Friday, November 06, 2009

Encinitas Subculture

The youtube video with over 28,000 views has been removed due to fear.


  1. Clear thinking LeucadianNovember 06, 2009 10:23 PM

    Christ all Mighty!! What has gone wrong with this blog in the last 6 months? A better question would be what hasn't gone wrong with this blog??

    Promoting gangs and their lifestyles?? Sheez, you have lost your fucking mind!!!

    Interesting that you tell us to use are real name, yet you go by the name of The Leucadia blog, who in hell is the Leucadia blog??

    You tell us to use our powers for good not evil and then you post about gangs. What is good about a gang?? Drugs?? Tagging?? Drive by shootings??

    If you can give even one decent reason for posting this shit I'll be more than satisfied, but you can't.

    On the bright side, not one word about stopping a fucking surf contest.

  2. Ah yes "clear thinking Leucadian"...ignorance is bliss. You are such a blog local, how dare JP deviate from the norm!?!
    I don't see how posting this video is a promotion of anything, other than helping residents progress towards being well informed about the different aspects of our neighborhood.
    Maybe you didn't grow up here, but for many of us who did, middle school was filled with ENC wanna-be gang bangers around town kicking the crap out of us kids. Watching this clip makes me think that they (ENC) might be a bit more organized than the marginalized bullies who took it out on us smaller kids walking home from school in the 80's.
    To me this issue is more important than contests, roundabouts, railroad crossings, etc.
    Like many bloggers (and probably you) I live, work, and am raising my kid in this town that I grew up in and love. Now I feel a tad bit more informed about the dangers our youth are facing. Thank you JP and Kevin for posting this video. Keep up the good work.
    "Clear Thinking Leucadian" I'm sure your response will be witty, demeaning, and filled with curse words.

  3. Times are changing biatchNovember 07, 2009 12:07 AM

    I am takin down the faces and names.

    Anyone tagin my neighborhood will get a 45 in their ass.

    Its what we have as current. I will make sure my neighborhood is better in the future.

    People that don't care will let their neighborhood go to shit. People that care will have a nice neighborhood.

    these kids are second and third generation Ecke field workers who realized drug and crime make more money then pickin flowers and fruit. They never learned the "American Dream".

    Its up to you to determine if your neighborhood is nice are dice.

    Too bad the later generations of Ecke workers chose to go down the wrong path. For their actions, they shall pay.

    Come to my house, steal and reap the rewards.

    Immersion works? Educate? and the bad will be bad and shall be shot.

    Long live our constitution to bear arms.

    LIve if you choose or die. Its your choice.

  4. You have to be kidding meNovember 07, 2009 7:08 AM


    Clear thinking is right on the money and I did grow up here. You have given the gangsters what they are looking for recognition.

    Unbelievable that anyone would post this. Oly you must be one of the most naive people in the city besides JP.

  5. Continue to ignore what exist right here in our town. We are not just soccer moms and surfers.

  6. Clear thinking LeucadianNovember 07, 2009 7:40 AM

    Oly-As I stated, not one word about a surfing contest.

    Are you happy?? My response is neither witty, demeaning nor curse filled.

    Now you'll excuse me while I go to my business and check for tagging from last night.

    PS- Would you have posted anything regarding this blog entry if I hadn't posted first??

  7. Clear thinking LeucadianNovember 07, 2009 7:57 AM

    The Leucadia Blog-as I stated, If you can give me one decent reason for posting this shit, I'd be more than satisfied, but you didn't.

    " continue to ignore what exist right here in our town"- Asshole, we have child molesters in this town also. Will you be promoting their life styles next?? How about wife beaters and people that abuse animals?? What about sexual predators?? Don't they deserve recognition also??

    I don't know who you are Leucadia blog and I don't want to know. What you post and promote sickens me.

    Stick to soccer moms and surfers. I'm sorry you don't find them worthy of recognition.

  8. How was I promoting their lifestyle exactly? Did you feel brainwashed by a slideshow of group photos set to music? Are you ready to join now?

  9. Clearer Thinking LeucadianNovember 07, 2009 8:24 AM

    Sounds like some republican racist shit to me.

    All you idiots who live in their little cookie cutter bubbles here in Encinitas need to open your eyes and realize that this stuff exists.

    Talking about this subject doesn't mean its right or wrong, JP is just covering all aspects of our city.

    Hopefully our City is evolving where new free thinkers are growing up here that are able to talk like adults about gangs and other hush hush issues that go on here.

    The closed minded republican assholes such as Clear Thinking Leucadian need to die off or move away, your ignorance makes us all look bad.

  10. Clear thinking LeucadianNovember 07, 2009 8:36 AM

    If the Encinitas subculture is so wonderful why did you pull the video link?? Maybe because you know you are wrong?? Maybe because you want to be a wanna be gangsta??

    No I didn't feel brainwashed, if I wanted that, I'd take up surfing or start a blog.

  11. I found this post after the video had been removed, but had to take a look on youtube to see where both sides are coming from-

    I think it's a heart breaking video that points at what a tragic group of not just young people and not just latinos are falling into as a glorified way of life when they think they've been dealt a bad hand, and sticking together will help them stick it to the man.
    heartbreaking, not promoting. JP let the video speak for itself - it's interesting to read what everyone thinks it was saying.

    This blog has been putting a light on local issues for a long time - it's outlasted most of it's kind, and there aren't many who would take on such a project, and then stick with it for years.
    Granted, most posts are about the hopeless city council (can't we maybe fix that, with awareness?) and surfers (it's the economy, stupid - we need to respect what has helped make this place great) and the streetscape (if we can't drive around 2 roundabouts on leucadia blvd, how will upping the count increase the success, unless the workshops include hands-on demos...)

    Say what you will, consider the post a public service announcement. But appreciate that these are real pictures of real people in our community, and some of them have been idolized because they are in coffins long before their time.
    This video should be seen as a cry for help.
    Thanks for sharing-

  12. Ouch.... CTL... is punching low.

    The video didn't offend me... I see it around anyway. I actually liked the video it shows the wantabe gangstas.... CTL- The value is education and exposure will help eradicate problem. I don’t see it promoting their activities and helping them… I see it as exposing them and making us citizens aware of what’s happening in our City.

    I can't wait for the fatboyz to get caught tagging or selling little girls, and spend some time in the pen being girlfreinds to their mentors from SmelLA.

    If you see them, call the cops and and make sure your gun is close by, so if something happens you can take the opportunity to help clean up Encinitas. The more they kill eachother the better for the rest of us. Die roaches.

    Take responsibility for bettering your City.

    Its also a good idea to post a link to Megans law website and any crackhouses we have here in Encinitas.... the more you expose these roaches, the easier it is to step on them.

    JP- Don’t listen to the frightened Neocons.... they are afraid to take their head out of the sand.. Weenies. Pure Weenies.

  13. Perhaps a PDF, regarding graffiti in Encinitas, distributed by the San Diego Sheriff's department would have been better?

    No point in ignoring it, that only makes it worse. If someone tags your property, please try to follow the recommendations above. Photograph it, and remove it - FAST.

  14. Anyone who lives in Encinitas can't claim to being dealt a bad hand. Community resources and good schools are available to those children and families who want it. Dare we acknowledge that some people harbor poor cultural values?

  15. Alot of people are shit and don't deserve to live.

    Many are shown in these videos.

    Clean the shit out of Encinitas.

  16. sweep it under the rugNovember 07, 2009 1:01 PM

    Keep the blog focused on roundabouts and how Mike Andreen and Jerome Stocks are evil and ignore a well organized group of drug dealers who live right here in Leucadia. Why should we discuss that? Maybe because these guys are selling to your kids.

  17. Gang members always start out as soccer players.

  18. I don't mind the drug dealers....I just want to kill the kid slave/sex group.

  19. I wish I knew what the hell you people are talking about???

  20. Painfully watched the video.

    Sad to live in one of the most wonderful spots on the planet, yet still have so little self esteem to need to resort to this negativity.

    For so little you would put your life on the line?

  21. you should all be ashamed...those that have paved the way for you transplants to make fun of the field workers are ashamed of you.

  22. Seriously you want to blame this on the Ecke's too. You guys give that family way to much credit/blame for all of the ills of Encinitas.

  23. Graph and tagging isn't always gang activity.

    Anyone promoting to do violence against a tagger is more likely to cause harm to a misguided kid who is a budding artist or graphic designer.

    He'll end up doing a logo for your business one day and regret tagging your fence if you don't kill him.


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