Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Construction dirt to be dumped on Moonlight Beach

On the agenda for this week's Wednesday city council meeting is a proposal to dump the construction dirt from the Scripp's Hospital expansion on Moonlight Beach.


A new precedent has been set in Encinitas. This is our future. I'm sure somebody will get an environmental award for this to boot.

Leucadia Blog: Sandy Beach "Replenished" with Developer's Construction Dirt

This sandy beach needed "replenishment".


  1. Here we go again. Catch us if you can.

  2. These criminals will bend every rule in the book for their developer buddies.

    Like it or not, our only resource here will be litigation and that's Surfrider's specialty.

    They won a big suit in Florida over the dumping of low quality sand on their beaches and they can do it again.

    Marko are you out there?

  3. 1. dumping your construction dirt, aka sand, is BS...residents can't do this; 2. this dirt may be contaminated by the gasoline plume from across the street...what testing has been done and do you really believe the results if it has been; 3. I don't want to swim in Scripps dirt...will it be sifted for presence of needles, syringes, offal, discarded drugs, etc....who is going to watch them put the dirt into the dumptrucks...they could be dumping anything; 4. I think we should nominate Encinitas for an Onion Award for the only organized approved dumping of debris on our pristine beaches. Boy, the boys really tow the far right line, if what you approve makes money and friends, then have no fear in calling the black cat a white possum.


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