Monday, November 09, 2009


This email from Linda Benson has been circulating all day. It addresses the rumor that she had decided to do the right thing and stop pursuing the controversial Swamis contest:

Dear All,

I've just been contacted by Tanya Mannes the Union Tribune writer of yesterday's article on the contest. She wanted to confirm if I had, indeed, decided to not go forward with the event. I was surprised. In the comment section, Gary Baum's communication to the Club membership was quoted stating that due to the split in the community over the contest, I had decided to withdraw.

What I agreed to last night talking to Gary was that it was probably in the best interest of the Club for Dan Dalager and I not to attend Tuesday evening. The Club is not a public forum and the opposition was rallying people to attend. The City Council is the place for such a public forum. I stated last night that I had not yet made any decision about the event.

Gary and I have just spoken and he will clarify to the members that a decision has not been made to withdraw from pursuing the event. He had a different impression of our conversation.

I just wanted you to know that I haven't made a decision about the event. If I do, I certainly will let people know in my own way.


Dan had been quoted as saying people shouldn’t mount opposition to a project “before they have any idea what the facts are.”

What facts are we missing? We won't know if Dan and Linda do not show up to tell us.

This meeting would have been the perfect time to explain to the opposition what it is they misunderstand. Now, the opposition will only grow as it is looking like Linda does not want to publicly address questions about this contest. Dan certainly knows that a council meeting will be a place where Linda will not have to answer questions from the public. Dan and Linda should reconsider.

Send Dan an email at ask him to fill you in on the important facts to consider.


  1. Wuss!!

    What are we going to do? Bite you?

    Show up and tell us what you think.

  2. Dan Dalager said we should not oppose something without all the facts. You would think that a Swamis Surfing Association meeting would be a good place to address the facts about a contest at Swamis.

    Dan, we are waiting with baited breath for your facts.

  3. Not a classy move Linda.

  4. Sounds like you only want to talk with people who agree with you.

  5. Young Longboarders your leader has abandoned you and taken the low road.

  6. Poor ole Dan, he is trying to be assertive and commander-like, seeing as he is the mayor-in-waiting and has been given the high sign to start acting mayorial. He seems to forget he has to get re-elected first. He will not tolerate small tribes and will vote against you every time. If your tribe happens to hold the same opinion as he does, well, then you are not small, you are the "public."

  7. Are not Soccer Moms a tribe?

  8. There is a lot of talk about localism at Swamis. The reality is there is NO localism as Swamis. It is an urban myth. The reason the lineup is so chaotic is because there are no locals to enforce the rules of etiquette. If locals are so evil then why are Linda and Cori using the fact that they are locals as a selling point? It doesn't make any sense. There hasn't been any real localism since the 1960s when Linda Benson herself was part of the gang that controlled the lineup and chased away visitors. This contest is just a new way of kicking people out of the surf for the exclusive use of her circle of competitor friends.

  9. Anon 7:41 -- So true. The localism at Swamis is a total myth. A few guys get vocal every once in a while but it's usually between people who know each other and consists of complaining and grumbling. 99.99% of the time it's super mellow and everybody gets waves harmoniously.

  10. When there's tension in the water at Swamis, it's because half the people surfing there are still at or barely past kook stage. Their indecision and lack of skills put everyone in danger, even people just paddling out. That's not localism.

  11. poway rules swamis

  12. Poway State Beach, ah, I mean Pipes

  13. I want to rent Swamis for myself and three friends (kooks only) for 300 dollars a day. What a deal!
    No one else out, cops and lifeguards to enforce it. Isn't life great.

  14. watch all the kooks at the Council. Next kook up in December..... the kook master Dan Dalager.

    If he cared about Encinitas, he would let the true Mayor, Fred Caldwell take the chair. Sit down Dan and let Fred do some good.

  15. Will there be a bratwurst stand? How about Kettle Corn?

  16. Protect the beachNovember 10, 2009 6:51 AM

    let them have a contest BUT don't make the waves exclusive during the contest. Let them compete with all the other surfers at Swamis. Why should any group get exclusive use of a public beach?

  17. Good point; part of surfing is knowing how to manage the pack on the peak,(unfortunately).

    Dealing with a crowd could be assigned points. Deducts for snaking.

  18. Those pesky facts tend to be elusive. Still waiting Commandant Dalager. Sieg heil!

  19. WWLC = What Would Linda Charge?

  20. One important fact that's missing, and one no one has considered is that the City of Encinitas is not the only player here.

    Legal consideration, maybe from the City and promoters, must be given to Self Realization Fellowship who owns in title the property in front of Swami's to the mean high tide line. Have a look at the City arials/maps if you doubt. Maybe a "Hold Harmless agreement", others know what might be necessary. When I read earlier comments about folks on the bluffs, etc., I know they would be interested.

    Just an observation.

  21. Swami's named a State Marine Conservation Area

  22. Hello friends,
    I'd like to respond to an anonymous post regarding "Legal consideration...(to the) Self-Realization Fellowship who owns in title the property in front of Swami's to the mean high tide line."

    Thought you might be interested to know that I called the SRF to see if they would like to weigh in for my story that was published Sunday. Officials at the SRF said they won't be taking a position on whether to allow the contest proposal.

    Hope that information is helpful!

    Tanya Mannes
    U-T Reporter

  23. You know what would preserve Swami's for four days...having only four people every 20 min. out in the water than 50-100 ego driven surfers stomping, pissing, snaking on the reef every day.

    You can however buy a swami's club pass(LOCALS ONLY) that gives you unlimited power to stomping, pissing, bitching, snaking your bro on the reef every day.

    If you need someone to hate or something to do hate ASP for getting rid of all grass roots surfing all together. Plus hate Roxy by trying to take control so they can market themselves other than giving non-roxy sponsored girls an opportunity to compete in the WWLC.

    WWLC is willing to contribute to benefit the Swami's habitat. What are you doing other than trying to snake everyones waves? How will you improve Swami's situation.

    You can always get rid of the swami's staircase all together and with the wood, build some ole boards you can sell.

  24. WWLC is willing to contribute to benefit the Swami's habitat.



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