Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Glimpse of Noah's Ark

Fred Caldwell found this eerie youtube video of a road trip down the southern California coast. Proof that Noah's Ark in Leucadia is not an urban myth.
Bonus photo, the 101 back in the good 'ol days when there was no traffic.


  1. I kept trying to turn up the sound!! lol!

  2. Yeah, my frined Bret Hurst was checkin out random things on youtube, and as we're watching this home movie, bam, Noah's Ark flashed on the screen for a few seconds. I haven't seen that rolling perspective since the 60's. Notice also the two Monterey Cypress trees that are in front as the car whizzes by. A man I know has phots of the inside of that Noah's Ark restaurant. I'll send them on when I get them. If only KSL would build a big Noah's Ark hotel there instead of a dated design for a common posh boxy othodox hotel! They might have to take one star off their rating, but it'd definately make a memorable postcard!

    Re the lower picture, The northbound lanes coming from the base of Torrey Pines show gridlock in the 1950's photo. Of course that was before fwy 5 was available. Now at peak hours, you see nearly as much conjestion. I was surprise during their bridge improvements though that they made the entire stretch from around the base of Torrey Pines single lanes. (and one super wide median).
    I think a roundabout at Carmel Valley Rd would help flow better.


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