Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking Back

Photo: NCTimes

Found this quote from the UT archives. It is about a council race, like 10 years ago. I had forgotten that Andreen once ran for city council.
"Leading money-raiser among council challengers is candidate Mike Andreen, a marketing consultant.

In preparing for his run, Andreen has attended nearly every council meeting during the past two years. "I have a firm grasp on all the issues," he said. "I'd be ready to go on day one."

He criticized the current council as "not being well-briefed . . . Much of what they do is all for show."

He sees the city's future as working well only if it puts emphasis on its coastal roots, rather than continuing to develop its inland areas. "This council needs a beach person, someone who will work to put sand back and re-energize downtown," he said. "There's been a drop in (tax) receipts as the sand disappeared. We need to bring it back."

Somethings have changed, other things haven't.

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  1. All politicians should be obese. It really suits them.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. A blog aboutAndreen and spam from a porn site.

    Classic combo.

  4. Bond, Stocks, Dan
    and Hou-li-han
    Our City could thrive
    without their jive

  5. I am glad that Mike Andreen did not come to the City Council meeting on January 13 and attempt to sabotage our Streetscape. Maybe he came to his senses?

  6. Mike Andreen sure changed his tune about Encinitas over the last few years....He sure loves his food and hates to walk.

    You can see the results....Sad but true


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