Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Land Purchase and Chamber Special Meeting

The Nov 2 Special Meeting of the City Council was special. Watch it here.

The Council discussed the Visitor Center and buying more property for the Hall park. It was a great meeting to watch. I recommend watching both agenda items.

One of the many things that stood out to me was how Barth and Stocks were the ones saying they wanted to keep things from being swept under the rug and conduct business outside of closed session. I was disappointed that Houlihan did not join Barth and Stocks.


  1. Barth said she wanted the proposed council subcommittee to investigate whether the chamber had misspent city payments in the past and seek repayment of that money. If the city doesn't do that, it is "negligent," she said.

  2. They are not going to investigate themselves. We need the grand jury to investigate to get a realistic answer.

  3. Maggie said that Andreen told them they could not release any of the information in the Chamber report, or he would sue them. NICE!

  4. It is amazing that Gary Tucker and Mike Andreen have the audacity to come in and claim that the Chamber is being mis-managed now that there is transparency. They were the architects of the Chamber's failure and NEVER provided financial reports even to their own board. It is sort of like an arsonist who sets a fire, and then comes back to the scene and tells the firefighters what to do.

    It is evil genius in action:

    "Kill the original Chamber that I helped screw up, so my NEW Chamber survives as the only game in town".

    The good guys will win in the end, but it is a messy process. Good job, Maggie, Jim, and Danny.

    Jerome is still in love with Mike Andreeen for some reason. When will he see the light?

  5. I'm pretty sure the vote was 4-1. How does the NC-Times get that basic fact wrong? Or am I wrong?

    Andreen has sent several letters written by a law firm representing him, to individuals and the city thretening to sue. That's why the chamber item was first pulled from the agenda a few weeks ago.

    Maggie pointed this out last night as Dr. Lorri mentioned.

    Now I may be thick in the skull, but threatening to sue your own city, calling the county grand jury asking for an investigation against your own city and the chamber that you used to work for and loved, and berating other organizations such as L101 on this blog are not the best way to repair a persons reputation, that's just my opinion.

    Man what a bad Encinitas dream.

  6. The vote was 3-2. Barth wanted to put this issue to rest by investigating where the money went. Dalager, Houlihan, and Bond wanted a whitewash.

  7. Alice in WonderlandNovember 03, 2009 10:11 AM

    Jim Bond "Called the Question" which means let's vote on the motion but first there had to be a vote on the "Call" that was the 4-1vote.

    The meeting was very poorly run so it was no surprise that people were confused.

  8. JP, wanted to give everyone the opportunity to view the other side of this issue. It would be great if you could also link your readers to our petition.


    Thank you,

    Linda Benson & Cori Schumacher

    November 03, 2009 4:57 PM

  9. Where's the video? I don't see it on the list. There's no November 2 meeting. Has it been pulled?


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