Saturday, January 16, 2010

Leucadia family needs our help!

The following email concerns some friends of mine, Billy and Sabrina Reynolds. You know Billy as Mr. Reynolds from Oak Crest Jr High School. Please read!

Dear Family and Friends,

Many of you know that on Christmas night 38 year old Sabrina Reynolds, mother of two girls ages 3 and 7, suffered a brain hemorrhage on the left side of her brain. After 10 days in the hospital with multiple tests and medications administered, Sabrina was released believing this was a one time event that would be treated on an out patient basis. Well since last Friday, January 8, 2010, Sabrina has suffered several types of seizures and had another bleed in the front of her brain and is again in ICU for more testing to determine the course of treatment.

Since these two episodes happened in 2009 and now in 2010 Billy and Sabrina Reynolds have incurred two annual deductibles with a myriad of other co-payments. They are facing hospital bills in the 10's of thousands of dollars even with PPO insurance. We have set -up a bank account at California Community Bank (in The Lumberyard) at 851 South Coast Highway 101, Suite 300, Encinitas, CA 92024. This is a new community bank and Ann Lim, New Accounts Representative, has waived the fees for this bank account to accept donations for the family. The bank is open from 9-5 Monday through Thursday and 9-6 on Friday.

Many of you have asked how you can help and this is may make a direct deposit into the account, checks made payable to Billy Reynolds, you do not even need the account number since the staff has been alerted that donations will be forthcoming. You may also mail checks to Billy Reynolds, Care of Judi or John Finkbiner, 140 Range Street, Encinitas, CA 92024 and we will deposit these checks into this account. CHECKS MUST BE PAYABLE TO WILLIAM REYNOLDS AND NOT SABRINA since the bank was unable to identify Sabrina in person.

The bank can also accept ACH or wire deposits please just contact me via e-mail for the wiring and ACH instructions.

Please consider making even the smallest donation since you will be helping a family in your own community. Billy has taught many of the children in this community as a History Teacher at Oak Crest Middle School. Sabrina has also touched many of your children's lives as the Treatment Coordinator at Rawlings & Hydo Orthodontics in Encinitas and Solana Beach.

This has been an unbelievable event that has occurred to this famliy and we appreciate any help you may give. Billy was a bit hesitant of "being
on the dole" so to speak and suggested that you could also help the family by purchasing his educational CD titled "Professor Presley" on which is a rockin' way to learn historical facts. Also, you may purchase his band’s CD, Lo-Fi Nipple available at

Thank you for your continued prayers and positive thoughts for Sabrina and please feel free to forward to other angels!


Judi and John Finkbiner

I know that money is tight after Christmas and that you probably already donated your grocery money to the Haiti disaster, but please help the Reynolds if you can. Thanks!


  1. Helping a local family is much better for your peace of mind than buying porn, or speaking jibberish.

  2. I prefer to do all 3.

  3. Fricken' spambots on this post! Aaargh. DELETED.

  4. Another example of "The greatest medical system in the world"(hannity,limbaugh,beck,ect.).
    avo st mafia

  5. My daughters both went to Oakcrest,. Thanks for putting this on the blog J.P. it is so important to help our local families as well as the Haitian people. i, for one, will go to the bank Tuesday. With love to the family.

  6. Best wishes for the family. I hope there is a good medical outcome.

    That said, it's alarming that a union negotiated health plan PPO (likely better than what most of us have), does not have a reasonable max out of pocket expense for the insured person. I thought PPOs made you pay 10% or so, up to a certain amount and then you no longer have to pay. I hope the union is helping review and process the bills - it's routine for insurance to deny claims and wait for appeals, etc.

  7. Sabrina cannot work right now obviously. Somebody needs to watch the kids, cook meals, do laundry, go grocery shopping. A medical event can devastate a family. Racking up huge bills that you thought would be covered by insurance just makes it worse.

  8. Support our Encinitas families in need!
    I, too, will help the Reynolds family.

  9. This is a sad turn of events and I hope the community will help out.

    This should remind us all to purchase disability insurance and to make sure our health insurance caps are reasonable. Their max medical liability is probably something like 5k or 10k. A veteran teacher should be able to cover that.

    It is much more difficult to cover the needs of the family without a one of the parents at 100%. This is is why we should decide pay for the disability insurance on both parents in families with children.

    What they probably need is help with daily care and running the family. Do they need help watching the kids and getting them to and from school? This is something I'm sure the community can help with even if we have little cash to donate.

  10. avo st mafia,

    Did Sabrina not get good medical care?

    Your confusing the price of care with the quality of care.

    Free medical care is not the same thing as good medical care and there is no such thing as free medical care anyways. We still have to pay for it through taxes or high premiums.

  11. I agree with Avocado. The only free things in life are breathing and dieing...

    Even freedom needs continual work.

    especially Americans mistakenly believe they are born with so many rights. Since when did no paying for your own health care become a right. Shit, no one want to claim any ownership or responsibility in their own life.

    Just let the government plug you into a life support machine, so your fat ass doesn't have to try and think or move anymore.

    Sorry to hear about Sabrina.

  12. HEY Various a-holes,These people had insurance! Comprende? The problem is that once you go into I.C.U the bastards put a cap on how many days they will pay.Sarah Palin and y'all might be shocked to know that this is a perfect example of a private sector death panel.I believe that things like education and health care should be NOT FOR PROFIT.One of these Ceo's made enough money last year to pay for insuring 3million families.
    P.S. As for the family, I wish them the best and will do something,However this scenario is becoming epidemic(Fred,Steve White,ect.)

  13. You can have great insurance and go broke. When my dad died, he had Medicare and supplemental insurance. Attempting to pay the co-pays and the things that the insurance company would not pay for depleted his savings to nothing. If any of you go to the doctor much, check out what you still owe even after your co-pay and you will get the idea. To make matters even worse, if a doctor wants to be compassionate and not charge the co-pays, he or she can be nailed for insurance fraud. I know this the hard way. Insurance companies get you coming and going.

  14. anon 305,

    My insurance covers me if I go to the ICU no matter how many days. There is no CAP.

    Yes, I agree, death panels are bad.

    Someone has to pay for the high quality medical care that Sabrina is getting.

    I'm willing to bet you won't be giving up your vacation to Europe to instead pay for someone else's medical bill? Donate to the free clinic instead of your morning designer coffee?

    What are you willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to move to a lower rent neighborhood far from Leucadia and give more money to health care services? Health care has a cost and high quality, highly trained medical staff are not going to work for free after 10 years of student loans.

    Lorri, you can make your services free to the patient by not charging the insurance.

  15. medical costs are far above average income compared to 4 years ago, adjusted for inflation. the gap is the administrative cost of average 30%, compare to Medicare of 8%. bureacrats made fat by law. private insurance does cap payouts, usually 1-2 million life time. help is needed. another example of health according to income:(

  16. sorry, meant to say "burrocraps"

  17. The Reynolds family are responsible people who always pays their bills and thought their insurance would cover their needs. Everyone double check their policies.

  18. "The problem is that once you go into I.C.U the bastards put a cap on how many days they will pay."

    We should all put some pressure on their insurance company to pay up. Which one was it?

  19. Fricking Insurance companies make the huge profits and then get politicians to bail them out with our public tax dollars when they have to pay out Big. Ex. AIG.

    They all suck. Don't ever trust Insurance or the Government.

  20. The death panels are already in place. It's called medicare. Once you hit 65, there is no choice. Don't expect new fancy treatments to be used on medicare patients. A big surprise waiting for the baby boomers when they go on medicare.

  21. Leave the politics for your AM radio call-ins. Let's help the Reynolds here.

  22. I bought the Professor Presley History Rocks cd for my 5th grader. Love the music and lyrics.


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