Thursday, November 12, 2009

Swamis Not Reservable


  1. Very interesting. In a perfect world this would be enough to keep corporate interests away.

  2. If it is not reservable why are we having this conversation at all? Can't Linda read? Or does she have friends in higher places? Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. I'm guessing the friends in higher places...How else could you try to pull off a coup like this?

    I love how she's flaunting her local status while vilifying the "locals who don't want to share." Can't have it both ways.

    Time to announce a different location and leave Swamis alone once and for all.

  4. Yep, they are trying to have their cake and eat it too.

    Swamis locals are mean and selfish and hate girls!

    It's okay for us to have a contest at Swamis because we are locals!


  5. what if they gave at contest and nobody came?

  6. what if they didn't give the contest? would Encinitas be for better or worse?

    What I see for better. Who would benefi, Hansens?

  7. Old man Hansen walked off the Kook committee when he found out the sculpture was going to be a girl. They said OK, we will make it a boy just for you. True story BTW. So, I don't think he is thrilled with ANY women surfing.

  8. Great research. However, rules are only as good as the rule makers word. How many other rules have this city council flaunted for the benefit of their supporters (friends)?

  9. Anything and everything is for sale at some price. Did anyone check out the parking lot at Seaside Reef 2 weeks ago when it was all but closed down for 4 days for a private wedding. The set up and tear down of the circus tent was amazing to watch.

    Public propert / Private event ... lots of cash and most likely some pull with some elected official.

  10. What does JP worry about??November 13, 2009 10:28 AM

    JP, if this is all you have to worry about, you live a charmed life. And apparently this is, all you have to worry about.

  11. If they hold it, let's just shut the thing down. I think a swarm of 50 SUPs would be an amazing sight to behold.

  12. In this day its about what kind of money can Encinitas make off of this? If there is money to be made, believe you me...this contest will happen.

    Despite of all you locals bitching, you got an expensive kook statue. Despite the bitching, you had a womans contest at Cardiff Reef...and despite your griping now, Linda will win. She will have her day at Swamis.Deal with it. Its one week of your lives and besides, you have to deal with the Cardiff kook everyday. Hes one of your own.

  13. To blog troll,
    You're full of crap and trying to troll the blog. Can you name people who bitched about Linda's contests at Cardiff Reef?

    To what does JP worry about,

    Welcome to just one of JP's many ventures and here on this blog he has covered many issues that he cares about. I invite you to review the archives.

    JP knows how great Encinitas is. It is too bad that you don't know how good you have it and how important it is for people like JP to stand up when things that make Encinitas so great are being threatened and commercialized for private gain.

  14. Looks like the ability to reserve Swami's would set a precedence, according to the graph. Seems like that should require a vote of the people to change it.

  15. I agree with Fred! And if there was a vote on opening up Swamis 99.9% of the signers of Linda's petition, including Linda and Cori, would not be voting because they don't live in Encinitas!

  16. The Parks and Rec. Commission is setting up a subcommittee to look into this. Go to the meeting on the 17th of Nov. and speak during oral communications.

  17. "JP, if this is all you have to worry about, you live a charmed life."

    Yes, yes I do.

    "And apparently this is, all you have to worry about."

    Not even.

  18. girls need to get outta the water and back in the kitchen first off.... and second off... keep contests
    out of swami's forever and all kook transplants go home.. !!!!
    see ya in the water....


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