Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Most Boring Topic Ever Just Became Most Boring Topic Possible

From some press release website:

Gary Tucker, former CEO of the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce, alleged today in San Diego Superior Court that the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce, Pres. Ken Gross, Board Member Colleen Walsh, and her company CFO To-Go have repeatedly defamed him.


  1. Mike Andreen and his little elf Gary Tucker are two prime examples of the baby boomer generation.

  2. Does anyone know the real story, and if so, are they willing to tell the rest of us. Sure seems like this has gone from bad to worse. As a baby boomer, my reputation is on the line too.

  3. The truth is a defense to the allegation of defamation. So, should the report be accurate, there is no defamation. Funny, I thought Mike Andreen was the one threatening a lawsuit. The City better not pay one cent to defend this lawsuit....seems the new ECC leadership was played for a dope. That's what happens when you believe Stocks.

  4. Wow this topic is getting so amazingly like an annoying gnat: too small to kill but too bothersome to totally ignore. And the "New Encinitas Chamber of Commerce"? What a joke. That's just goofy. Wait until that gets hosed up... then they'll start the "New New Encinitas Chamber - For Real This Time", or maybe just keep moving east (The Olivenhain Chamber?). Ridiculous.

  5. Way off topic.
    I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who reads this wonderful, free and uncensored (well, almost) blog. I am thankful to live in this community; to know many of you, anonymous or not, and to be a part of our home town. I was in Hwy 101 Traders today and the person greeting me said "Are you Dr. Lorri from the blog?" I said yes, not even knowing how she feels about my posts. We then began talking about how many wonderful people we know in Encinitas. This blog has brought so many of us together, whether we agree with one another or not, so I am especially grateful to J.P. and Kevin.
    Wishing you all the many blessings of the day, not just Thanksgiving, but each day we are fortunate enough to be and live here. I hope that each of you have a very special Thanksgiving, no mater what you do or where you are. Love to all from this aging Baby Boomer.

  6. Hey Dr. Lorri-

    You too. What you could do as an amazing baby boomer is admit that baby boomers have elected losers who have made terrible mistakes and have nearly destroyed this country. Please Proclaim never to vote for an incumbent, republican, and democrat. Plesase support positive change for America!

  7. Follow the MONEY-November 26, 2009 8:26 AM

    Yep, that's gotta be the most boring topic ever.
    The last sentence says the lawsuit will restore Mr.Tucker's reputation...No it won"t.


  8. Thanksful EncinitianNovember 26, 2009 11:12 AM

    Thanks to the producers of this blog to help bring out truth and try and repair the damage done to this City and Country by the retard Politicians that we have voted in office.

    God bless Encinitas. God bless the Blog!

  9. Happy Thanks everyone. To think that it was only one year ago, Sarah Palin, lover of all animals great and small, pardoned that turkey. What a blessing.

  10. This is not the most boring topic possible. That video of "Parks and Recreation" that got 0 comments was.

  11. "just another slimey bore"

  12. I'm a baby-boomer.I've put more money into the "system" than I will ever get out of it.I've taken responiblity for my life and never depended on anybody for anything.
    Baby-boomer/ the new Nigger.Blame all your effin problems on me.Then go back to your stupid cell phone and update your pathetic facebook page koooook.

  13. Avo-

    I bet you have plenty of skeletons in your closet. Did you vote for any of these loser Democrats or Republicans in office that screwed up this country so bad?

  14. 4:58 Not even close to a bitch slap.

    You are limp.

  15. 1:11 No bitch slap needed. Only you know what you are. If you act like a baby boomer and vote like all the other baby boomers. You are a baby boomer.

    Thanks for ruining America. Loser!

  16. 1:11
    Wow! I can update my facebook page from my cellphone? Thanks!

  17. Most of these coments are really random. It seems to me that if Tucker is willing to spend the money to file a lawsuit there must be someting there, at least from his perspective!
    Frankly, good for him for being willing to take action if he feels he was unfairly flamed.

  18. This is at least as exciting as Jon & Kate!

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