Friday, January 15, 2010

Fred's case for the Leucadia Streetscape

Fred Caldwell presented a slideshow at the council meeting but that was off the cuff and a lot of fun. But the video we saw at the meeting did not have the actual audio. Watch the above video and listen to Fred's amazing commentary.


  1. Fred is king of Leucadia!

  2. Leucadia Since 1972January 15, 2010 8:21 PM

    Caldwell for President!

  3. Looks Like Fred is going far beyond just being Mayor,

    Fred for Mayor!

  4. Thank-you for showing the slide show with audio. I was at the city council meeting and although Fred's spur of the moment narrative was good his prepared one was even better. Kathleen

  5. WOW! Fred that is a really great video. I am truly impressed with your logical, well thought out, position. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for like it everyone (so far). I put 2 days and 20 years of work into it, so was bummed when the audio didn't work at the meeting. Fortunately a picture is worth a thousand words. But the funniest comment came from Lynn when Pamela was on screen: "How bout those roundabouts?"

  7. Hi all and Thanks you Fred for a well presented explaination of your support for Plan.

    I do have some major issues with this approach tho. As a native (born in Cardiff) and now a Resident owner of house and property on Melrose Av. I still am very disturbed with the traffic pattern that will become a reality if implimentes as is.

    We and the City must not allow Melrose to become an ALTERNATE Route to 101. This Plan still does fully addressed the impact of the 101 Traffic that will use Melrose as a way to avoid the stop and go traffic pattern that will become more prevelent on 101. Our neighboehood will suffer the most and we need to insure safty to us and also allow for our Parking needs for ourselves!!


  8. Loooong time LocalJanuary 16, 2010 5:09 PM

    And Northbound: Vulcan and Sunset and Orpheus....Orph has speed bumps/Sunset has 'nada'. Then theres Ocean View....gotta get these bozos back to Carlsbad with as litle impact as possible.

  9. The Coast News coverage was disappointing, as usual. Focus was on opposition - nothing about all the hard work done by the Community to get this project moved forward.

    I guess that is what sells newspapers, but it is too bad that people like Fred Caldwell did not get identified for all their hard work.

  10. I've long thought that Melrose should be one way.

  11. 4:37

    If the improvements increase the overall volume of traffic that can travel north through town, (and I believe they will as per numerous other examples we were shown), there will be a lot less need for cut-through traffic than there is right now. The only thing discouraging commuters from using 101 and prefering the fwy 5 is the fact that the speed limit on 101 will be slower than it is now. Period. Commuters just want to get to work and back home as fast as they can. Vulcan, Melrose and Neptune will not be desired as alternatives barring an Eddie Vedder appearance at the La Paloma. (I don't believe the sky will be falling either, as one person once said. But if it does, we're all toast, super highway or not.) And with 101 traffic flowing better than it does now, why would anyone prefere Melrose to 101? That would not save time.
    Cars will no longer be backing up at La Costa Ave or at Marchetta St. and Leucadia Blvd will have 4 lanes of flow to address that periodic northbound stop that cannot be changed.

    Like the lady speaker who had long brown hair at the meeting, she wanted to know HOW one man arrived at the figure that thousands of cars per day would be diverted to the freeway. I'd like to know the science behind that conclusion too.

  12. lower the speed limit from solana beach north to 30mph. Then all those commuters can hit the freeway at LSF and avoid us altogether. It makes no sense having commuters hit 55 through the flats and then have to slow to 30-35 at Swamis.

  13. The Truth about streetscape trafficJanuary 17, 2010 8:11 AM


    Thanks for posting your legitimate concern.

    You, like about 80% of the redshirts, are concerned about spillover traffic into your neighborhood.

    The sad reality is someone mislead you and others to think that Alternative 4a will make it worse.

    There are a few key points to consider in realizing there will actually be no cut through traffic in the Melrose area with Alternative 4a. In fact, 4a is much better at addressing the spill over issue to your neighborhood than doing nothing.

    1. As Fred explained, people just want to get from piont A to point B as fast as possible unless an alternate route offers more rewards (like free money or eye candy) which may also be considered in their decision.

    1. the current stress for southbound traffic causing people to want to detour right and cut down north court and El Portal through the neighborhood is caused by the all way stop at Marchetta which is the most restrictive intersection for traffic other than Leucadia Blvd. Intersection.

    2. With the roundabout installed at El Portal, the all way stop at Marchetta is removed. This roundabout along with the roundabout at La Costa should be the first built. Once installed, Leucadia Blvd. will be the biggest restriction point for south bound traffic and will still be the major congestion point along the whole corridor.

    3. Once southbound traffic is released through Leucadia blvd. there may be a few second delay at the El Portal roundabout as the glut of traffic is queued and works through the El Portal roundabout in peak traffic periods.

    4. Once southbound traffic is past El Portal, there is wide open speeding southbound until you get to Encinitas Blvd.

    5. Considering the above, I guarantee that once the roundabout is installed at El Portal and the all way stop is removed from Marchetta the El Portal, Melrose, La Vida Neighborhood will cease to receive any spill over traffic from Hwy 101.

    6. If the existing conditions remain, the spill over traffic problems will only get worse.

    7. Considering the above, El Portal, Melrose, La Vida Neighborhood should all be educated so they can understand the issue, and get behind 4a if they want to see improvement in the existing spill over traffic issue.

    Now Vulcan is a whole different story and there will be spill over traffic if nothing is done. To address this issue the following should be done.

    1. Put all way stops at Sunset/Vulcan, and either Sanford or hillcrest which will eliminate any spill over traffic from hwy101 and will help protect the neighborhood, school, and Oakcrest Park from speeding traffic.

    2. Install some Traffic calming including a raised crossway to physically slow traffic near Paul Ecke Central Elementary School to help protect our children.

    3. Install some traffic calming on Sunset similar to what is being done on Rubenstein in Cardiff.

    Neptune will not be receiving any spill over traffic from the streetscape however there should be some traffic calming regardless because, as a speaker pointed out, it serves as the largest linear park for out door enthusiast (walkers, bikes, skateboards, roller blades, dogs, etc….) then any other park.

    I feel the streetscape plan needs to be implemented holistically in order to be a success, embraced by 95% of the people and be an improvement for 99% of the people. The above suggestions will make the plan a holistic solution. Please feel free to share the above information with your neighbors through Leucadia.

    Thanks for loving Leucadia and taking ownership of your home community.

  14. check out Logan Jenkin's article in today's SD Union. He praised our Streetscape.

    Good job Leucadia!

  15. Nice Article. Thanks Jerome, Teresa, and Maggie for supporting this awesome project for Encinitas. The future of Encinitas will be better for it.

    I also heard Danny is in favor of Alternative 4a. That leave ol' Jim Bond. Some old dogs can never learn new tricks.

    Its time for Jim to step down and enjoy his last remaining years.

  16. In regards to cut thru traffic, what is not mentioned often enough is that many times it may be your own neighbor speeding down "known" surface streets. As always, it starts with you, check your speed
    when driving thru the 'hood.


    "1. the current stress for southbound traffic causing people to want to detour right and cut down north court and El Portal through the neighborhood is caused by the all way stop at Marchetta"


    "check your speed when driving thru the 'hood."

    Please! I don't live on Neptune, but often drive it. Since I cycle it also, I don't dare break 20-25. There are too many times when people come flying up behind me doing 40 when all I can see in the street in front of me is cyclists, joggers, kids, and strollers.

  18. Pleasant, yet unconvincing.


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