Saturday, November 07, 2009

Holy Moly

Dalager was quoted in the UT about the Swamis contest.

“We’re talking about public resources,” Dalager said. “Are we going to have a system of law, or are we going to have little local tribes that decide what everybody can do?”

Dan is the guy who condones subversion of the law, backroom deals, and enjoys doing favors at city hall for his bros. Dan has endorsed the idea of commanding his sheriffs to not enforce laws that he personally doesn't like. He has told friends of mine how to violate building codes and not get caught. General plan laws and municipal code laws don't apply to Danny's tribe of supporters. Public records laws and open government laws are something for him to literally laugh about.

Recommendation for Dan
Instead of doing personal favors for your bros, correct/set up city policies to the benefit of everyone.

Dan has done favors for my friends when they ran into issues at city hall. Instead of fixing the structural problem so the rest of us wouldn't have to deal with the same crap, Dan provides personal favors. Expectations come with the favors.

Side Notes on the Contest
If the city wants 1, 2, 3 + contests at Swamis the city should make that as a policy decision and then the city should take competitive proposals for the contest slots.

I consider Linda a budding Dalager bro. She supported Dalager in his last election and never answered questions about why she was supporting him or her interest in being involved. Both Linda and I (a former Dalager supporter) are partially responsible for the current way in which issues are handled at city hall.

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  1. The bar has already been to raised to the highest level: NO CONTESTS at SWAMIS. The bar doesn't get much higher than that.

  2. Wow, Dan Dalager talking down to his voting constituency "are we going to let little local tribes decide what we do?"

    Attention Dan, those "little tribes", they vote for you, or rather against you.

    And when was the public notified about this contest by the City?

    Why not have a contest for city residents where ALL THE PROFITS benefit the City's School Arts Programs?

    This contest is for non-city residents and the profits go to a private company.

    Tuesday 7pm Nov 10th
    Solana Beach Rec Center above Fletcher Cove (that's right it's in Solana Beach - the transparency by Cty of Encinitas is world class)

    "If this happens,” says promoter Linda Benson, “we [intend] to raise the bar to such a high caliber that most promoters won't want to hold a contest there unless they are willing to make the same types of changes."

    Attention Contest Promoters:

    The bar has already been to raised to the highest level: NO CONTESTS at SWAMIS. The bar doesn't get much higher than that.

    YES we support womens LB
    YES we support surfing contests

    Have the contest at a location where we can all get behind the promoter's sincere desire to help KEEP A Breast Foundation.

    YES Cardiff Reef is a great location
    YES there is a cross walk and a stop light & parking & bathrooms

    YES There are numerous other locations available
    YES Hundreds will park in residential & cross the RR Tracks

    YES many of us have daughters that surf in contests
    YES the city will lose the lawsuit

    YES this is already a blackeye on & for womens longboarding
    YES this has become contentious & short sighted

    Please, there is a reason the Swamis Surfing Association has never held a contest at this sight. It's because they love it.

    Come to the Meeting - Solana Beach Rec Center above Pillbox this Tuesday night 7pm -

    PUBLIC MEETING (because the City of Encinitas has yet to hold one & apparently never wanted one)

    Nov 10th - 7pm
    This Tuesday
    Swamis Surfing Association meeting with Linda Benson Solana Beach Rec Center above Pillbox (Fletcher Cove)

  3. Two sides from the UT article's comment section:

    Side 1:
    The contest at Swami's is a great idea. If you personally knew Linda,like I do, you would find a warm and thoughtful individual who would not be proposing this if she didn't think it was a good idea.

    It's 4 days out of the year, and all the talk about the break becoming solely a contest site is highly exaggerated. During the winter months, when Swami's is at its best, pros are looking to Mavericks and the North Shore, not SoCal.

    When Swami's is going off, you and 100 of your closest friends can all share the peak, 4 days in October will not destroy that sense of community.

    Side 2:
    There are other people who live in Encinitas who are super nice. Should they also get to own Swamis for 3 days? Don't forget that nice people make mistakes sometimes and if Linda wasn't nice is that a reason to shut out the contest? Keep personality out of this otherwise you will cause problems and open the field for questions like, HOW MUCH MONEY IS LINDA GOING TO MAKE?

    Only 4 days a year means that only Linda gets to have a contest. How come the women's shortboard tour doesn't get a contest or the NSSA doesn't get a contest? There are nice people who work for the NSSA too.

    The pros are looking somewhere else in the winter and the ones who are being excluded from swamis are the run of the mill San Diego surfers. The contest excludes people. Why don't you want to share. Contest promoters from lots of tours have respected that Swamis is a no contest zone why is Linda different?

    That is right, when Swamis is going off it is crowed and shutting down swamis will increase the crowds at Cardiff Reef. The PROFESSIONAL surfers want this contest because they are selfish and would love to surf Swamis with only 3 of their friends instead of the rest of the public.

  4. “We’re talking about public resources,” Dalager said. “Are we going to have a system of law, or are we going to have little local tribes that decide what everybody can do?”

    Isn't the little tribe the group attempting to close the beach down to the residents for 4 days?

  5. “We’re talking about public resources,” Dalager said. “Are we going to have a system of law, or are we going to have little local tribes that decide what everybody can do?”

    Yes, Dan, PUBLIC resources! Bottom line, those in opposition to opening the door to contests don't want this PUBLIC place off limits. Restricting public access=privatization=no longer public.

  6. Quoting Linda from the Reader article (

    "If this happens,” says Benson, “we [intend] to raise the bar to such a high caliber that most promoters won't want to hold a contest there unless they are willing to make the same types of changes."

    I can't help but interpret this as Linda revealing her true feelings: that Swamis is a bad place for a contest. Unless it's for her, then it's OK.

  7. The article says that the Parks and Rec. Commission will be looking into this. I am on the Commission and I have not heard a thing. What gives?

  8. Classic Dan. He says these kinds of things when he encounters opposition and is not getting what he wants. He prefers working behind the scenes and pressuring people to get his way. Sometimes he gets caught like he did on the Orpheus Park tree-cutting fiasco.

    Dan has always ignored the rule of law. His comment is absurd. He is the chief leading his little tribe of favored people. He does it all out of public view. He has been making almost daily visits to the Chamber office. Did he pressure Weinreb into supporting the surf contest in exchange for voting to pay the money the Chamber was owed?

    Within a month after Dan took his consulting job with the Community Bank near The Lumber Yard, I was told by several people that Dan was leaning very hard on them and promising favors at City Hall. What's the quid pro quo with Linda Benson?

  9. The "little tribe" trying to get their way is actually the 2-4 dozen women who would be surfing in this contest. Swamis is accessed DAILY by hundreds of people of all ages, walkers, swimmers, divers, runners, fishermen, surfers, moms and babies and kids who want to get wet before or after a day of school. This is not some "little tribe" - it's a cross section of the citizens of this town, who pay the taxes that keep the beach open for EVERYONE!

    What seems lost in the conversation is the FACT that this is a non-sanctioned contest. Strikes me as more of a legacy building ego trip, which frankly, makes me cringe.

  10. Funny thing... if opening Swamis as a potential contest venue were put to a vote. Cori and Linda, residents of Carlsbad and Solana Beach respectively, would not be able to cast ballots as non-residents of Encinitas.

    And I think I know how the citizens of Encinitas would vote: to preserve Swamis as a contest-free zone.

  11. Yeah, why all the hoopla over a non-sanctioned event? Hold it elsewhere.

  12. $150-$300 a day to rent Swamis? That is absurdly low. I am ready to write a check and hold my own event so that my inner of circle of friends can have Swamis to ourselves. It's okay, we will donate our t-shirt sales to charity in order to have the high road.

    $300 a day at 365 days a year means the waves at Swamis are only worth $109,500 a year. Wow, you really can pick up some good deals in this recession.

  13. Wouldn't it be ironic if the person who started the stop the contest petition was actually someone from Linda's group? I know for a fact not all are pleased with this but are afraid to speak up and cross her. Womens longboarding can't take a hit like this. Please Linda, do what's best for us in the long run and stop pushing for the contest to be at Swamis. We want it to happen under good terms at a different place, not be surrounded by controversy. Please don't let us go down as the group of women that ruined Swamis, because that's something we'll never be able to live down.

  14. Its is so embracing to have Dan Dalager as a council member.

  15. One of the little peopleNovember 08, 2009 12:38 PM

    What about Dan's "little tribe" of soccer teams that get FREE EXCLUSIVE use of the city sports field?

    And let's not forget that Dan had an illegal apartment conversion at his house until he was finally reported by someone he had been harassing for years.

    He's a thug just acting like a country bumpkin.

  16. Oh the horror of a girls surf contest in Encinitas! And at sacred Swamis for gawdsakes! All because evil puppet master "Darth Dalager" has again manipulated the system leaves no other option than to leave town on the next train. Thanks to you all for the enlightenment.

  17. 67tele stop pulling the gender card. One contest will lead to another contest which will lead to 5 contest a year with waiting periods. This has happened to key surf spots all over the world. We need to keep our public beaches public.

  18. Hey wait a minute. Marshall Weinreb, in a recent post to the embattled Chamber website, claimed he was responsible for bringing this tournament to Encinitas. Anyone have any info to confirm this or is it just the Chamber CEO smoking weed from their new advertising client in the latest Encinitas First?

  19. dude name your little friends

  20. Dave's not here, man!!

  21. obama, will solve all these problems and provide stimulus to pay for all of us to surf every day and for those of you not allowed to surf during the contest you will be provided with special compensation including grom likeness statue in Cardiff by the Cya.... OMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  22. Dave, sorry, apparently you're not here. The author should name your little friend or tuck it back in...

  23. Dalablabber speaks again. He must really like sucking his toes. Kinda like Jethro being elected to the Beverly Hills city council.

  24. "I am on the Commission and I have not heard a thing. What gives?"
    Strange that a commission member does not know if permits are required at Swami's, like any other park in our city, and seems to plant the seed that something nefarious is happening.

  25. He does resemble Jethro in looks and speech.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I'm not a surfer, but I am an Encinitas resident and taxpayer. I object to the use of our public lands being used for private events at below market prices and for extended periods of time. This would include surf contests on public beaches and marathons on public streets.

    The city needs to come up with an overall policy on how to handle these types of events (how many/year and how much to charge). I don't think that it's unreasonable that the city should at least break even financially, or even make a profit on hosting such events. Yes, some minority of the city will come out ahead even if the city itself loses money.These are the hotels, restuarants and other businesses catering to tourists. But the majority of us will lose access to our beaches and streets while these types of events take place. We live here and pay high property taxes to have access to these places, not to be shut off from them.

    Swami's has limited parking and access. It's not an appropriate place for a venue that will draw large crowds. Holding a surfing contest there would be like holding a dirt bike race in the redwood forest (for $150-$300/day!!???).

  28. Whether there is or isn't a contest at Swami's isn't as important to me as whether there is reasoned, informed debate prior to permits being issued. To me, the important question is whether the surfing at Swami's is that much better then the many other beaches with better access? I'm not with the surf snobs that consider Swami's sacred ground, but question the logistical shortcomings of holding a contest there.

  29. Anon7:38- we don't have a marathon in Enicnitas, DEMA said NO!!

  30. Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog...


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