Friday, November 06, 2009

Sweep it under the rug

Read the Tanya Mannes story on SignOnSanDiego: Chamber to be repaid for Visitors Center work


The City Council voted 3-2 on Monday, with Councilman Jerome Stocks and Councilwoman Teresa Barth dissenting, to pay the chamber what was owed.

Stocks dissented because he didn't think a subcommittee was needed. He also said the chamber should stop relying on city funding and that it should be an independent business advocacy group.

Barth said she voted no because she wanted the subcommittee to investigate the claims of wrongdoing in the financial review. “It bothers me a lot that we're just going to try to sweep this under the rug,” she said.

Stray observations:

Another bad vote from the people's mayor, Maggie Houlihan.
Why can't the Visitor's Center be moved into the spectacular and popular downtown Encinitas library?
It's good to be a lawyer in this town, everybody is always suing each other.


  1. Corruption is rampant at City Hall. Maggie has sold out to the dark side. Stocks was only grandstanding, this vote was secured before the session, like all controversial votes are, in violation of the Brown Act. Dalager and Bond don't think at all. I feel sorry for Barth, it must be unbelievably frustrating having to listen to four wind bags with a cummulative IQ of 103 vote against you almost every time.

  2. Can we recall Jerome Stocks?

  3. At least we have Barth. Keep up the fight for the people Teresa, your doing great!

  4. If you want a good laugh. Watch the video of the chamber issue on the city's web site. Marshal did a good job and makes sense.

    He should admit the swamis location for a surf tournament wont work and look for a suitable venue. Most people respect honesty and will easily forgive when asked.

    I never knew we had Christmas elfs in Encinitas. When Gary Tucker was speaking, I couldn't help but keep laughing.

    Mike Adreen could pass for Santa Claus and have Gary sit on this lap as one of the little elfs.... that would be classic.

    Andreen is really dillusional and thinks suiing the City is a big deal. Its only a big deal to him. Our City gets sued all the time. Its status quo. Andreen is a full on character to ask for a transparent audit, when we all know the shannigians that He and Gary pull when they work strongarming the Chamber. He is a troll if I have ever seen one.

    What the video, Its is really funny to see how pathetically screwed up our politics is in Encinitas.

    You could make this shit up if you tried.

  5. Alice in WonderlandNovember 06, 2009 2:23 PM

    The majority vote was also to protect the staff (City Manager & Assistant to the City Manager)who mis-managed the previous contract.

  6. The Visitor's Center at the Library? I love it. What a first impression to visitors. And it would veer people away from Swami's!
    But I wonder how many physical visitors per day we're getting at the VC right now.(ie, what each visitor is costing us) and if an online visitor's center wouldn't be better. As long as it's not this blog. Second thought, JP & Kevin might appreciate $90,000 a year to run this blog. Third thought, I'll handle it for $85,000from my shop and stay open 24/7/365!!. Then I wouldn't have to run for Mayor.

  7. I think we should give Fred $85,000 a year to be Mayor. He be the best Mayor in the USA.

  8. That is a good suggestion, why not have the visitors center at the library... there is plenty of room available.

  9. I don't think Stocks was grandstanding. He was totally supporting Andreen and Tucker. When Tucker and Andreen were still at the Chamber he fully supported them at the April 15 council vote to spend $85,000 for the Visitors' Center. The vote was 3 to 2 with the two women dissenting.

    Stocks did a total flip-flop in only 6 months. Why? Because he is totally beholden to Andreen and knows Andreen won't hesitate to tell all the dirty secrets. Andreen's showing of the video excerpt of the vote was a threat to Stocks to toe the line.

    Stocks' goal is to destroy the old Chamber so Andreen and Tucker can continue corrupt business as usual at the their new chamber. Stocks and Andreen are perfectly aligned. Sad but true.

  10. True... but which one of them gets to have Gary Tucker sit on their lap during Christmas photos at the mall?

  11. Public Service AnnouncementNovember 06, 2009 8:08 PM

    Associated Pressed. 10:34pm Mtn.- Jack Smith.

    Public Service Announcement-------

    Fred is now Mayor of Encinitas.

    Hale the Mayor.

    Hale Mayor Caldwell!

    Long live Mayor Caldwell!

    We love you. Take us from this current state of BS and make us the shining coastal town we deserve to be.

    Hale Fred. He is not only the Mayor, he is our friend.

    Long live Fred Caldwell. Encinita's finest.

  12. If Fred were Mayor, he would make Gary Tucker sit on Mike Andreens lap for 15 hours in front of the Target store with a sign saying "We were bad boys" for public service. Those two are classic. There is always ying and yang. And the Tucker/Andreen duo are the funniest yang I have ever seen.

    Than there is our Mayor Fred. He is classic in only the best way. He is classic because you know him by his actions. He doesn't speak a big game. He just delivers. Time and Time again. Its about time you became Mayor of this town.

    Hail Fred. I am glad you are finally Mayor!

  13. If Fred was mayor we would have a new target for our accusations and name calling. Bring it on I am tired of the old boys. Hard to find new jokes about them.

  14. I can't believe how quickly we throw Mayor Maggie under the bus!

    Fred doesn't even live in the city!

    Although we don't like Jerome, he was the #2 vote getting, right behind, under the bus Maggie. The other side (who has more community support - based on votes) may just want to recall Teresa - I've recently heard some rumors to that effect. Let's not be stupid!

    What happened to term limits?

    Now I can't get that image of Santa and his little elf out my mind - very funny!

  15. 11:17

    I love Maggie. I did her postcards for her last two campaigns. You also say you've heard rumours about Teresa. What are we to believe when you also say that I don't live in this city? Who would tell you that and why would you belive them?

  16. sweep it under the rugNovember 07, 2009 2:11 PM

    This is a much more important topic than the local gang problem. Does the Visitor's Center have a map to the gang headquarters?

  17. "Whatever happened to term limits"? Well, let's just say that there was only one person who e-mailed me back with the offer to help. That is besides the local attorney who said she would draft the documents. That is not enough for me to take this on. To be fair, Kevin C. did say he thought he could help get the signatures. However, there is a lot more than that involved. If people want term limits they are going to have to step forward and help get it done.

  18. Fred doesn't live here?

    Recall Teresa?

    You are either paid to post here or you be tweekin', dawg.


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