Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nov 30th-An Evening to Benefit the Employees of Calypso

At the Belly Up in Solana Beach! More details here.


  1. Ran into Gil a few weeks ago at Kenos. He asked me (since I am hopelessly involved civically sometimes) if there was ANYTHING I could do at the city level to speed up the process of him re-opening Calypso ASAP. He says the city is making him wait SO long for permits etc. And we all know time is money, especially if you have a super successful restaurant like his. Unfortunately, about the only thing that could speed things up is if staff is giving him conflicting stories about what should do. There's got to be a better way to fast track permits for our merchants when they are in dire need like this.

  2. Can the 101 Czar do anything about this?

  3. Thats a good idea. Put Mr. Norby on it. He has a history of accomplishing projects, without putting the entire community at ends with each other. Which pisses, ex- chamber leaders off in a big way.

    I think Mr. Norby could have a another career on coaching other community leaders of how to build consensus and work for community good in a transparent manner.

  4. You heard it here firstNovember 12, 2009 10:20 AM

    Gil- you can expect to wait 2 more years before your permits and approvals are in place. Hope you had insurance that pays while you are waiting for govt OK to begin again.

    You heard it here first...

  5. We don't have time for good causes like this (or the CRC food drive), we are too busy trying to STOP things like the "2012 End of the World Swami's surf contest"!!!

  6. Take your money and give it to Steve White. The poor guy had cancer of the vocal chords and those were removed along with his larynx, so he will never sing or speak again. There's a benefit for him Dec 19th at the Community Room at the Encinitas Library with many of the same performers.

    As for Gil, tough luck buddy. This is your karma for underpaying every musician who ever played at your joint. A lousy $50 for an entire evening of music.


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