Sunday, January 03, 2010

Medicine Man


  1. peace, love, organic lightbulbs

  2. No need to evacuate just light up and don't worry!

  3. I just LOVE driving by in my minivan with my kids and having them ask me what "medical marijuana" means......

  4. If you get a bogus prescription for pot does the government get your name somehow?

  5. Anon:7:16-Why don't you tell your kids what it is? What is wrong with people who are in pain getting some relief. Have you never taken a prescription pain killer. Is that OK and Medical Marijuana somehow not OK? Kind of hypocritical if you ask me.

  6. Helicopter Man: If you are serious, then yes your name goes into a data bank. Make sure you have a non-bogus prescription and that you are truly in medical need. It still goes into a data bank, but if you are using it for a medical purpose, it is no different than vicodin, oxycontin, etc.

  7. Ok, if you need a painkiller then by all means go buy some pot, oxycontin, whatever it takes. But these days "medical marijuana" has come to mean an end-around for getting legal access to a little pot on Friday night. Just look at the dreadlock rasta white-boy advertising the stuff on the street?!? Not very doctorly I'd say.

    Having your name in a government database is not a good thing. It could effect your employability. You could be sorry if there is a regime change in Washington. If you need the drugs... by all means. But if you just want some pot, I'm not sure it's worth it.

  8. Helicopter Man-I agree it is not very "doctorly" to advertise medical marijuana. I also agree that if you don't need it medically, don't get it. It makes it harder for those that do need it. Grow your own if you want to get high. Let the people who really need it for cancer treatment, and other pain relief have it legally.I think we actually agree. WOW-a New Year first!

  9. @helicopter man, and anon 7:16, I agree with your point, but start the argument where it starts.

    What I do to my body in the privacy of my home is my right. Legalize it - No more fly-by-night clinics, sign twirlers, drug mules, or terror money. Just a cheap, commoditized plant.

  10. @Dr. Lorri, is it "doctorly" for Pfizer, Lilly, etc to advertise to me on TV telling me to "ask my doctor if Zyprexa is right for me?"

    They're both equally annoying to me, but I'm not sure whether the difference is budget or social stigma.

  11. Josh-IMHO it is very unethical for Pfizer or any other pharmaceutical company to put those commercials on t.v. I remember when they told us to ask your doctor about the little purple pill. No one even knew what it was for. It is very annoying to the physicians as well. When I used to work for Squibb Pharmaceuticals in the 1980's one of the reasons I left was for this very reason. I found it unethical and said so. They found it profitable and said so. We, as citizens, seem to be at the mercy of Big Pharma at this time. Drugs in Canada cost way less and they do not advertise them to t.v. to the best of my knowledge. Big Pharma equals Big profit for them. End of story. Until we as citizens do something about it nothing will change.

  12. 7:16

    You'll love it even more when you get a horrible disease and can't find relief because of some stupid law you and your family voted for. Just keep your kids protected from the world, and don't turn on you minivan's radio or you may have to explain to your kids what Roger Hedgcock meant by penis and vagina.

  13. Ok Pebo, you've had a rough day. Head on down to Keno's for a beer and go to sleep already....

  14. Guaranteed 95 to 98% of medical marijuana users only do it to get high, not for legitimate reasons. Most ride skateboards or bikes and are on some form of welfare or soon will be. They cannot function normally in society and will have to be taken care until their demise.

  15. Anon 6:29-May I ask where you got your statistics? I would offer that they and you are wrong. Many of my own patients use medicinal marijuana and function very well in society. In fact, they would not be able to function as well without it. Perhaps you just do not know who they are? Hopefully you are not just against it because of the hype in movies like Reefer Madness from the 50's. A lot of new information has come out since then. Please consider looking at it before labeling all medical marijuana users as losers. Thank you.

  16. Maybe it would be believable if real doctors prescribed it, not wackos, and it had to be picked up at a pharmacy like Rite-Aid or Walgreen's. As it is most of the users are drug addicts circumventing the law.

  17. FYI-Real docs do RX it. If you want it at Rite Aid or Longs, it will be there just as soon as Big Pharma figures out how to market it and make it illegal for people to grow it at ll. In case you didn't know, it can be grown at home, so not much incentive for Pfizer or any other pharmaceutical company to manufacture it.

  18. I heard ODing on Marjushi, made Lynn who she is today. Same as Danny Dalager.... those two examples are enough to scare the crap out of any kid much more than reefer madness.

  19. The active ingredient in pot can be Rx'ed in pill form.

    No need to smoke anything, anon6:29 is correct. This is just a way to get high legally.

  20. My uncle had stomach cancer and could not keep down pain pills. Medical marijuana made his last year of life much more comfortable.

  21. it's Leucadia... most everyone is stoned.

  22. Bev Mo is the #1 sales tax producer in Encinitas. Bev Mo sells one thing and one thing only, alcohol, which is useless in treating cancer pain you hypocrites.

  23. Anon 10:00-It is true that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana is in the pill form Marinol. Unfortunately as another poster pointed out, for some reason it does not always work as well as organic marijuana. I would think that this crowd would rather have an organic product any day over a Big Pharma product. I guess I am wrong. On another note, is it so terrible, with all of the life stressers we have, for ADULTS to use marijuana instead of alcohol or tobacco to reduce stress? Just wondering?

  24. I say to each her own. Let the individual pick their poison if they are choosing one.

  25. Josh, It's your body and you can do what you want. Think about society, tho', and the implications for those of us that are weak minded.

    Coca-Cola is not so great for your body, but it's legal, and Madison avenue has made Coke an American icon. It's a feel good product that comes standard with 2 out of 3 meals per day. Society has accepted the message and now we have an obesity problem, childhood diabetes, etc. I know I can handle pot but can society? I don't want it advertised or freely available. I also don't like seeing subterfuge of our laws and the likes of Dr. rasta white-boy selling recreational pot on my street corner. I guess I'm uncool.

  26. Sorry Dr.Lori but I have to slap you down on this one, TCH is TCH regardless of how it is administered. Pills or inhaled it's all the same drug.

    As for the poster w an uncle w stomach cancer, then MM can be administered via injection.

    No reason to smoke it, unless you are looking for a way to get high legally.

    It's all a ruse.

  27. I don't see anybody holding up a sign saying OXYCONTIN or VICODIN.

    Do you think this would be allowed?

    Give me a break.

    Get your heads out of your bongs. I'm okay with you smoking your pot, just don't bring it out onto the street.

  28. @Lorri, at least your honest, and I respect your opinion.

    @6:29, it's obvious you're a troll, but hey... FYI - it is prescribed by "real" doctors, regardless of what you think about them or their actions. I assume you don't drink alcohol, or consume caffeine (both drugs), or abuse your prescriptions, right?

    @7:44, Please don't bring facts or logic into this, you're just going to upset people.

    @copter man, I agree with you, and I am thinking about society as a whole, but NOT the weak minded. People should be allowed to make their own choices. (where does it stop? Blue laws? Payday Loans? Gun Rights?)

    However, despite the funkyness of Leucadia, I also don't appreciate the presence of Dr. Rasta.

    @11:10, you obviously don't watch the news enough to see the commercials for Advair, Yaz, Cialis, Viagra, etc. Marketing of drugs is OBVIOUSLY allowed, and happening everyday on a much larger scale than Dr. Rasta. So, you're either wearing blinders, or are hypocritical. You choose.

  29. A quick explanation of the pharmacology of marijuana for those interested:
    Marijuana is of the plant genus Cannabis. There are at least 66 active components found in marijuana. The most psychoactive id delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol( THC). The human brain contains several groupings of cannabinoid receptors where they are concentrated and distributed in different areas. These receptors are activated by the neurotransmitter anandamide, which THC mimics. The pharmaceutical drug Marinol activates some, but not all of these transmitters. This is the reason that, in some people, Marinol in any form does not work. It is also the reason THC in any form, may not work on pain, anxiety etc. There are other factors involved. So, for those who think THC and/or Marinol is the only way Marijuana may play a role in the management of chronic pain, anxiety, and other disorders, think again. You are forgetting the other 65 compounds found in organic marijuana. In fact, there is research now being done on the possibility of using marijuana on ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). So, for those who think it is bogus, there is too much scientific evidence to suggest it really works.

  30. Great so my kids will get to sit in class with a bunch of stoners!! Oh wait they already do, and my wife wonders why I want to home school.

    Dr. Lori you can defend drug use/abuse all you want. Not everything in life is OK, Ok!!

  31. 5:23-I don't believe that I am defending marijuana use or abuse. I am just giving the facts of the plant and the studies being done. If you see it differently, then I suggest you go back and look at my posts. Have I said I think it is a good idea? Have condoned it? If I have, then please share with me where I have done that? You have every right to home school your kids, but if you do, please know that they are supposed to be taught facts, not what you think are the facts. The State of Calif. makes every child pass an exam to graduate high school, home schooled or not. There are things you may not like that are being taught, but they are still going to be taught. Hopefully your kids will be well educated and not well opinionated. There is a difference, IMHO.

  32. Not everything is OK,OK??January 05, 2010 6:34 PM

    Dr. Lori- you don't know when to leave enough alone. Again I say, NOT EVERY THING IS OK, OK.

    And yes you are defending marijuana use, go back and read our own postings!! Your last sentence from 5:13!! Sheez.

    Is it Ok for a airline pilot to be stoned on pot while flying a jumbo jet from here to who knows where just because they found some gullible MD to Rx it?? NOOOO

    Is it OK for a school bus driver to be stoned on pot?? Nooooo

    How about the emergency room physician treating a gun shot wound?? "Oh wait will I take a hit on this candy stick before I fish out the bullet rounds."

    As for homeschooling?? Well I know many home schooled kids and they are some of the brightest and most well behaved children. I have never had a home schooled child tell me there are 52 states in the USA, unlike a graduate of SDHS.

    As for facts, gee, let me tell my children about the facts of life and no I won't be including such things as fisting nor golden showers. Subjects that Mr.Obama's education czar wants my 5 year old to know about. Sorry that's just my OPINION ( and I know that your opinions are facts to you and my opinions are just opinions to you). So yes I will teach my children opinions and facts. Yes they will be well educated. Because they will READ and not just accept the nonsense that comes forth from the mouth of their teachers.
    The same nonsense that tells them that everything is OK. Like taking a girl out of school for an abortion w/o parental notice.


    PS- Some peoples opinions are wrong, Charles Manson doesn't think he did anything wrong ordering the murders of 7 people, that his opinion, but he is wrong.

    Smoking pot all day to you can be a stoner and not responsible for anything is wrong!! Regardless of your ailment.

  33. Typical liberal hogwash. Just because one out of 500 pot smokers actually needs to get high because of cancer let everyone get it. Just like strip searching grandma in a wheelchair to board a plane instead of young male Muslims. Its a whacked out world we live in. 99.9% of those who get high don't do it because of medical reasons. They contribute nothing to society except to leech off working folks. Let these people get high, just don't make me pay for it. Don't consider yourself superior to us working class stiffs who pay taxes for these lowlifes who can't work or fend for themselves. If you think that there getting high is so great, you pay for it, but don't expect me to.
    If we are all equal we should all be equal under the law. There should be no class of people that takes from one to give to another.
    The greatest evil is imposing your ideas on others through the use of force, the government and the courts, making me pay unnecessary high taxes so these pot heads can get high.
    That jerk holding the sign is not doing it for some poor soul actually needing medication, but is advertising to the Leucadia pot heads. Guaranteed he is on some government assistance and will be for the rest of his life like so many others here in California.

  34. Facts are facts my friend. You cannot change it to fit your world view. Sorry about that.

  35. You wanted my dying uncle to inject himself with painkillers instead of smoking? You are a fool. How early does cocktail hour start at your house boozey?

  36. i hate jumping in on these things because of course i'll be labeled as a liberal whacko (because apparently you can't think up insults that fox news doesn't feed to you)

    "As for facts, gee, let me tell my children about the facts of life and no I won't be including such things as fisting nor golden showers. Subjects that Mr.Obama's education czar wants my 5 year old to know about."

    while you are regurgitating things your read on conservative blogs do you ever wonder if it's true? i'm pretty sure that the U.S. government doesn't want to teach your kids about fisting. (i also find it funny that for someone so obviously conservative you readily through out the terms golden showers and fisting)

    all of your scenarios are so far out there that they can be applied to anything.

    an airline pilot shouldn't smoke pot when he's flying but they seem to have no problem belting back a couple whisky's first.

    they arrested a school bus driver in new york TODAY for being drunk and crashing a bus with 37 kids on it.

    how many liquor stores are there in san diego county? i would venture a guess at thousands.

    while you're barfing out your opinions you should teach your kids that in 1973 republican president richard nixon appointed the first "czar." Republican president Ronald Reagan appointed a drug "czar." George W had 36 "czars" that he appointed.

    get over your fear... we're not buying into it anymore.

    ps. yes i do hug trees, yes i do think the climate is changing, yes i do think that every person has a right to do whatever with their own body, yes i do smoke pot, yes i do have a solid career, yes i do think that homosexuals should be able to marry, and yes, people like you (especially since you are teaching your children irrational hatred) scare the hell out of me because you're wrecking the great country of the United States of America which i love very much.

  37. I just realized the difference between libertarian conservatives and moral conservatives.



  39. Don't know where you "they advertise pills on TV" jokers are getting your info.

    They DO NOT ADVERTISE narcotics or any other FDA-scheduled drugs on TV or in print.

    I don't particular care for the 4-hour erection disclaimers during the Cialis ads either, but I don't see them holding up Cialis signs on 101 either.

    And please don't use people with real illness to support your wishes for a legal high. My wife went through chemotherapy all summer, and didn't seek out any marijuana. The anti-nausea drugs now are amazing. Marinol may be right for some people, but it's available by prescription.

    And finally, check out the Reader one of these days. Half of the ads are for marijuana -- if you have any mysterious pain anywhere there is a businessman ready and willing to sell it to you.

    I'm fine with that. Just leave it behind closed doors. Don't have billboards, sign-flippers, TV ads, etc.

    And don't throw out your used pipes in my front yard either. Found one of those the other day. There were also 2 young dudes smoking pot brazenly right in front of Angelo's Burgers yesterday.

    Do what you want, but don't do it in front of me.

  40. I understand that. You have to smoke pot to get the courage to eat at Angelo's burgers.

  41. This guy was twirling that sign on at 101 and Encinitas Blvd today. I hope he stays there.

  42. Its freakin Leucadia! For any one who actually has lived there for any amount of time this is just another day, its a joke to think of Leucadia with out it's presence or the presence of all the random eclectic characters and things that make home here. I grew up on Neptune as a kid and saw it everyday, knew what it was, and stayed away from it because my parents talked to me and didn't make it a big scary secret. It's a plant, adults use it for relief. You should explain what it is to you kids on your way back to Rancho Santa Fe in your minivan.

  43. Yeah if there some little Poindexter yuppie or Sarah Palin soccer mom in a minivan driving through Quaaluedia shocked at a man advertising safe legal access to medical cannabis, they obviously don't live any where close, thus have no real place to whine...

  44. Haha! Minvan Man!

    Someone pass him doja stick!

    Get irie and find peace bradda.


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