Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Leucadia gets a round of applause

San Diego Union Tribune columnist Logan Jenkins wrote about the Leucadia Streetscape on Sunday. It's a nice piece except he blows the "Hey, we are not trying to turn Leucadia into Bird Rock, we are doing our own thing here." argument by noting that now Leucadia will be just like Bird Rock.

Read: Leucadia plan gets a round of applause by Logan Jenkins
Bird Rock.


  1. Ours will be much different and better than Birdrock. Tunneling Tree Canopy,One lane north/two south, signals and roundabouts together, wide bikelanes, reverse angle parking. Plus Leucadia Funk

    Beat the hell out of what exists today!

  2. Not to mention that Birdrock has 5 roundabouts within a half mile and ours are within two miles. Opps, I just mentioned it.

  3. Amen - beats the hell out of what is there now.

  4. You know, sometimes things happen that re-affirm my faith in people. As I watched the bogus "informational signs" pop up around town, obviously designed to look like some kind of 'official' notification to residents, I thought, 'Damn - people aren't going to realize that this is just propaganda, they'll believe the crap at the bottom of the sign, and they'll press the Council to just go with the status quo.' Well, I'm happy to say that I was wrong. Now let's get this 4A party started!

  5. anon 1005,

    Why do you hate leucadia?

  6. burn it all down and bring in the paved side walks and green beltways seriously its nasty around here!

  7. Yeah whats wrong with cleaning this scum hole up a little, get a job hippies.

  8. 5:53-

    Too Funny. I bet your neighbors love you.

    Just because I clean my house, plant some trees and weed the front yard doesn't mean I hate my house or my neighborhood.

    It means I like to live in a nice and somewhat clean area, and I take ownership of my home.

    I don't want to live in TJ, I like living in Leucadia and I like others are taking ownership of Leucadia.

    Too me, Leucadia doesn't not mean rotting Junky, it means a cool clean Funky.

    Can you dig it?

  9. We are fortunate to have L101 Mainstreet Association.
    They have done an admirable job on informing the public of the reality of the streetscape issues and solutions. With the massive anti streetscape efforts, offering misinformation, scare tactics and deceit, they have continued to inform the community of the truth.
    Why Andreen and company fought so hard to stop the Improvements is still a mystery.
    And thanks to our city staff, peltz and Assoc. and the council.
    It would be appropriate to send the council a email to thank the council, staff, LTC(too) and L101. I did.

  10. The plan deserves a round of applause.

    Too bad the Cardiff Specific Plan went the wrong way with the "Save Cardiff" crowd. Now Cardiff's strip malls, I mean commercial area, gets to be the shabbiest part of Encinitas.

  11. Brett-What do you mean by your words with Cardiff went the wrong way with the "Save Cardiff" crowd? Are you saying we did something terrible and now we are being punished. I thought Pat Roberstson did that. Maybe I misunderstood you.

  12. 8:44
    No, Pat Robertson predicted a tornado. Keeping Cardiff's strip mall i.e. V.G.'s was the right thing to do to keep Cardiff human scale and a beach town. But in 50 years, the squeeky oil will probably get the wheel and you'll have your Hawaiian style sky-scrapers with cute little pictures of V.G.'s in the CEO's office. Now's a good time to learn Chinese for your grandchildren's sake. (That's still pronounced "sake" like "rake", not "Socky")

  13. The BIG difference between Bird Rock and here is the prescence of a big ol' freeway 5, 1/4 mile from 101. 4a is ONE lane in each direction, for Southbound merges to one lane at each roundabout.(except La Costa Ave) Can't anyone visualize the congestion and stress that these merges will create at peak traffic times?

    I also find it interesting that Leucadia HWY merchants say: "Let those thousands of traffic trips go over and sit on I-5 and not clutter up our one lane roundabouts!" Aren't these motorists also thousands of potential customers for said businesses that could use all the exposure they could get?

    This ain't Bird Rock folks. I want to see some preservation and beautification of our 101 corridor. I really belive the lane restrictions are going to be a NIGHTMARE!

    O, and when we drive our roundabouts could ALL drivers please be considerate and use your DAMN turn signal to INDICATE if you're TURNING!!!

  14. Gotta respond to Streetfighter; The original Cardiff Specific Plan favored people over cars. The same type of people who opposed Leucadia getting a better street layout also make claims of "Hawaiian Skyscrapers".

    People on the sidewalks, 2 story buildings at the street and cars in the back parking lots. That's all it was. 2 stories with mixed-use, (like the kind above Pipes, next to Besta Wan and next to the Patagonia shop). In fact, the Patagonia building is what was essentially proposed but was shot down by parking lot enthusiasts who call it "open space". Now what is proposed is essentially strip mall development. Anyone like the building with Wine Steals? That's what the zoning is and will continue to allow.

    Once again, nice job Leucadians.

  15. Streetfighter:

    To answer your question - no, the cut through traffic does not stop and shop in Leucadia. We don't need to engineer our road to handle them, and in fact, can't add enough lanes to handle them.

    Stay on I5 if you are heading south, unless you want to live or shop in Leucadia.

    Thank you.

  16. Brett,

    What the hell does "The original Cardiff Specific Plan favored people over cars." mean?

    Please translate.

  17. Brett - The original Cardiff Specific Plan allowed 3 story buildings! Please tell us you don't favor this! The re-write under consideration allows 0 lot lines along San Elijo, where it is appropriate. This is just like the Patagonia building. It is true, that 0 lot lines are not offered on the other streets (running East/West), this is to allow people up-view to have view corridors. Relaxing zoning in one area, takes away property values/views from others. And that is not cool in Cardiff.

  18. The Patagonia building is one of the oldest buildings around here. 3 stories is old school. They set the standard 75 years ago.

  19. The Patagonia building is only two stories. But you're right about one thing. Their encroachment up to the sidewalk with no set backs and lack of vegetation is almost prophetic and unsurpassed in the annals of Cardiff history. But at least the building is still awesome (even though the wrought iron and balconys were removed). Yes, I'm up late.

  20. The Patagonia building was built before there were any curbs and sidewalks, or even streets, in Cardiff. It was built near the train stop within easy walking distance. There were no cars, no talk of zero setbacks, nothing about bike paths and jogging trails, and no mention of smart growth. It's all an accident of history. It shouldn't be thought of as the result of urban planning.

    Yes, it's only 2 stories, but it has very ceilings. Does it exceed the 30' height limitation? No matter, it's grandfathered in.


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