Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another RSP tree goes down

I assume this afternoon's super storm will finish off the lone
survivor. I say don't replant until the streetscape plan is finalized.


  1. what happened to the road side park bum?

  2. Maybe he moved down to Swami's to be with Linda Benson's group.

  3. The City Parks department thought he was a tree and cut him down

  4. I agree. Don't plant until the streetscape is finalized.

  5. Not an arborist here, but I think they need to free up the root balls a little before planting, plant the trees a tad deeper and not in quicksand.

    By the way, quicksand was one of my main fears as a child. They list of intensity went something like this:
    #1. Lockjaw
    #2. The Russians taking over.
    #3. Quicksand.
    #4. Indians
    #5. Being the only white kid in first grade.
    #6. The Boogieman
    #7. The Blob
    #8. The Tingler
    #9. Frankenstein
    #10. Felix the cat (I hated the fixes he'd get into every time).
    #11. President Johnson. (I hated the fixes he'd get into as well.)
    #12. Lining up like cattle before slaughter while getting a mandatory shot at school.

    That's all. Oddly atomic bombs weren't even on my radar. If I knew then what I know now, I'd only have to fear the criminal justice system in San Diego wouldn't operate properly. But I still watch for quicksand.

    I know that's more than you all needed to know, but hey, it's my birthday, and that's my little speech for today. No matter how pleasant and unconvincing it may be.

  6. #13. Jean Dixon predicting California would fall into the ocean at 2pm on April 4th, 1967. I ditched school that day (as if that would help).

  7. Happy Birthday Fred!

    Leucadia Loves You!

  8. Happy Birthday, Fred.


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