Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sand in the 60s

Moonlight Beach, summer of '65

No cobbles can be seen in this picture taken in the summer of 1965.

Our taxpayer funded sand visionaries like to romanticize our beach history. They want us to believe that cobbles did not exist and we had football field wide beaches back in the days before JP and I were born. I don't see an unusually wide beach in the '65 photo and ten years before that photo was taken a large berm of cobbles could be found at D Street.

E Street toward Moonlight, summer 2007

Last summer there was no significant presence of cobbles at Moonlight. The beach built back up as part of the yearly cycle and there was a sandy berm from D Street to Moonlight. Qualitatively, 2007 looks about the same as 1965 to me.

Red line: most recent high tide line.
Blue line: recent high-high tide line.

You don't have to spend much time at the beach to know that the sand coloration changes across the beach face. The high berm is often lighter in color due to differences in the sand composition and moisture content.

One of the things I found interesting in the 1965 photo was that the high berm with the light color sand did not extend down the beach toward Stonesteps. I mark that edge with the blue line. The demarcation that the red line follows is less clear to me. I figure that line follows the high tide line. It is tough to follow once you get to the far bluff. I can't image that it pops out very far once the line gets in front of the bluffs.

Where is the big wide beach of yesteryear?

Cobbles present at the beginning of Encinitas
Romancing the Cobblestone
Aceti's inspiring quotes about cobbles
The entire sand trilogy

Blogger's note: I am absolutely certain that no firefighters are present in any of the photographs.

North Leucadia 101 Eucs, post trim

The eucalyptus trees in the first center median in north Leucadia's coast highway 101 are looking sharp after their recent trimming.
Last month's stormy high winds also gave these trees a good cleaning.
It would be wise for the city of Encinitas to put all the Hwy101 tress on a regular trimming schedule.
There are those in our city who want all the big eucs on Hwy101 removed.
News stories about Leucadia's trees seem to attract angry online comments voicing a hardcore anti-tree sentiment.
Phil Cotton is the city manager of Encinitas. Phil Cotton when at public works, was in charge of street tree maintenance. Before he came to the city he did landscape maintenance. Oddly, there was very little maintenance done to Leucadia's Hwy101 tree canopy during those years.

I heard that the city is going to discuss developing an Urban tree management plan in March.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tree Tunnels

The above picture is the famous tree tunnel to Koloa (Kauai). Two interesting things about the Koloa Eucalyptus trees: 1) they are 150 years old and 2) they have been repeatedly  shredded clean by hurricanes. The canopy grows back; trees are modular organisms.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Little Oaks

San Diego Oak Woodland

Yesterday, the UT ran a story on the city's developing tree policy. The UT reminded readers of our city's namesake, "After all, this is the city whose very name means “little oaks” in Spanish."

Not a lot of people realize we still have native oaks in Encinitas. In east Encinitas, you could still find a few remnants of coast live oak woodlands 10-15 years ago. Back then, you could find massive coast live oaks like you would find in other California woodlands. You can still find good size specimens down along streams in the riparian zones.

Much more widespread, and still easy to find, are stands of miniature oaks. Older stands will have a canopy tall enough to walk under.
Open space preserve off Manchester Avenue.

Don't be surprised if you find a bunch of native ferns under the oak canopy, especially if you are on a east or north facing slope.In some parts of Olivenhain residents incorporated the oaks into their design plans.

This specimen is probably about 70 years old.

I have oak seedlings from the above tree. If anyone wants to give them a good home I will share. They are drought tolerant. Send me an email.

Bonus Photo:

Coast live oak in a Pasadena front yard.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nanninga Tribute Monday Feb 23

Bob's tribute is on Monday, February 23rd, One Less Monkey Jumpin' On the Bed at the E St Cafe in downtown Encinitas 6-8 pm.

March 12th at the La Paloma. The Full Moon Poets led by Danny Salzhandler will be hosting and Invitation Only Poetry performance of Bob's poems.

Sign-ups to speak about Bob on stage Monday night are at the DEMA office.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

City-wide sidewalk Sale this Saturday

Remember when I used to rant on this blog on how I refuse to spend money outside of Encinitas city limits? Well now it's the hip thing to do.

Support our local businesses this Saturday Feb 21, 9am - 5pm at shops throughout all five communities of Encinitas.

Supporting local businesses supports our friends, neighbors and local revenue funds.

For more info about the Shop Local E campaign
Visit to discover discounts, savor special offers, obtain a bumper sticker or post pictures of locals obtaining Encinitas goods and services.

10 reasons to shop locally in Encinitas

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Helicopter Crashlands on Sandy Beach

"Thank god there was no cobblestones." says pilot.
Helicopter makes emergency landing on beach

Peder Norby is Everywhere

Peder Norby, former DEMA big wig and pastry chef, current Carlsbad green-home owner, Encinitas Highway 101 Coordinator; was recently appointed to the San Diego County Planning Commission. (That is a photo of Norby and Aceti getting a proclamation from County Supervisor Slater-Price.)

Peder was thrown into the frying pan the first day on the commission. According to the Chaparral Institute, the planning commission conducted a hearing by "Supervisor Bill Horn’s directive asking county staff to develop a massive program to burn, masticate, or graze large portions of San Diego’s backcountry and protected county lands."

The Chaparral Institute edited a youtube video about that meeting.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who will continue Nanninga's mission?

Bob Nanninga's untimely departure from Earth leaves a void in Encinitas. There was nobody like Bob. Who else has the time, energy and tenacity to play Bob's roll as chief advocate and defender of environmental issues in Encinitas? I didn't always agree with Bob but he was always interesting and he put a lot of effort into his causes. Who in this town will step up to the plate and not only represent enviro issues, but who can also handle the backlash?

The Coast News invites you to leave a comment about Bob here.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

In Remembrance, Bob Nanninga

Robert “Bob” Nanninga, a fixture in the North County political, environmental, arts and business community, died of pneumonia yesterday at a La Jolla hospital (UT).

I was very sad to hear this news. Bob danced to the beat of his own drummer. He was a unique man in a town of unique people. Bob leaves a void in this town that nobody else will ever fill.

Actor and cafe owner cherished environment

Observations from the Edge

No Answer From Garrick on Water Shortage



In the face of a continuing drought, cutbacks in water supplies and calls for water conservation, the state continues mandating housing growth in San Diego County.

In October 2005, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 1233 into law. That act established the state's right to mandate housing "need" based on anticipated population growth. That "need" is apportioned to the various county governments, who then assign portions to their respective cities, who must then find sites to build "dwelling units" on. How many dwelling units total for the county? We're supposed to add 107,301 between 2005 and 2010. And more in the years after that.

So today, San Diego County cities are struggling to accommodate the shares they've been saddled with by SANDAG, and at the same time are begging their residents to cut back on water usage.

And now the governor is telling us to "Conserve or else ..." (NCT, Aug. 19), calling for "the state to reduce per-person water consumption by 20 percent by the year 2020."

We're now facing water rate increases to help us reduce usage. And cities are doing their part to

So I asked my representatives in the Legislature ---- Assemblyman Martin Garrick and Sen. Mark Wyland ---- to answer this e-mail question: "Given the current and forecast water shortage in San Diego County, and given the requested cuts of up to 20 percent in its usage: Have you sponsored any legislation that would provide relief from the state's housing mandate that requires the addition of defined quantities of housing in the county's cities?"

Their answers? None, silence.

Elimination of the state mandate wouldn't stop housing growth in the area when the economy recovers. ... Cities would be free to grow as their residents desire.


We're being conditioned to use less water, not only during droughts, but routinely. And a major reason for that is growth.

If the state is going to continue mandating growth, they also need to find a massive source of water to support it ---- along with the capital needed to expand, repair and improve our infrastructure. And if SANDAG and our local governing bodies can't find the backbone to say "NO" to demanded growth, they should be forced to cut back their use of water and bathe once a week ---- in 4 inches of water. I'll supply the rubber duckies. What's next, sponge baths? More rationing?

It is a serious disservice to the residents of San Diego County to mandate growth in the face of a serious water shortage.

Blogger's note: In 2007 Barth, Houlihan, and Bonds voted against signing a contract with Poseidon for desal water production.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Leucadia Bird's Eye View

North coast Leucadia view from above. Photo by Fred Caldwell while hanging Arts Banners. Nice view of our old funky highway, few remaining old growth trees in the distance and the perma-puddle in front of the antique clock shop.

Recent news items you should read:

ENCINITAS: Tree removal, shoppers' shuttle bus planned for Leucadia

Ailing mayor notes city's 'successful year'

ENCINITAS: Council revises city spending plan

Thursday, February 12, 2009

First Ride

The newly formed Leucadia Bicycle Club is organizing an event called First Ride. They sound like a refreshing change from the other bike clubs of hyper-intense swarms of Lycra clad 10 speeders.

Everyone Welcome!!!
When: 11:00AM Saturday, February 14th (Valentine's Day)
Where: Meet at the Pannikin Coffee House
From their website:
We are a family of local cyclists looking to grow our group! No matter your age, style, or experience, we just want a fun positive group of people to ride the streets of this amazing coastline we call home.
We will start out at the Pannikin, in Leucadia, and can travel as far as the grassy parks in Del Mar. Some days might not permit us to ride that far, so we will plan a suitable destination for each ride. If we are capable of making the ride to Del Mar, plan on stopping for lunch!

We want this to be fun for all, so all bikes are welcome...

* Cruisers
* Fixies
* Road Bikes
* Tandem
* Unicycles
* Tricycles, etc.
*No motorized bikes please

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Encinitas City Council Guide 2009

If you are new to city hall it might help to know something about your council members. Here is a quick reference guide to your council.

Jim Bond is Grandpa Simpson. Grandpa Simpson might have been a mover and shaker when young and still eager. He still belts out some classic lines of wisdom from time to time, but he is worn out. Expect him to provide a guiding hand on the lucky occasion, but he is over it. His heart is the right place but there is no leadership left in him.

Jerome Stocks is Eddie Haskell. He has a tendency for being insincerely courteous. When the spotlight is turned off his true side comes out. He is the most willing council member to put his own fortunes ahead of the citizens, and he does that in the backroom as much as possible so he doesn't have to take responsibility.

Maggie Houlihan is Jar Jar Binks. Jar Jar has the biggest heart and wants to do right. Jar Jar is a trusted friend of the protectors of the free Galactic Republic. Jar Jar sometimes operates in a clumsy manner and Jar Jar isn't very good at figuring out who are the real friends of the free Republic. Jar Jar was willingly manipulated by the evil Sith into giving them exactly what they wanted.

Dan Dalager would be difficult to explain if it weren't for W. Bush. Dan is George W. Bush. A great guy to have a beer with and to have in your community to help out. Not so good at being the Decider.

Both have loyal followers who judge them based only on their folksy persona. Both Dan and W. talk about principles of good government but don't always follow those principles. Both have grown the size of government and government debt, while telling everyone they are conservatives. Both spit out sound bites that sound good and don't seem to realize they are actually doing the opposite of what they say. Both played up religious beliefs to get elected. Both played up patriotism to get elected. Both helped their cronies attain positions of power and income. Both enjoy doing government favors for their friends. Both make backroom deals. Both pretzled the truth during their election campaigns. Both react poorly to opposing viewpoints and resent their decisions being questioned. Both are enemies of open government.

Both have accumulated a group of former supporters who now realize that support for Dan and Bush was a big mistake.

It should be no surprise that Dan was a fan of W. Bush.

City insiders will know why the above picture is appropriate.

Teresa Barth is Lois Lane from Superman I. Not just on the job, but eager to dig in and get to the bottom of the story and then do something about it. From an outside perspective some of her interactions might seem awkward or uncomfortable, but that is because she is so focused on the big story and has that in mind.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


From Fred Caldwell: "This tree was completely dead for over 10 years, yet neither the railroad nor the city thought it was a danger. How did the "arborists" miss this one? Only in Encinitas do we cut down live trees while ignoring completely dead ones standing right next to them. Geesh."

Monday, February 09, 2009

Local Hero Saves Tree then goes on Vacation

Excerpts from the UT:

[Jru's] sister said yesterday that [Jru] told her Saturday morning that Encinitas Mayor Maggie Houlihan had called him on his cell phone. According to Watkins, the mayor said the city was not going to cut down the tree. Watkins also told his sister that the platform on which he had been sitting would remain and the mayor said a community garden would be planted at the tree.

“I made no call,” Houlihan said. “I was surprised, but he's obviously been spreading this story around.”


Brandt said her brother called her and said he was on a train heading to Santa Barbara to “recoup and relax.”

“He told me he was going to turn his cell phone off for about a week and that he would be back Friday,” Brandt said.


Local 3rd graders propose replacing the tree with a statue to honor Jru.

See Also: Enviro Barney Climbs Wrong Tree

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The "Chinese Fire Drill" city council emails

You may have read this story in the Union Tribune about how the city council male majority may have violated the Brown Act by sending out hilarious emails regarding the now bizarre events in Orpheus Park. These emails have been forwarded to me by several different parties so there is a good chance you have already seen them. They are a good glimpse into the strange cult of personalities that rule our town.

The first email is from Deputy Mayor Dan Dalager who brings sass and prickish condescendsion in local government to a whole new level:

From:Dan Dalager
Sent: Sat 1/31/2009 11:23 AM
To:Teresa Barth; Chris Hazeltine; council
Cc:Phil Cotton; Donald Fowler; Michael Stauffer; Terry Smith; John
Frenken; Larry Watt; Mark Hosford; Jacy Bolden; '';
'Mark Muir'; ''; 'Randy Goodson'; 'Andy Herold'; Bob
Subject: RE: Orpheus Park Tree Removal

All, I was so impressed with the 'spontaneous' demonstration over a tree cutting by a bunch of 10 year olds from Paul Ecke Central at Orpheus Park during school hours on Friday. I wonder if discussion was held in class of the tree issue (the fact that there's always 2 sides to any story is a great object lesson), or if we just had a bunch of kids being used for the expediency and ideology of an instructor. We must be doing one heck of a job teaching-I noticed that the penmanship on the signs left on the site was exemplary (and consistent to the point of almost seeming to be from the same hand), and though the message was singular, the structure and verbiage were excellent. I always thought this level of performance was beyond even advanced
elementary (and most middle school) students.

I would hope any further object lessons such as these could at a minimum be done in a safe and sane manner. Kids crossing yellow tape and approaching working chipper machines is unacceptable, and a comment from an elected official to staff that 'if someone got hurt, maybe we'd learn our lesson', though I'm sure it was an attempt at humor, was beyond despicable.

Finally, in respect to ill-will in the community- As council members, there's a lot we can do to shape and direct our community. Even though we often have differing points of view, working together makes things better for everyone and even enables a minority position to achieve its goals. Waving a red flag and publicly attacking or demeaning staff at every opportunity, creates community-wide ill-will and only isolates and renders the attacker impotent. (What do we want to achieve, an actual goal, or martyrdom? Some seem to prefer martyrdom).
Just for an example of this sort of isolation, as married as I am to the idea of the simple 'one seat to the right' rotation for Mayor, I will NEVER vote to appoint into that position anyone who does not have the competency to work through the system to obtain their goals, and instead spends their time fueling Chinese fire drills and planting discord, solely to keep the spotlight on themselves. Thanks for your

PS- Mo and Lean, could you please pass these comments on to your boards? Thanks

Dan Dalager
Deputy Mayor, City of Encinitas

The next email is from councilman Jerome Stocks who has a reputation and long history of searing sarcasm. Note that he using his new tactic of faux kindness towards his longtime rival Maggie Houlihan:

From: Jerome Stocks
Sent: Sat 1/31/2009 4:06 PM
To:Dan Dalager; Teresa Barth; Chris Hazeltine; council
Cc:Phil Cotton; Donald Fowler; Michael Stauffer; Terry Smith; John
Frenken; Larry Watt; Mark Hosford; Jacy Bolden; '';
'Mark Muir'; ''; 'Randy Goodson'; 'Andy Herold'; Bob
Subject: RE: Orpheus Park Tree Removal

I simply want to thank our Mayor, Maggie Houlihan, for taking a meeting with staff and reaching the logical conclusion that our City government should honor its verbal contracts with its resident's and this project should go forward. It would have been easy to pander to the crowd as a populist, or micromanage the project by delaying it and referring it to the City Council for politicalization as some clearly would have; but instead Maggie took the high road and supported doing the right thing over the expediently popular thing. I for one applaud her and support her for showing fortitude in this instance.

The tree / trees in question are non-native, high maintenance, not endangered, and not of historical significance. In short they are landscaping, and landscaping is subject to improvement and alteration.

Maggie, thank you for exhibiting common sense on this. I have every confidence the vast majority of Encinitas understands and agrees with you.

Jerome Stocks
City of Encinitas

Orpheus Park tree saga news roundup:

E-mails about tree put City Council under fire

ENCINITAS: Tipu tree at center of park controversy has a famous relative

Petition submitted to save tree in Encinitas park

ENCINITAS: Tree-sitter experiences first wet night

Encinitas protester remains up a tree

ENCINITAS: Tree-sitter blocks removal of park tipu tree

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Leucadia 101 Main Street Association Annual Membership Meeting

LEUCADIA—The Leucadia 101 Main Street Association’s annual membership meeting will be held on February 12, 6:30-8 pm at the Encinitas Civic Center, Poinsettia Room. The purpose of the meeting is to recap Leucadia 101’s achievements for 2008 and present future goals, which will include a Hwy 101 shuttle bus pilot program that our organization is working on for the summer of 2009.

Also planned is a presentation on the North Hwy 101 Streetscape by Diane Langager, the senior planner for the project, who will recap the three streetscape workshops that have been held to date. Special guests will include: Mayor Maggie Houlihan; City Council members; and City Manager Phil Cotton, and Assistant City Manager Richard Phillips will also have information on the new Buy LocalE city-wide promotion to shop in our local community. In addition, winners of the Light Up Leucadia holiday lighting contest will be awarded prizes for First, Second, Third places, Honorable Mentions and People’s Choice.

Everyone is welcome to attend, and it’s a good way for people to meet the Leucadia 101 Board of Directors, staff and other members. The meeting gives attendees the opportunity to share ideas, offer suggestions and be an active part of the organization. Participation as a member of Leucadia101 Main Street Association is key to the success of the revitalization of the North Hwy 101 corridor. For more information about the organization, please visit the website at

*Blogger's note--I am a L101 board member but please don't hold it against them. J.P. St. Pierre

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Arts Alive Banner Project 2009

Arts Alive Banner Project

On Saturday, February 7th, 2009 from 2pm-5pm at Cabo Grill located at 1950 N Coast Highway 101 on the corner of La Costa Ave and Highway 101, the 101 Arts Alive Banners will be unveiled. After the unveiling the Banners will be on display on the lamp posts along Hwy 101 in Downtown Encinitas, Leucadia and the Cardiff Towne Center where they will remain until May. The live auction will take place on Sunday, May 31st, 2009 at 2pm at the Cardiff Town Center.

DEMA spearheads the Arts Alive Banner program that is presented by the 101 Artists' Colony, Cardiff 101 Chamber of Commerce and Leucadia 101 MainStreet. The proceeds of the banner auction are split 50/50 between the artists and the three presenting groups.

Leucadia Blog: Art Banners 2008

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Leucadia Hwy101 Tree Trimming

Orpheus Park is getting all the attention but there is a lot of hot tree action on the coast highway this week. There has been lots of trim trimming activity. I don't think any trees have been chopped down yet.

As I watch the workers trim the trees I am feeling validated by my stance that if the city maintained the trees more they would look good and be healthy. example: even though I am a huge advocate for preserving the coast highway trees I've always kind of hated those two bushy Ficus in the second to last photo. They look much better trimmed.

I'm not looking forward to seeing the big trees getting chopped down later this month. *sigh*

Moonlight Beach 1955

I found this photo while goofing around on Google Earth.
Look at all those cobblestones! In 1955! I blame atomic bomb test, Elvis and the Russians.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Orpheus Park Tree Drama Compromise

Why can't the city just pull the contested tree out of the ground, place it on a flatbed truck and replant it somewhere else? It should only take a couple of hours and then everyone can go home happy.

Monday, February 02, 2009

What other verbal agreements does the city of Encinitas have?

The spectacle of Drew the hippy kid camping out in the little Orpheus Park tree is distracting from the real issue, the drama at the park isn't about little kids and trees or even views. The real issue is that the city of Encinitas is making and acting on verbal agreements.

Read Kevin's Burning Questions on the Trees vs Views post.

Ask yourself, how many other verbal agreements does the city have around town?

Obviously the city is okay with this sort of protocol. As a resident and taxpayer do you feel comfortable knowing that your city has off the record verbal agreements and handshake deals floating around out there?