Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Leucadia coast highway as seen from the sky


  1. Roundabouts would fix that.

  2. Urban planning at it's best.

    Looks more like El Camino Real to me.

    I think the area in the photo is blighted for sure!

  3. Please save the historic tree canopy in this photo.

  4. And they say that if we had more lanes and no roundabouts, all would be fine...


  5. Mike's wettest DreamNovember 03, 2009 12:13 PM

    That’s the best business environment Mike Andreen could ever dream..... ooh, great job Andreen….. you might have to move their and open up a New, New Chamber of Commerce. See ya!

  6. Who needs trees when you can have 10 lanes of congestion and big box warehouses? Betcha they make lots more money than little Leucadia could ever make. Damn the railroad for keeping Leucadia from becoming more affluent.

  7. I like how they preserved their native species in the top right corner of the picture as 10% of their landscaping.

  8. With cities like that, who needs a truker's strike?

  9. OK, JP, fess up. Where'd you get that one?

  10. Looks like the place to be.

  11. Bumb up,

    JP, wanted to give everyone the opportunity to view the other side of this issue. It would be great if you could also link your readers to our petition.


    Thank you,

    Linda Benson & Cori Schumacher

    November 03, 2009 4:57 PM

  12. There's a roundabout somewhere under all that mess.

  13. Linda Bendson- You must have lost your Encinitas connection. The issue is not your history or connection with surfing or the need for a women’s long board contest. the issue is why have it at a spiritual place like swamis. Anywhere, but Swamis.... D street, Moonlight, Ponto, Cardiff.... Tabletops.... just not swamis.... this would open up the box for every competition at Swamis.

    Secondly, I love this line... "Net Profit" Which means, after I Linda the profiteer take my huge administration fee from the contest on a sliding scale but anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000, and every other promoters agreements, any remaining few hundred dollars to the measly non profits..... this is the oldest trick in the books. The only one who knows how much ol Linda will pull from this event is Linda. Figures don't lie, but Liars figure.

    Linda- If you must hold a contest, hold it anywhere by Swamis. If it’s held at Swamis, you desire all the karma you get. I am sure hitting home so close to several decades of gurus will make sure it all works out in the end.

    To me, you have worn out your welcome.

  14. 753 back with more offensive comments.

    Please ban his IP address from the blog.

  15. 8:21

    Where do you get that claptrap? Spiritual Swami's??? You have to be kidding. A 3 day conetest will not upset the world order at Swami's.

  16. It sounds like the girls are wanting to do something good for the community and help preserve the site for future generations.
    Damn them. Stop this from happening "for God's sake".
    This beach belongs to us and nobody but us should have access to this public beach. No chicks.
    No one should be allowed to make money from the surf industry.
    keep the fight up. Stop people other than us using this public beach.

  17. Ms. Bendson the money machineNovember 04, 2009 7:06 AM

    Hell Yeah. I say go for it. So what if a few are profiting at the public expense. Let’s get the Chamber rolling.

    I think the biggest thing would be a Formula One Racing throughout Encinitas Arterials every 2nd Saturday of the months, Helicopter races throughout Encinitas quarterly, Thunderboats off our Beaches in the Summer, A nudist convention at Moonlight this summer, and rent out City Hall 3 days a week to the highest bidder since there is not much work going on down there anyway.

    Go Linda, you deserve to make a good profit at the public expense. The Gurus will support you and especially us local surfers. Haaa. Sell out!

  18. Linda please do not destroy your legacy by having this contest.

  19. Linda stop this futile effort to promote your sport and help the community and advance recognition to worthy women in the surf world and establish a foundation to preserve this wonderful public resource.
    It is a slippery sloap. Next thing you are going to start demanding equal pay for equal work, voting privilages and equal employment oppertunities.
    Don't you understand? We have shallow lives and this is a threat to us. Sure it us a public beach, but If this event happens at Swami's we will have to surf somewhere else on those three days and our legasy will be forever lost, for God's Sake.It will be the end of the world, as we know it.

  20. "Linda stop this futile effort to promote your sport"

    A sport that doesn't need any promotion. Please Linda, you are not helping any surfer but yourself.

    "and help the community"

    I think it would hurt the community much more than helping the community.

    "and advance recognition to worthy women in the surf world"

    You could do that much more effectively at Fiji than little old Swamis.... Does it need more recognition, or is this just good for profits?

    "and establish a foundation to preserve this wonderful public resource."

    You could donate any proceeds you choose to Swamis preservation, no matter where you hold the contest Linda.

    Come on Linda quite selling out your home town for profit. That sucks! Sell outs suck!

  21. Mr. Bendson. You forgot about Leucadia's 3 day Toga Pride Parade.


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