Thursday, November 05, 2009

Silent Film Festival at La Paloma this weekend

This should be pretty cool. They even rented an old timey piano for live music to play along. Bonus points if you show up in your best 1920s Flapper gear. story Encinitas chooses Mary Pickford as subject for first Silent Film Festival


  1. Muy cool. In the mid 70's they had Marx Bros. festivals at the La Paloma. It was standing room only inside. (Except for the reclining "beds" on the outer isles. You can bet those were before Cheese Nachos.) God, I'm old.
    Pretty great to see Mary Pickford returning to the LP. Kinda spooky. Like when "Dead Girls Don't Tango" premiered there and the setting of the movie was the La Paloma itself. Kind of surreal to see the same elaborate stage on film inside of the real archway. Could have been a cult classic like Rocky Horror if it wasn't so boring. Maybe they could edit it down to five minutes as a short for the La Paloma. Come to think of it, most movies I've seen could have been five minutes. It would give me a lot more time to wait at red lights and stop signs.

  2. Too funny... good one Fred. I am going to start using that line....

    Gives me more time to waite at red lights and stop signs. LOL.

  3. Calm down, it wasn't that good.

  4. Fred, so do us a favor,

    Run for Mayor.

    This town would be so much better off with you as Mayor.

  5. I agree. Fred for Mayor!

  6. Fred for Mayor!

  7. By the way, look what I found on

  8. Yeah Fred is now Mayor!


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