas. Four, 4, fore, for a more peaceful Leucadia with a higher quality of life.


  4. The workshop was well attended with many first timers. Peltz& assoc did a great job of laying out both plans and though I heard some doubts moans and groans when people heard facts they disagreed with there were no outbursts.
    It appears that were getting closer and closer to an agreed upon plan. We still however have two large problems to work on, cut thru traffic on side streets and the great railroad divide. I urge all who support safe at grade rr crossing to attend the city council meeting Wednesday night as at grade crossing are on the agenda.

  5. You should go find the facts for yourselves, but a few more are:
    Both alternatives save 90% or more of the trees.
    Both alternatives are estimated to result in the same amount of diverted traffic to Neptune, Vulcan, and Interstate 5.
    Alt 4 has one lane north, reverse angle parking, 30MPH speed, and roundabouts.
    Alt 5 has parking as is, two lantes north, 35MPH speed, and additional traffic lights/no roundabouts.
    Alt 4 is the more agreesive/modern approach to controlling speeding and cut through traffic and making a walkable and bikeable village.
    I strongly support alternative 4.




    Same form they had available at the workshop?

  8. I didn't know there was an election.

  9. Check out this segment that was on CBS this morning today:;featuredPost-PE

    Pretty good piece on roundabouts. It turns out they are safer than traffic lights - which is consistant what we have been hearing from the consultants and others.

  10. It is not an election. The city and Peltz and Associates want to know what the community wants. For those who were not able to attend the workshop can fill out the same forms that were filled out on Sat. Workshop.
    The more citizens that offer their support for Alt.4, the better the chances of not having stop signs and lights, limited bike lanes and sidewalks and less parking.
    This is important for our future.
    If you support Four, and have not gone on record on Sat.,
    do it by Wed.

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