Monday, November 02, 2009

Streetscape plan 4A to remove big euc

The most popular Streetscape plan is Alternative #4. This plan has a lot of desirable qualities, unfortunately it calls for removing this huge eucalyptus tree just north of Leucadia Blvd. I assume it's because with the tree gone the left turn lane can be extended.
View the streetscape plans on the city website, click here.


  1. Alt #5 also removes this tree. Why do I get the feeling the blog is perpetuating anti-4a propoganda? We were told we'd lose 8 percent of our existing trees with the best versions of the Streetscape.

  2. notice how the postings are now "the leucadia blog" not JP or Kevin. I guess that will allow anyone(andreen) to run the blog or ray or rick. anyone with a grudge against leucadia and the streetscape.

    this blog is worthless, I won't bother anymore. C-yaaaaaaa

  3. Fred's point is right on. Unfortunately Leucadia Blvd. will look the same with alterative No.4 or 5. If there is strong support for saving the tree, save it. I like trees better than a super long turning lane. Why change it from the way it is today?

    Keep historic trees over more vehicle traffic.

  4. I agree. They should can the ENTIRE project and save the money for something else. Let it evolve naturally. Don't mess with mother nature.

  5. It is evolving naturally... Naturally with the community. Wong seems Wrong.

  6. The real consensus in Leucadia is that we should save the few remaining heritage trees.

    I'm pretty sure JP isn't anti 4a. If he was you all know he would have told you by now.

    I'm NOT anti and I'll be sure to try to convince you that I'm not holding back after I post my one of my next weekend posts.

    I was asking at city hall about a map of trees that would be cut down. I was told at first that there was no map, but as this post shows the big maps have the removed trees on them. I was giving the talking point about only 8% of the trees being lost.

    What matters is not the number of trees that are cut down. Which trees are getting cut down matter.

    A lot of the remaining trees are trash trees and there are not many heritage trees left.

  7. I'm extremely pleased the plans have evolved to save so many of the trees. I feel really sad to think that any of the remaining giants might be sacrificed, but the fact remains an arborist would tell you the eucs have finite lifetimes, and these are likely rapidly nearing theirs. I'd concede a couple may need to be removed to achieve the best results for the community.

  8. Save the tree, limit the turn lane. Its doesn't matter which alternative you go with Alt 4 or 5.

  9. JP actually stated that he supports alternative 4 in a past post. Kevin, I hope at the end of the day you will enjoy the new streetscape. It will be beautiful and make Leucadia a more peaceful town.

  10. I started a new Google account under the name Leucadia blog with a new email
    It was getting confusing mixing personal emails with blog emails.
    I don't understand the paranoia about Andreen running this blog. I'm pretty sure that guy hates me. I've never even met him.
    It's kinda funny that someone posting as anonymous complained about a post from Leucadia Blog. My name is now clearly displayed on the right hand column of the blog.
    I haven't officially thrown my support behind a plan because we still don't know the cost for each plan. I think it's irresponsible to declare support for a plan with all the bells and whistles without knowing the cost.

  11. JP- The costs will be relatively the same for each alternative and the City can save and complete sections as they can afford. Secondly, the plan will allow for future developments along that stretch to pay for their fair share of road improvements along their frontage.

    Its all good. Pick the best plan. In either case, the benefits received from the Streetscape will far out way the costs.

    Alternative No. 4 has a higher rate of return for all Encinitas residents from both a quality of life and financial standpoint.


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