Monday, November 02, 2009

Streetscape Next Steps

From the city's website:

Next steps

The project is scheduled to be presented to City Council on January 13, 2010. The consultant will be giving an overview of the entire process, the project plan alternatives and traffic analysis. In addition, staff will be seeking Council direction on which alternative the City should pursue. Dan Burden, a walkable communities and project facilitation expert will also be in attendance to present traffic calming concepts and design criteria which had been considered by the participants of Workshops #1 and 2.

Workshop #4 and Other Events

To allow for additional public input related to project alternatives, Community Workshop #4 was held on Saturday, October 10, 2009 at the Encinitas Community Center; at which time a new design alternative (#5) was presented to compare to a refined version (#4A) of the previously created design Alternative #4. The results of additional traffic analysis were also presented.

The two alternatives provide differing design concepts which the public was asked to consider and provided feedback via a survey questionnaire. The Plans were also made available at City Hall for viewing during normal city hall business hours Monday, October 12 through Wednesday, October 14, 2009. Feedback from the citizens viewing the plans at City Hall was also requested via the Workshop #4 survey; however, the questionnaire distributed at City Hall clearly specified October 12 – 14, 2009. The results of the survey received from participants at the formal workshop on October 10, 2009 are computated separately from the results of the survey received form the citizens viewing the plans at City Hall.

Results of City Hall Survey

Results of Workshop Survey


  1. Alternative 4 is hugely favored by the community. Luckily this is a no brainer to move forward. The 26% that don't get it or like it will always have an issue with any proposed project.

    Thank you Council, Staff and all the community efforts for the wonderful foundation for an excellent plan. Its time for council to move the project forward, so some day soon we can have a plan and start planting trees along the entire corridor that will not get ripped out.

  2. "The 26% that don't get it or like it will always have an issue with any proposed project."

    Except for the next time redevelopment or assessment districts rear their ugly heads.

  3. Let's go with alt 4 now. It will slow traffic, improve pedestrian use, give bicyclists a pleasant ride, and restore the tree canopy. I've lived in Leucadia most of my life and would like to see 101 a pedestrian/bicycle friendly place now.

  4. Kevin- Your links to the survey results are backwards.

    I look forward to the future streetscape posts.


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