Monday, January 11, 2010

Let's count the dog poop at Orpheus Park

Video by Steve Meiche.
Leucadia Blog: Letter of Complaint to the City of Encinitas


  1. Don't irresponsible pet owners just piss you off?

    I'm coming around to the idea that dogs need to be confined to their own fenced areas in public parks. Human park users shouldn't have to dodge turds left by dogs, nor deal with the residue from copious leg-lifting by man's best friend.

  2. Since the owners can't pick it up and the city wants to allow this, the city should pay to pick it up.

    Oh, BTW, the city attorney never gave a sopena to any of the deputies for the off leash tickets. So when the people who received the citations went to court their tickets were dismissed because the deputies were not there because they didn't know they had to be. This is a chicken poop way of making the people happy who got the tickets. The city asked for the enforcement and then turn their backs on the people who enforce it.

  3. Mike needs a SOPENA for his spelling crimes.

  4. No, the persone who invented the word subpoenae needs to be jailed.

  5. Yah, Ferd has it rihgt! Just type slwoer, peopel.

  6. Yucky park!


    How did you find out about the city attorney?

    Barth had asked at the council meeting if the tickets could be reversed? I guess they found a way.

    2 more parks are on the hit list for this unleashed nonsense.

    Best practices of other cities reject shared use parks and design properly planned dog parks....fenced, well designed, parking and maintenance budgets.

    The city is forgetting the whole community and caving to a special rights group.

  7. I like to crap in that park. Some of those small nuggets are likely mine.

    None of the pee stains are mine. I pee in my own yard so my neighbors don't come around my woman.

  8. I love viewing dog shitJanuary 11, 2010 1:46 PM

    Fricken irresponsible pet owners suck!!!

    Fire fighters sure have a lot of free time on their hands. Its all that OT and huge salaries. No wonder all the LA fire fighters can afford to live in Encinitas and drive to LA for work.

    Thanks Steve! for video taping dog shit.

  9. Since when does the City Attorney give subpoenae's for sheriff's tickets. I think you some of you are sniffing too much dog poop that Helicopter Man has been depositing. Good grief, get a grip people. One man has a vendetta and you act like a bunch of sheep. If you don't like dogs in parks tell the Council.

  10. Thank you Steve for the video..I am in complete agreement as to the "filthy" nature of the parks designed for humans.
    I think that the City should provide "dog parks" where only dogs, their owners and feces/pee abound. By the way...I am very much a dog lover, but having so many dogs in a park designed for humans and children is simply disgusting!Would you EVER have a picnic on that lawn with your family???

  11. So how do these Owners dip the dog poop in the dark? Heat-seeking devices?

    Jan 15, hours will be extended til 8PM including Sundays. Expect even more poop on weekends and Monday mornings.

    Hey Encinitas! a special-interest group has Bogarted your Parks and The City has allowed it to happen.
    Step up and be heard.

  12. If you can't see the shit
    then you must ex-it

  13. Too many people living in Encinitas and Leucadia have dogs that shouldn't. The amount of poop and pee everywhere is sickening and a public health hazard. The poop and pee do make it to the ocean along with lots of other pollutants and endanger our lives every time we surf or swim. Try telling that to all the transplants who don't surf but only want to live here to hang out at the Pannikin and look surfer cool.
    And whats with Stocks and Dallager, they don't have the balls to vote to stop the dog loving loonies from taking over all the parks? I can see it with Maggie and Teresa, they're both loons, but you would think these two twits would show some spine and vote in the best interest of all the citizens.
    This video shows how much these dog lovers are just low life scum who don't pick up after their animals and continue to think of them as family. Maggie did call them: "Our fur children" Sick, sick, sick.

  14. Beware of people who refer to animals as part of the family. I love my cats and my dog, but if you think all that crap and urine is just peachy at parks where children and families used to play, you are disturbed.

  15. What a flippin joke this guy is. He has nothing else better to do than film dog poop? FYI.... I was ticketed and had to pay the fine... I didn't get off. Learn your facts before you spout, the officers were there in court!!! Another thing, this all should just prove to the City of Encinitas and everyone fighting, that we are in desperate need for dog parks, not just people parks! Let's work together instead of fight each other. We all want the same thing, to be happy with whatever you call a "family member" when you go to the park. We all pay taxes, on these parks why can't we all use them the way we need them to be used. No need to be selfish. Let's get fenced park areas just for people and their dogs. As well as fenced park areas just for people. The Hall property will NOT cut it. Encinitas is to big of a town for people who don't have the means to drive with their dog to a park. Or for people who just want to walk to the park with their dog! People with kids have those rights. We need to have established areas throughout the city where kids don't have to go near the dog area and step in the poop or pee and so poor Steve Meich can stop using his flip and watch where he's walking, cause I'm sure he can go on his days off and film the litter left behind on his street from the Garbage Men and complain about that instead! Let's work together not against each other. Talk about Waste!

  16. Another thing to divide the town. Yay!

  17. I want a cat park. After all Encinitas is an equal opportunity city.

  18. A pussy park sounds good to me. The City could make needed money by starting a reality show.

    "The fast times at pussy park"

  19. The solution is simple: the city should require that all dogs wear doggy diapers and ticket owners whose dogs aren't wearing one....we could never get away with having our toddlers running around pooping all over the place

  20. In Orpheus Park
    dogs frolic and bark;
    The Owners take leave of their guard
    The problem is this:
    their dogs poop and piss
    So their Owners can have a clean yard.

  21. If you can't scoop the poop on the lawn,
    your dog should be leashed and be gone;
    For the following day, children will play,
    and the poop and their shoes will be one

  22. With Jerome on the council, it was inevitable that the parks would go to the dogs. It isn't just that poop is smelly and foul, dogs also carry worms..roundworms, ringworm, tapeworm, etc. that infect the areas children play in and infect children. Even responsible dog owners can be unaware that their pet is infected. Viewpoint Park was filthy and disgusting with poop and urine smell so I stopped taking my kids there. It has gone to the dogs.

  23. Same as ORIFICE Park in Leucadia.

  24. This is typical of "off leash" parks, too bad that such a small group of dog owners are being catered to and the wonderful city neighborhood parks are not really totally kid, people and responsible leash pet owner friendly. Doesn't this require patrol officers be present to issue tickets? If the city does not have the budget to patrol the park, then the park rules need to be changed!

  25. I own a dog. I would never talk him to Orpheus park. Its too filthy.

  26. Wow Mike you sure got alot of time on your hands!

  27. oh no dog droppings at a dog park who would have ever guessed?! I bet this guy would rage if someones dog shat on his lawn. That would be a sight to see! Haha! id be more worried about the head lice and hepatitis that runs wild @ Paul Ecke, that school is filthy, especially with all the, how should i say un-bathed, smelly, dirty, poor mexicans that send their nine million little dirty offspring there. Parks and play grounds are dirty that's how your kids build up immunity butthead;)

  28. unless your rolling around down there who cares? Watch your step!

    Steve get a life buddy, you spend all this effort and time on shit!...Dog shit... That is beyond pathetic...glad im not your kid mr ocd!

  29. Scubby Do (doo doo)January 16, 2010 5:27 PM

    If they didn't go and "regulate" Cottonwood Creek (where the tennis courts are)... ahhh... I remember... running free... splashing in the water... sniffing out squaters... so much fun.

  30. It has been four or more years since I have taken any children to Orpheus park. The reason is the dog poop and urine that I have no control over. I could on longer let infants or preschoolers dig in the sand or roll down the hills. I take children to other great parks all over Encinitas. If I see one dog at a park I drive on by because you can't see where the urine is. You are not having a good time at the park when your scraping dog poop off of a child's shoe.

  31. There are some seriously anal people on this blog. I think you all need to go see Dr. Lori and get some chill pills. I used to play in Orange groves when I was a kid. OMG can you imagine all the terrible things I could have contracted. Diseases of all kinds. However, I have made it to my 60's and guess what, I am pretty damn healthy. Get a grip people. Your kids are not going to be in a sterile world forever unless you want to keep them kids even if they are 50. Maybe that's the plan.

  32. So, it's okay for our parks to be filthy and disgusting because of some hazy childhood memories of yours?

  33. You really should get some pills. I have been to every park in this City and there is nothing or disgusting about them. You must be looking for the worst in everything. I'm sure you will find that there is always is something wrong. How sad for you.

  34. I wonder (I do)
    why those such as you,
    and your ilk,
    are entitled to be
    in the Park after dark,
    after hours and such
    with your dogs running unleashed and free

    I guess you are 'special'
    unique and so cool
    that Park rules do-not-apply.

    Your dog's not to blame,
    but have you no shame
    screwing it up for the straight-arrow guy?

  35. Take your dogs over to Encinitas Ranch. The trails around the ranch are perfact for letting your dog run. There is ample parking on the private streets. No Sheriff or Animal control to bother your off leash dog.


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