Saturday, November 28, 2009

Leucadia Sand Update

November 15, 2009 Sand Report
Back by Popular Demand!
We've already had several wind swells, which has helped flatten the beach profile.

Cobbles remain a notable part of the beach environment.

Just like the kelp on the beach, the cobbles are a part of the Leucadia experience.

Despite the taxpayer purchased construction soil being deposited, and taxpayer funded sand lobbyists, the coastal bluffs of Leucadia remain exposed to surf at high tide.

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Cobbles are part of our natural environment and have been used as decorative and structural components of Leucadia's infrastructure.

The Highway 101 workshops were dominated by traffic issues and I didn't see or hear much discussion about the streetscape elements. I would vote for including cobblestone decorated elements to the streetscape.

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  1. Add our congressman Brian Bilbray to the list of sand barons. He voted against health care reform but thinks tax dollars should go to sand replenishment on already sandy beaches.

  2. Kevin, the designers emphasized the design elements will be a part of then next stage - once the alternative is selected. I agree that the cobblestones should be a part of any design concept.

  3. Oh good. That serious issue stuff about the country going to shit was to much to think about.

    Thanks for the better post

  4. anon 842,

    Good to hear that the city will be dragging this out even longer.

  5. They need something to talk about besides serious issues like non sustainable budgets caused by the fat pensions approved by our lame council.

  6. It is illegal to remove cobbles from the beach. Contact the California Coastal Commission to begin the permit process. If you dare.

  7. Anon 1028,

    I was hoping the city would get something out of our high paid lobbyists and they would open up a process for using the cobbles. One of our lobbyists is Aceti and it is very clear to me from his positions that he should be very good at asking to have some cobbles removed from the beach.

    Anon 10:15. Click on my name to get your global financial meltdown analysis fix for the day.

  8. I think you're allowed to take two buckets of cobbles a day home from local beaches if you like. I do know tht Russell Marr got a lecture for taking a mere pocketful for some art project, when local authorities pushed their weight around. But I think Russell reminded them about the law.
    And yes, you can't go wrong landscaping well with cobbles. Even a cobble arch entrance to Leucadia. Better yet, a cobble drawbridges at each entrance with a full moat.
    If we do go with cobbles, and I hope we do too, let's not buy them from across the planet somewhere. Hey wait a minute.. nothing can grow on cobbles, so all we gotta do is move the cobbles 1 block from the beach to hide NCTD's scortched dirt. They oughta love it.

  9. Ban surfing. Ban cobbles and sand. Return Leucadia to the Hippies.

  10. After the sand dumping ended last winter, Grandview was all time, so the sand did wonders for the reef back then, really lined up the right nicely. Got some darn good waves on one day of west swell, anyway. (Weekday, winter time, not too crowded, old school grannies, before the HD cam.)


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