Saturday, November 07, 2009

For sale to the highest bidder

Beautiful point break for rent. Have the waves all to yourself and your gang. Cash prizes and t-shirts too!

See Also: Online discussion with Linda and Cori, the contest promoters.


  1. Don’t forget you need to give a whopping $5 to a non profit foundation that supposedly will do some good for something.

    Sign me up, I will take it for 4 days next 7/2/2010 through 7/6/2010.

    Good to my website for logowear and event stuff......

    Ask for Linda our chief sellout specialist.

  2. JP,

    You got it all wrong. It is not going to the highest bidder. This contest is going Danny's friend.


  4. Get over it.
    It is just a surf contest that may very well do some good.
    You act like it is the end of the world.
    You are getting way carried way.
    Is your world that small?

  5. If this is not a big deal we should just toss the idea of a contest out the window and move on to more important things. Please sign the petition against the contest so that we can move on.

  6. Not a big deal? We were told this is the biggest thing to ever happen to Encinitas.

  7. Contests = lots of people = trash and extra traffic on bluffs and reefs = BIG environmental impact

    Linda Benson may have ways to control the noise level of the contest with boats and flat screens but what about the huge crowd that is going to attend? Large groups of people undoubtedly make a huge mess and have the potential to disrupt the environment.


  8. no nothing at swamis... surfing is bad.... surfers are bad.... ban all surfing.... rally against surfing today at the grom statue at 1 p.m.

  9. You know what would preserve Swami's for four days...having only four women every 20 min. out in the water than 50-100 ego driven surfers stomping on the reef every day.


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