Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Swamis systematically being shut off

In this photo: lobster boat and a diverse crowd of surfers. Soon there will be no boat and only 4 people in the water surfing for points and money. Yay!
Map via the North County Times website.
Lobster fisherman are being banned from the Swamis kelp forest. For now you can still spear white seabass. Soon the waves at Swamis will be controlled by private interest groups half the year. What is happening to Swamis???


  1. Overpopulation of humans. We are worse than a plaque of cockroaches on the earth. We destroy all other species and eath other. We are HUMANS who must massively reproduce to justify our own existence.

  2. There are way more poodles than there would be without humans.

  3. If it's true that "humans destroy all other species and eath (sic) other" then there wouldn't be any other species and over population of humans wouldn't be a problem, right?

    And not to pile on, but "plaque" is obviously not the word you're looking for, unless you're referring to a trophy of cockroaches.

  4. We've stripped mined the oceans of nearly every living thing. And, California has doubled in population in 40 years.

    I think we can leave a small part of it natural and let it heal.

    I would put fishing in the same grouping with surf contests. Both exploit and commercialize Swami's and our coast.

  5. Overpopulation is overhyped. Africans don't starve to death because there are too many Africans. They starve to death because of wars and corruption. The system is designed so that 1% of the population can exploit the other 99%.

  6. Plaque or plague, I think the meaning was clear. The population of San Diego County will increase by 1 million by 2050, according to SANDAG.

    This is why a "Quality of Life" tax is being proposed by SANDAG. A huge amount of money will be needed to clean up the mess created by SANDAG's push for rapid development.

    At some point we will need to take a hard look at limits and sustainability.

  7. Overpopulation is not over hyped. In Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia it is the primary factor causing millions of death.

    In the wet areas population growth has led to intense competition for land, to the point that the mountain gorillas are unlikely to survive. Tribal conflicts are exacerbated by competition for resources.

    In the dry areas, which is a very large part of Africa, periodic droughts make is very difficult to sustain large increases in local population over the long term. The result is human suffering and death on a large scale.

    Granted the corruption and chaos makes any solutions even more difficult. We need to look at the underlying problems, otherwise we just postpone the inevitable.

  8. Anything that disturbs the marine habitat at Swami's should be restricted or eliminated.

  9. Can we ban springsuit booty man, too, while we're banning stuff? Not poodles, though. Poodles are funny.

  10. JP- You have to be kidding. Do you believe that species are being eliminated in the wild or is that hype? Oh yeah, I forgot the oceans are overfished either right?

    In your son’s lifetime, he will see the elimination of wild elephants, orangutans, polar bears, several species of whales, and gorillas. The list goes on and on. The cause overpopulation and impacts from humans. Nothing else.

    I thought you were more open minded. Do you think the growing human population doesn't affect wildlife or don't you care? How are the natural herds of bison, and packs of grey wolves, and beavers doing in the USA compared to 200 years ago (a small blip in time)?

    With that said, extinction and death of specific animals is no big deal on this earth. Especially humans. In my opinion humans are one of the more vile creatures on earth.

  11. This land is your land, this land is my land...mine, mine, mine.

    What are your solutions, yes I got the poodle thing.

    No surfers/boats or people all together would preserve swami's, unless you have an elite swami's club pass you can piss, stomp and snake on the reef all you want.
    What a generous affluent lovely community. Sounds like what you are afraid of is what you want to create, Swami's mafia.

    Are you just mad because you can't profit the whole 1 dollar.

  12. This wave is your wave, this wave is my wave. This wave is my wave, mine, mine and that one also.

    All the waves at Swami's are mine and mine alone, except those for MY friends.

    BTW you are only 9,630 signatures away from your goal of 10,000 for that silly petition.

  13. Public = opportunity to exploit, if you know the right people.

  14. Anyone who would say overpopulation is hype needs to get out of their zip code. Or look around you, pay attention or read.
    Even in the small world of Swami's there has been drastic change. When was the last time you saw abalone on a menu? Remember when every other garden had masses of ab shells. I still have my ab iron. Don't use it. When I first snorkeled on our coast there were millions more fish.
    That is just a minute effect too many fucking people fucking causes.
    Maybe if you were to google 'overpopulation', you would find that there is a lot of information. You won't find a whole lot use of the word hype. There are for more serious problems of over population than the horrors of how life would change if there were a womans longboard contest and a foundation formed to preserve Swami's point for future generations.
    Although, you might not of meant that and are just trying to get a dialogue going on. I have never even heard of the concept of hype, on this topic.
    Glen Beck?

  15. Anon 6:54

    It's not about gender. We're opposed to ANY commercial ventures taking over Swamis and excluding the public. And it IS a big deal because it opens the door to future events.

    The proposed "foundation to preserve Swamis for future generations" is a total farce. Linda and Cori are using charity as a shield to push their agenda. Not only is it totally transparent but it's also deplorable.


  16. We are seeing mass extinctions because we don't manage our resources properly. Millions are dying because they can't access food or clean water. But this isn't because of the sheer number of people, it's because powerful greedy special interest get away with murder.
    If corpo farms stopped their destructive practices, stopped hoarding and wasting water, they could feed the world. If we embraced modern technology to meet our energy needs we could stop wars and stop destroying the environment.
    If we stopped strip mining the ocean for food while at the same time stopped using it as a global toilet we could drastically change the world.
    If superstitious religious zealots would come to their senses and stopped pushing for their twisted versions of the rapture then the human race could focus on a sustainable future.
    Over population to me is racist code for there are too many Africans and Asians.

  17. No JP-

    You clearly have your issues which you need to work through and find peace.

    Too me. Over population simply means the world has and is getting too many people.

    Here are a few questions to ponder along the way.

    Over population;

    It’s the same as rats over breeding and starving themselves to death while eating their young. Its the same a huge herds of deer that have overpopulated a grassland that cannot sustain themselves. It’s the same as too many polar bears on one small strip of arctic ice and who will get to live.

    If you look around, People are in no short supply. I honestly feel worse for the other creatures of our earth especially other mammals which are our cousins but did evolve fast enough to invent the wheel.

    Do I say fuck them? Fuck the other higher mammal species. Do I say fuck the dolphin for not having the smarts to grow lungs and build weapons of mass destruction? Do I say fuck the Bears for not evolving fast enough to have guns that will destroy any other species will to challenge the former law of Nature, Do I say fuck it to Dolphins and other whales because they weren't smart enough to horde off the action of humans that are polluting their environment and overfishing their water so their young go hungry.....

    That is just a touch of what human overpopulation is about. We all know in the past catholic and Mormons were all cute having 8 to 10 kids each. OK we all know better know.

    Over two is bullsihit. Less then two is great. NO kids for fricken losers is perfect. Sterilize all convicts of a harsh crime so they can not possible produce offspring.

    If you cannot afford to raise them as decent humans don’t have them.

    Common JP get with the times.

  18. I am optimistic that the human race will prevail and save the planet. I know it's not trendy to be hopeful about us saving the species of the planet and ourselves. But I think we can do it. Sorry this pisses you off. Now crawl into your bunker and wait for the Mayan calender to end the world.

  19. OK. Thanks for insulting my American Indian history. Let’s see how it plays out.

    Too me, you just proved yourself a naive and none thinking human......

    A shame, I had thought much higher thoughts of you before I understood that you premier humans over all other species of the earth. Even at their dire expense.

    God bless you JP. I think you may gain some life experiences that will come to help you see the bigger picture. Peace be with you.

  20. Only in Leucadia would some grumpy shithead insult a guy who actually has faith in the future.

  21. "A shame, I had thought much higher thoughts of you before I understood that you premier humans over all other species of the earth. Even at their dire expense."

    You understand nothing. I just said that I believe that we as a species can pull ourselves out of this mess. That includes saving plants, animals, etc. We can do it anonymous who knows my name. Are you with me or what? Let's start doing some positive work. Sheesh.

  22. Maybe this is a better option for anonymous

  23. Funny- I may join.

    I always try and act responsibly for mother earth. I just realize the trends and it doesn't look good. I hope your right and keep the faith. Sometimes, its hard to face reality.

    I guess your right, N. County could easily feed another 1,000,000 people and swamis could easily handle twice the crowd.

    Overpopulation is no big deal.

  24. Back in the 70's, I believe, there was a book entitled Soylent Green. For those not familiar with it, it talked about overpopulation. At a certain age you had to be euthanized. The world had become so populated there was not enough food for everyone. So, a product called Soylent Green was invented. It was considered a delicacy. It was humans, ground into a food of some kind. However, the current population was kind to the older folks. They let them see whatever scene they would like to see when they died. They could choose the ocean. forest, mountains etc. For course, they were only murals, as the people of the earth had already destroyed the real thing. Fast forward to today. There are kids in New York City that have never seen any kind of animal except rats, mice, perhaps a dog or cat. What was the point of the book? Only have 2 kids and that's all. You can replace yourself no mas. So, any of you out there with more than 2 kids, are a part of the problem, according to this book and to many who still believe that overpopulation is a problem. And, not just in Africa and Asia.

  25. The term Overpopulation implies that there should be a set number of humans and that we have passed that number. So I ask, what is that number? What is the perfect population level?

  26. 11:51 - The Mayans are not American Indians, they live in the Yucatan Pennisula area and Mexico. The Mayan language is still spoken today.


  28. Yucatan Pennisula area and Mexico is part of North and Central "AMERICA"

    All natives of north, central and south America are Native Americans.

    Its not all about the USA.

    JP- Its a subjective question. My preference would be the population of the world and country somewhere the small period of 1900 to 1930 or less. but definatley not following that period. We are well beyond our comfortable maximum limit IMHO.

    Check out the population curve and some good facts.

  29. the full web address, but you'll need to cut and paste it.


  31. "Overpopulation is overhyped. Africans don't starve to death because there are too many Africans. They starve to death because of wars and corruption. The system is designed so that 1% of the population can exploit the other 99%."

    Well I am not quite sure about that after looking at the facts.

    There might be something to this overpopulation thing?

    I don’t know. What do you think JP?

  32. JP didn't say overpopulation wasn't true. He said it was overhyped. Judging from the hyper reaction he is right. Please go kill yourself now.

  33. Nice. Karma Baby Karma. Watch out its going to get you.

  34. 1:20pm. OK maybe I will. Thanks for caring and I hope you feel better about yourself for helping me make a difficult decision. You should read about it in the next few days.

    You also made it clear to me that homo sapiens (Humans) are not that endearing.


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